10 Hilarious Supernatural Memes Only Fans Would Understand

Memes have become an integral part of the Supernatrual fanbase. To honor the show's upcoming swan song, here are its 10 most hilarious memes

Supernatural has been around for fifteen years and created a unique community as a result. We've seen Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go through just about everything, and still we have a few episodes left before its ultimate conclusion. From painful moments to laughable ones, Supernatural isn't short on making its audiences feel all the emotions in the book.

Naturally, memes have been developed to point out these moments in SPN history, or to use SPN moments to create other funny memes. The options are limitless, giving no restriction in meme creations. That said, here are 10 hilarious Supernatural memes only fans would understand.

10 Tough Decisions

Honestly, we all know who Dean would choose at the end of the day: Sam. Save Sam, every time. He's chosen Sam over himself and everything and everyone else plenty of times over the last fifteen years, why should this instance be any different?

Still, pie means a lot to Dean. It's more than his favorite dessert. Though he'd pick Sam, he might take a minute to weigh his options---and look adorable while doing so.

9 Sam's Hair

Sam's hair has long been a topic in the SPN community. How does he get his hair looking so great and so shiny, especially in his line of work?

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Sam makes an effort when it comes to his hygiene, that's a fact. This meme would actually be accurate---why not use Sam as a spokesperson for L'Oréal? He's easily a recognizable celebrity either as Sam Winchester or Jared Padalecki. He'd be the perfect candidate, because he's worth it.

8 Family Photos

Castiel (Misha Collins), Sam and Dean do a spectacular job of representing the awkward family photos that we're all forced to take at some point.

Awkward stances and forced expressions, no one matching the other. It makes for a memorable family photo if nothing else. The relatability factor on this meme is what makes this so hilarious.

7 We Don't Always Die...

The Winchesters defy pretty much every natural law there is. Even death can't put them down. They always find ways to return, and they've had more than their fair share of death. At least it's some kind of security, despite their dangerous job description. They get taken out by hunters or an archangel, right? No problem, they'll be back.

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Though they have streaks of bad luck and have had pretty rough lives, they struck gold when it comes to immortality---or at least, a form of immortality.

6 Arguing With A Pigeon

Awkward. In a Season 9 episode, Dean temporarily receives the ability to communicate with animals, which is needed for a case. While he primarily spends his time conversing with dogs, he did come across a rude and frankly nasty pigeon that was having a time making a mess on Dean's precious Impala. Sam awkwardly smiles and waves to curious onlookers, trying to distract their attention away from his brother. Dean comes close to shooting the pigeon altogether.

When you don't know what's going on, Dean looks incredibly deranged. Besides, this moment reminds the rest of us of how many times we've been out in public with friends and family and have had to awkwardly wave off their antics on their behalf. It's a cringe-worthy job. We've been where Sam is.

5 The Best Friend Spy Team

Admit it, you've done this once. Maybe twice. It's a good thing your best friend is your partner in crime for these kinds of things and (usually) supports you on it. It's fun, when it comes down to it. You tiptoe around pretending you're in Mission Impossible with its theme song playing in your head.

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You two believe you won't be detected even as you stumble through bushes and hide in plain sight, possessing facial expressions similar to that of Dean and Sam's in the meme. It's certainly a sight to onlookers.

4 When The Lights Flicker...

In a fandom as powerful and meaningful as SPN's, you're bound to pick up on a few things and incorporate them into your own life. You've seen so many episodes by now that it's hard not to become the least bit paranoid on a dark and spooky night or when the lights flicker.

If you're truly dedicated, you keep some salt nearby or even on your person. If nothing else, Supernatural has taught us to be aware of our surroundings and to be prepared for just about anything, real or not.

3 Crowley's Math

Crowley has a point, he was worth more than what he was traded for. Like this meme points out, it does have us thinking how many pigs we are worth, as strange a question as that is. We all miss Crowley ever since he departed at the end of Season 12.

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He always had something spicy to say that made us laugh and his relationship with Rowena was an interesting storyline that we miss watching. Still, we have memes like these to keep us afloat---unless Crowley makes a surprise appearance sometime during Season 15.

2 Told You So

Castiel isn't always perfect, but at least he's never managed this mistake. Though we have to admit, this would be a funny moment that would be worth including in the last few episodes. Can you imagine the boys with their faces reversed?

It would throw them for a loop and give Castiel another noteworthy moment in the series. Plus it would be an opportunity for Dean to tell Sam "I told you so."

1 Just One Episode...

It's true. Any SPN fan can attest to this fact. Just try an episode or two and see what everyone's talking about. Then it turns into five episodes, then binging an entire season and before you know it, you're the winner of all the SPN trivia nights.

Much like hunting has consumed the lives of the Winchesters, so has Supernatural done to its audiences. Any spare time equals watching the show, leaving little time for much else. Maybe we'll make up for lost time once the show has ended.

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