Supernatural: 18 Memes That Prove The Show Makes No Sense

There's good television, there's great television, and then there's SupernaturalSam and Dean Winchester are brothers bound by love, tragedy, and endless entertainment. For the better part of 14 years, they've been saving people and hunting things. That's their family business, after all.

The story's beginnings were humble enough. The death of a girlfriend and the disappearance of their father forced the brothers to come together after years of not talking. From there, they jumped into their father's Impala and began chasing leads.

Since then, they've fought every mythical creature imaginable. They've ever come up against the Wizard of Oz. If that sounds ridiculous, it's because it is. The show has survived so long partly because of its intrigue and partly because of its meta sense of humor.

Through numerous resurrections and bigger, badder monsters, Supernatural has proven time and again that logic is not something these writers are too concerned with. That's okay, though, because it means hours of entertainment. It also means memes galore.

Supernatural's fan base is huge. Those who have followed the show this long love it and they aren't afraid to show it by making just a little bit of fun.

Here we're looking at 18 Memes That Prove Supernatural Makes No Sense.

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18 It's not even close

Crowley is the king of Hell. Like, literally Hell. Fire, brimstone, the works. Of course, he reshaped Hell to be more of a giant waiting line, but that's another conversation. The fact is that Crowley just isn't all that intimidating anymore. Even when he was a major antagonist, he didn't have many bragging rights.

Sam's body was the chosen vessel for Lucifer. Heaven sees him as an abomination. Dean is the Micheal sword, and that's just on a Tuesday. He's also possessed the Mark of Cain which turned him into a Knight of Hell. Remember Abaddon?

Let's not forget about Castiel. As docile as he may seem, he's been responsible for a whole mess of trouble. When he consumed every soul in Purgatory, he literally turned into a God. Even after that, the angels keep looking to him for leadership for some reason. Crowley just can't compete.

17 Who you gonna call?

The world of Supernatural is filled with all sorts of terrifying monsters. Vampires create new followers like rabbits. Vengeful spirits seem to pop up in every second house. Shapeshifters will mess with your head and land you in jail. Demons float the Earth in the shape of black smoke. Ancient Leviathan might eat you with a side of cheese.

What do all these ghosts and ghouls have in common? They've all been killed by this guy. Dean Winchester from Lawrence, Kansas has put a bullet or a knife into pretty much everything that goes bump in the night. Even God's sister has a crush on him.

At this point, the monsters have pretty much understood that they can't beat Dean. Also, he killed Hitler.

16 Anything is possible

Poor old Death. He was enjoying his time away from Earth. There were other beings in other universes to bring his Horseman powers down upon. Then Lucifer had to go and throw a temper tantrum. From that moment, Death's fate was sealed.

He tried to help the Winchesters. He actually saved their bacon multiple times. Not only did he help them defeat the Devil, but he also helped them with Sam's soul problem. He's actually been a pretty good friend to them, all things considered.

But of course, all of the Winchesters' friends are dead and it's their fault. Their love for each other is pretty unhealthy to the point that they put a literal knife in Death's back the moment it served their purposes. For a couple supposed do-gooders, that wasn't very nice.

15 Such shine, such body

Sam and Dean Winchester travel across the United States saving people and hunting things. It's their family business. They go to some pretty extreme lengths for it, like getting thrown in jail and mental institutions. They've gone to Hell and back on a few occasions. Also, there was that one time with the bugs.

Somehow, through it all, they manage to look properly groomed. They're like the James Bond of the monster hunting world. Dean's hair always has that perfect little spike, and Sam continues to look more and more glorious from season to season.

To be fair, since season 8 they've had their bunker. It comes fully equipped with all modern amenities, including a shower. But before that, how did they manage it with their run of back water motels and credit card scams?

14 Keep it simple, stupid

Sam and Dean have had some pretty close allies over the years. Heck, there used to be a whole road house full of them. It was a haven for hunters, run by Ellen and her daughter Jo. They were cool, what happened to them? Oh yeah, they died horrible deaths. So did pretty much everyone else in that road house.

There was Bobby - father figure to the Winchesters who died a horrible death. There was Kevin Tran, prophet of the lord - great ally to the Winchesters who died a horrible death. Remember Charlie? Charlie was hilarious! And she died a horrible death.

