Unreleased 'Supernatural' Ghostfacers Webisode With Castiel Revealed [Updated]

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Update: Working video source added (see below)

While Supernatural fans wait patiently for the Season 7 premiere next month, a previously unreleased episode of the tongue-in-cheek web series Ghostfacers has mysteriously appeared online.

For the uninitiated, Ghostfacers is the fictional show-within-a-show starring paranormal investigators Harry Spangler (Travis Wester) and Ed Zeddmore (A. J. Buckley). The pair was introduced in a 2008 episode, lampooning the real-world trend of Ghost Hunters and similar series. The popularity of the farcical characters led to the development of ten Ghostfacers webisodes, each about three minutes long.

Until now, the webisode below had been kept under wraps, probably due to its more canonical ties with the full Supernatural series. In the short video, Castiel (Misha Collins) appears to warn Harry and Ed about the forthcoming Apocalypse - this webisode was intended to take place within the fifth season's continuity.

While it's not clear how or why the clip has made its way onto the internet now, the appearance of Castiel surely won't be lost on Supernatural fans. If the Supernatural Comic-Con teaser video can be believed, the angel will continue his megalomaniac streak into the early part of season 7.

The video is set in 2009, but unfortunately was never released. At the 2010 Salute to Supernatural convention in Chicago, fansite The Winchester Family Business recounted a conversation with A.J. Buckley about the video.

AJ explains that its awesome funny little bit that they weren’t allowed to release to the public when it was first shot... they wrote Interview with an Angel which is about Castiel came meeting the Ghostfacers. They ran it passed [sic] Eric Kripke, who loved it, and Misha who thought it was great. So they got the green light to shoot it, which they did and they showed it at the York convention for Hell Hounds which was just for the Ghostfacers. .. AJ added that ‘because of certain things that are happening’ they did get the go ahead to release it and it maybe at the next convention.

On a practical note, Warner Bros. seems to be actively removing the clip from YouTube as they find it - if the video stops working, drop us a line in the comments and we'll find another source. You can watch the ten official Ghostfacers webisodes at the official site.


Supernatural returns to The CW on September 23rd.

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Source: Zap2It, The Winchester Family Business

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