15Demons killed my family, Spongebob

Supernatural meme

How someone decided to combine SpongeBob SquarePants, a children's show, with Supernatural, which is certainly not a children's show, is beyond the imagination, but someone did exactly that with this meme.

The reason it's so inappropriate? It doesn't just put the Winchester brothers' faces on SpongeBob characters

- it also uses one of SpongeBob's rhymes to make a joke that is so wrong that it's just so right and funny. Poor Sam and Dean have no family left to speak of, because they all got killed by demons. Even their surrogate father, Bobby, ended up dead, along with their real father, mother and a few cousins. They can't even keep friends around.

Then again, no one really stays dead on the show, so maybe that's why this is so funny.

Supernatural meme
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