The brothers' friends list is getting smaller and decidedly shadier. Where they used to have noble allies, they now have Rowena and Lucifer. But even the bad guys aren't safe. Remember Crowley? King of Hell - and he died a horrible death.

13 What was his name?

The Winchesters are usually pretty good about making sacrifices for each other. It started with their dad, who sold his soul to bring back Dean. Then Dean sold his soul to bring back Sam. Their mom sold her soul for her own dad, which actually started the whole thing off.

It's as much of a joke as it is a nuisance. Bad guys know that the Winchesters just won't die. It's the reason Crowley keeps helping them; he knows not to bet against them, because he'll lose. Even their mom recently came back from the dead.

But there's one Winchester who's been totally neglected. During their final battle with Lucifer, Sam becomes trapped in Hell with Micheal and Lucifer. Oh, and one other name that the brothers (and the show) rarely bring up...

12 Poor Adam Milligan

Adam's only real crime was being born to a normal woman and John Winchester. Even though he was miles away from the rest of the family, the Winchester curse followed him. In fact, he may be the most tragic character in the whole series. When his brothers found out about him, he and his family were already dead.

Following in the family tradition, he was resurrected. Since Dean refused to be Michael's vessel, the burden fell on Adam. Both Adam and Sam were then thrown into a cage in Hell along with Lucifer and Michael, effectively ending the apocalypse.

Sam came back, and when he did, Dean moved Heaven and Earth to get his soul back. And Adam? He's still stuck in the cage with Micheal. Maybe they're playing Chess! More likely though, Adam has been condemned to an eternity of torture.

11 What's in a soul?

The whole concept of souls on Supernatural is pretty vague. A soul is a spirit. It's what you carry with you when you die. Monsters don't have souls, yet they still go somewhere when they die. Demons are corrupted souls. Do they go to Purgatory when they die? Do they just go right back to Hell?

And what about people? They shouldn't be able to live without souls, right? When Sam doesn't have a soul, he's not evil or anything. He's just kind of a douche bag. Dean turned into a demon, but he wasn't evil or anything, just kind of a jerk.

Deputy Jenna lost her soul and killed her grandmother, but when Professor Donatello lost his soul, he was fine. Actually, he's still a pretty decent guy. He's even a prophet of the Lord. There doesn't seem to be any real logic to any of it.

10 You have one job

Sam and Dean impersonate FBI agents on a regular basis. Actually, they impersonate all sorts of professionals. Sometimes they're homeland security, sometimes they're home appraisers. They've even been insurance salesmen. Somehow they've managed to lie their way into any and every crime scene in the country.

Those skills don't seem to translate when they get thrown into other realities. They've been thrown into TV land a couple of times now, where they had to play in commercials and on game shows. They could barely do that right.

Another time, they entered a reality where they were Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, but they couldn't even get it together to play "themselves" properly. All things considered, acting is a skill they should probably hone a little more.

9 This guy

God said "Bring Dean Winchester back from Hell!" Castiel said "Sure, what harm could that do?"

Dean Winchester pretty much ruined Castiel's life. Before Dean, Cas' life was simple. He was a soldier of Heaven and followed orders. He didn't have time for feelings, only results.

Then Dean happened. He made Cas fight and kill his brothers and his superiors in Heaven. He also made Cas disobey his dad. Dean has been directly responsible for Cas' death at least twice. He brought Cas to Purgatory with him, and even recently tried to kill Cas' adopted son.

It's a wonder Cas still stands by the Winchesters at all. He does seem to have a particular soft spot for Dean...

8 That healthy lifestyle

This one makes the least sense of all. True, the brothers stay in shape by running for their lives all the time. But they definitely don't have a workout regiment. When was the last time Sam walked in on Dean doing push ups? More often than not, he walks in on him looking at Hentai.

Then there's that diet. It actually almost cost Dean his life once. He chowed down on a delicious burger that was filled with a chemical invented by Leviathans to make humans docile and easier to mass produce for slaughter, like livestock.

It seems like every time they come back from the dead their bodies get a reset as well. It's not really fair. The rest of us have to eat salads to stay healthy. Dean doesn't even have to watch his alcohol intake.

7 Family Photo

Chuck Shurley played the long game well. He was introduced as a writer, and not a very good one. Basically, he was the showrunners' way of making fun of themselves. He wrote a series of books called Supernatural chronicling the lives of Sam and Dean.

