Supernatural: 10 Reasons Why God/Chuck Is The True Villain Of The Series

From leaving Adam in the cage to suffer to his apathy towards Michael, let's take a look at some of Chuck's villainy throughout Supernatural.

Watch out for big spoilers ahead if you're not up to date with Supernatural! This beloved CW show is unique in that it dives all the way into the lore it concerns itself with, leaving no stone left unturned. In order to illustrate this, the show features God himself (in this case), a character who takes on the moniker of Chuck in order to come across as a casual guy. 

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Season 14’s finale unveiled Chuck as the real Big Bad of the series, being responsible for Sam and Dean’s tragedies the whole time. While fans were thunderstruck by this revelation, such an outcome was kind of alluded to throughout. Here are some factors that made it clear that God/Chuck was the real villain of Supernatural all along.

10 His Apathy Toward Michael

Supernatural Michael

Out of all of God’s archangels, it was only Michael who remained steadfast in his loyalty. Michael’s only goal in life was to adhere to Chuck’s supposed plan, and he was perfectly willing to kill millions for it.

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This makes it rather heartbreaking that Chuck didn’t give two hoots about Michael once the latter was stuck in Lucifer’s Cage. In Season 11, when needing backup to fight the Darkness, all he had to say about Michael was, “he’s in no condition to fight.” This left Michael trapped, despite the fact that Chuck was easily powerful enough to free him.

9 His Reluctance To Resurrect Gabriel And Raphael

After he shot down the idea of retrieving Michael from the cage, Chuck also refused the notion of resurrecting Gabriel and Raphael. His argument was that it would take too much time, but that was a very lame excuse.

Whenever we’ve seen Chuck do anything, it’s only taken him a second to snap his fingers to make everything right. It was clear that Chuck deliberately opted not to bring the other archangels back because he wanted to steer Dean into sacrificing himself, as was the eventual plan.

8 His Disinterest In Gabriel's Status

If you want to argue that Chuck might have wanted to bring Gabriel back, then let us point you toward the very real fact that Gabriel was alive the whole time. He was in the captivity of Asmodeus, a demon created by Lucifer. 

As we know, God far outstripped Lucifer in power, which meant Chuck wouldn’t have taken two seconds to find out that Gabriel still lived. This also meant that Chuck never even once made an attempt to find out the truth about Gabriel, and that Gabriel was right that God just didn’t care.

7 When He Abandoned All The Other Worlds

It was confirmed in Season 13 that there were hundreds of other universes out there, and Chuck confirmed that he was the one who had created all of them. According to Alternate Michael, Chuck had abandoned these worlds because he thought they were failures - a notion Chuck later confirmed.

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The kicker is that his only reason to leave these worlds to rot was because “most of them are boring.” Since he thought they weren’t fun enough for him, Chuck left these universes to spiral into complete chaos. 

6 Trapping His Own Sister For Millennia

Supernatural Quiz - The Darkness

Chuck’s reveal as the ultimate bad guy has given context to some of his actions throughout the show's run. When he left Amara trapped for millions of years, for instance. As it happened, he didn’t like the fact that Amara was destroying the worlds he created, so his solution was to keep her locked away. 

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Seeing as Chuck ended up leaving all these worlds to die, Amara wasn’t wrong to finish them off in the first place, as that at least would’ve avoided a lot of suffering for the people living in those worlds. Still, as Chuck fed off of people’s suffering, he decided to make his own sister suffer in a prison.

5 Letting Adam Suffer In The Cage

Supernatural Sam and Michael as Adam

We’ve covered the part about abandoning Michael, but here is the case of the vessel he was inhabiting. The Winchesters are also guilty of leaving their brother down in hell for centuries now, but God is the one with the power to bring him back.

Chuck didn’t even consider that poor Adam was only a teenager when he went into the cage, and he’s content with letting him suffer for something he didn’t do. If Chuck didn’t want to free Michael, the least he could have done was free Adam from Hell.

4 Leaving Lucifer Trapped For Millennia And Then Abandoning Him Again

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer Nick in Supernatural

Chuck “apologized” to Lucifer in Season 11 for abandoning him and starting the apocalypse, but it’s obvious he just manipulated him so that Lucifer would help out in fighting the Darkness. Lucifer’s captivity doesn’t make sense either, as Chuck was far too powerful for Lucifer to be too much of a problem and he could have easily restrained him.

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Instead, Chuck had Lucifer locked up for millennia, without even considering how this was affect him. What’s more, Chuck would then abandon Lucifer again after Amara expelled him from Castiel’s vessel. 

3 Never Fixing Any Problems In The World

If you want to overlook all the points we’ve brought up so far, you’re free to do so. This one doesn’t get a pass, though. By now, we’ve had several world-ending scenarios on Supernatural, and every one of them could have been avoided had Chuck just snapped his fingers. 

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The Leviathans were close to devastating the human race. Angels were expelled from Heaven altogether. Lucifer and Michael could have destroyed the Earth. Essentially, a whole lot of mess was made that the Winchesters had to clean up. All of these problems would’ve been over in a second had Chuck not deliberately let them unfold.

2 When He Wanted To See Jack Killed Just For Fun

Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural Season 13

As to why Chuck never intervened in any of these catastrophes, there's a simple answer: he got pleasure out of the Winchesters’ struggles. For Chuck, watching Sam and Dean’s repeated sacrifices was a hobby and he couldn't get enough of it.

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In the Season 14 finale, Chuck wanted to see Dean kill Jack. Never mind the fact that Jack was supposed to be his grandson; Chuck only wanted to see Jack die so that Dean would die with him.

1 Singing Stupid Songs And Dating Stupid People

Some fans were charmed by Chuck’s everyman shtick in Season 11, where he was shown in a bar singing songs and writing stories. Here, he revealed to Metatron that he had also indulged in human activities by dating both girls and guys - and we know one of them was Sam’s stalker, Becky.

When dating didn’t work out, Chuck took to singing songs; none of which helped Sam and Dean in any way. It’s clear now that Chuck’s habit of singing, dating, writing, and just about anything is all self-indulgence and there was nothing profound hidden within it. As it turns out, Supernatural’s God is the most selfish being we’ve seen on the show; partying and goofing around on purpose so that Sam and Dean would be stuck doing the heavy lifting. 

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