Supernatural Gets Its Own Holiday In Austin, Texas

The mayor of Austin, Texas officially declares June 23, 2018 to be Supernatural Day due to the lead actors' close ties to the city.

After 13 seasons and with another on the way, Supernatural has finally been given the recognition it deserves with its own official holiday in the city of Austin, Texas. The CW's long-running show about the tales of the Winchester brothers has become a staple of the network and the series broke new ground in its thirteenth run by exploring parallel worlds, a cartoon crossover and what happens when the Winchesters are forced to babysit the devil's offspring. Although it will only run for a slightly reduced 20 episodes, Supernatural has already been confirmed for season 14, with The CW seemingly happy for the show to continue while the core viewership remains in place.

Indeed, a significant part of Supernatural's sustained success can be attributed to the show's dedicated and loyal fan base, referred to as the "Supernatural Family" and although many would argue that the series has experienced ups and downs in terms of quality, it's highly unlikely Supernatural would've reached such an impressive milestone without its passionate and vocal following. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who portray Dean and Sam Winchester respectively, have earned reputations for regularly engaging with the show's fans, both online and at events, and the duo frequently credit the Supernatural Family for the show's many accomplishments.

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Supernatural now has another accolade to thank its fans for, as Supernatural Day is officially a thing in Austin, Texas. In an official proclamation shared by Jared Padalecki on the actor's Twitter account, Mayor Steve Adler declared June 23, 2018 the city's official day to recognize the long-running television series. Both Padalecki and Ackles were born in the state of Texas and currently reside in Austin. The actors have also made significant contributions to the city, with Ackles setting up a brewery just outside of Austin in Dripping Springs and the proclamation recognizes the "best fans in the world" that Supernatural brings to the city.

There are national and international days for seemingly everything these days from hugging and spaghetti to "Kiss A Ginger Day," so a recognized date to honor one of the longest-running fantasy television series in history seems only fair. Appropriately, Padalecki was quick to acknowledge the fans' role in making Supernatural Day happen and without Supernatural's incredible support, it's doubtful the Mayor of Austin would've taken notice of the ongoing adventures of the Winchester brothers.

Despite heading towards its fourteenth season, Supernatural doesn't appear to be running out of ideas. Dean Winchester's shocking possession by the archangel Michael is set to cause problems in the forthcoming episodes and the long-awaited return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester is sure to take place before "Carry On My Wayward Son" plays out for the final time.

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Supernatural season 14 premieres October 11th on The CW.

Source: Jared Padalecki/Twitter

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