Chuck played the fool all the way through. For the creator of all things, he definitely has a pretty funny shriek. And by all accounts, he's not a very good parent. His early solution to family problems was to exile any sibling or child who caused him problems.

Recently, his solutions haven't really gotten any better. His response to Lucifer being angry was to send him on a time out. He did manage to reconcile with his sister, but he left Earth and all of the rest of his creations to fend for themselves.

6 It just doesn't stick

Four out of the first five seasons ended with a Winchester dying. Usually, shows make a point not to kill off their main characters. Supernatural is the opposite. If a character survives a season, they should consider themselves very lucky.

When the brothers are in trouble, their death is a very real possibility. In one episode, Dean died almost 200 times. Now it's just a matter of how creative the resurrection method is. We've seen souls being sold and we've seen bodies with no souls. We've even seen Dean turn into a demon and back.

The one sure thing about being a hunter is that life ends bloody. But with Sam and Dean there seems to be an exception. There's plenty of blood, but life doesn't end.

5 They lied

Crowley had a pretty solid run of luck for a while. He helped the brothers defeat Lucifer and took the Devil's place as ruler of Hell. As he puts it, he's a businessman. That's why he remade Hell to be less bloody and more annoying. Also, it seems to have cell phone reception now.

After a while of standing at odds with the Winchesters, he realized trying to beat them was hopeless. Then they tried to cure him, and that left him with just the slightest bit of humanity. After that, he went so far as to become drinking buddies with Dean.

Staying evil probably would have been better for his health. He decided to keep helping the Winchesters, even after numerous brushes with death. He ultimately ended up sacrificing himself to save them and indeed the Earth. Pretty noble for evil incarnate.

4 Silly God

Can we take a second to talk about God? It's kind of ridiculous what a big twit he actually is. This moment happened in a flash forward to the future. This is God telling Dean to hoard toilet paper before the apocalypse happens. God is upset because there is no toilet paper in the future.

That's not even the silliest thing about Chuck. Forget the fact that he hires escorts. He also had a huge crush on a psychotic girl named Becky, who was a super fan of his books. She rejected him. How sad is that? What's even sadder is that she rejected him for Sam Winchester, who wanted nothing to do with her.

Becky ended up losing her dignity, but God could have stopped her. He wouldn't even have had to use any divine powers. All he would have had to do was talk a little sense into her head.

3 That's cute

Oliver Queen definitely had a rough go of it. No one is disputing that. But his life hasn't been half as difficult as the Winchesters'. Sure, he spent five years in a tough situation. He learned to kill, torture and handle a bow. But he has a large group of friends.

Sam and Dean's group of friends is always shrinking. It's at an all-time low right now. They were both taught from a very young age that monsters are real and keeping the lights on at night is a good idea. And they've both spent a significant amount of time in Hell.

Oliver Queen calls his island Hell, but the Winchesters spent time in actual Hell. Dean spent so much time there that he finally caved and started torturing souls. That move started the apocalypse.

Compared to the brothers, Oliver hardly has any reason to complain.

2 Father of the year

Imagine for a second your son gets accepted into Stanford University. Not only that, but he's so smart that he gets a full ride. You'd be proud, right? Not if you're John Winchester.

Most fathers teach their sons how to play catch; they tuck them in at night. John Winchester taught his kids how to load shotguns. When Sam told his father that he was afraid of the thing in his closet, John gave him a .45.

John Winchester had one goal in life: to find the thing that killed his wife. He finally did accomplish his goal, but he messed up his kids pretty badly in the process.

Sure, they're good guys and they save the world all the time, but neither of them will ever be able to settle down with a family for longer than 6 months at a time.

1 Oh Honey

You have to feel bad for people who are just beginning to watch Supernatural. The first season was cute. Sure, they had to find Jess' killer, which killer turned out to be the same demon who killed their mom. The world wasn't at stake yet, though.

Fast forward 11 years later and the world is at stake pretty much every Wednesday. One little demon probably wouldn't even make them flinch. The death of a girlfriend? Who cares? They've lost more lovers than nights of sleep. They feel guilty, but also hunting monsters is tiring.

So yes, season 1 is the happiest season. It featured lots of death, but not world-ending endeavors. And monsters couldn't use cell phones yet. Communicating in the monster world used to be a lot more difficult, which made Sam and Dean's lives a lot easier.


Got any other proof that Supernatural makes absolutely no sense? Let us know in the comments!

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