Supernatural: 15 Inappropriate Memes That Make You Feel Bad For Laughing

"Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days." Those now-immortal words got over a decade's worth of fans hooked on a little show about two brothers who travel the U.S. hunting demons. Now, nearly 13 seasons in, that show, Supernatural, and its fandom show absolutely no signs of stopping, although both Winchester brothers have died multiple times and they have lost and gained new enemies and allies along the way.

There are many Supernatural fans who can quote almost every episode, and even casual watchers know that episodes that begin with Kansas' "Carry On, My Wayward Son" are going to end in utter chaos and heartbreak. But the best part about the fandom are the memes.

Supernatural is probably one of the most memed television shows of all time, with fans coming up with new ones with every single episode. Some of those memes, though, are inappropriate, which sometimes is due to the fact that the show is often sacrilegious. After all, this show is about a world filled with bad angels and good demons. But as is so often the case, the most inappropriate memes are the funniest.

Here are Supernatural: 15 Inappropriate Memes That Make You Feel Bad For Laughing.

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15 Demons killed my family, Spongebob

Supernatural meme

How someone decided to combine SpongeBob SquarePants, a children's show, with Supernatural, which is certainly not a children's show, is beyond the imagination, but someone did exactly that with this meme.

The reason it's so inappropriate? It doesn't just put the Winchester brothers' faces on SpongeBob characters - it also uses one of SpongeBob's rhymes to make a joke that is so wrong that it's just so right and funny. Poor Sam and Dean have no family left to speak of, because they all got killed by demons. Even their surrogate father, Bobby, ended up dead, along with their real father, mother and a few cousins. They can't even keep friends around.

Then again, no one really stays dead on the show, so maybe that's why this is so funny.

14 Spoiler Warning!

Supernatural meme

It's likely that Supernatural's treatment of religion, faith, God, and Christianity would probably make some people of faith a little upset, but the show goes there anyway. This is a show where one of the heroes has even hooked up with a demon. It's definitely not for those who take all things Christianity-related super seriously.

This is a conversation between Dean and Castiel, where Dean mentions that he read the bible. And Castiel gives the ultimate spoiler: Jesus dies! It's also so like Castiel, because he's often very matter-of-fact without realizing that what he says is inappropriate.

This isn't Harry Potter, where someone ruined the death of Dumbledore; it's something pretty much every adult on the planet is aware of already.

13 Moose in the wild

Supernatural meme

On the television series, the Winchester brothers have some memorable nicknames, thanks to the Lord of Hell, Crowley. Dean is Squirrel and Sam is Moose - a sly reference to The Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.

Calling Sam "Moose" is something that fans really love, although it isn't mentioned on the show that much. This meme taps into that love, basically showing a photo of a pair moose in the wild - one who happens to be a tall, handsome demon hunter.

Still, it's a little wrong, because it suggests that the actor who portrays Sam, Jared Padalecki, is actually a moose and that he's bathing here with someone from his family. That's a little mean, but it's also a lot funny. It's especially hilarious because someone photoshopped moose antlers on the actor's head.

12 Satan is so cute

Supernatural meme

For those who don't know Supernatural or anything about its fandom, some things that viewers come up with probably seem not just a little creepy, but also very sacrilegious and maybe even a little scary. On Supernatural, Mark Pellegrino often plays Lucifer (although the fallen angel has the ability to swap bodies occasionally) and most fans find him absolutely adorable because that's the way the actor plays him.

It's not weird within the fandom when fans say they have a crush on Satan. Outside of the fandom, though, that probably sounds bizarre, if not downright Satanic. But that doesn't stop fans from saying these inappropriate thing or from running around in t-shirts with pentagrams on them. Non-fans just don't understand!

11 Mishapocalypse

Supernatural meme

Actor Misha Collins, the man behind the angel Castiel, is a popular guy on social media, mostly because he's as funny in real life as he is on television. Back in 2013, fans decided that they would create what they called the Mishapocalypse, where every single blogger on Tumblr changed their profile photo to the same image of the actor. So Tumblr was literally taken over by him.

This resulted in memes where every face in paintings and other works of art got photoshopped so that Misha was everywhere. This is one of the funniest memes, as Misha becomes the face of a classic work of art over and over. It's disturbing, inappropriate, and funny enough to make milk come out of your nose.

10 Did you just call me Satan?

Supernatural meme

As previously mentioned, fans of Supernatural actually like Satan. Sure, the real world often tells everyone that Satan is a bad fallen angel and makes people do bad things, but he is also an adorable character (albeit an evil one) on the series.

This meme combines cheesy pick-up lines with Supernatural, so that when someone says something as cheesy as "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" the fan response is "Did you just call me Satan?" And although this could serve as an insult and really bad pick-up line for some people, a Supernatural fan will take that and run with it. Let's not forget the requisite reaction image of an eyebrow raise from Lucifer himself!

9 Supernatural pick-up lines

Supernatural meme

Speaking of pick-up lines, fandoms have their own way of relating to the world and potential significant others. For a fan of Supernatural, a pick-up line will sound a lot different than what one might hear outside the fandom. In fact, if someone mentions "salting and burning" around a Supernatural fan, it's likely they'll get a lot of attention.

These are some of the best pick-up lines that fans would probably respond to, although they're groan-worthy and entirely wrong, even going so far as to use Baby, aka the Impala, to make a funny come-on. And most people would raise an eyebrow at "you're hotter than apple pie," but knowing how much Dean loves pie, that line makes sense.

That last line, though, is highly inappropriate, considering that's the way many people die on the series, including the Winchesters' mother and Sam's girlfriend.

8 When The Walking Dead met Supernatural

Supernatural meme

Supernatural has a lot in common with The Walking Dead, although at first glance it might not seem so. That commonality has everything to do with actors who appeared on both shows.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was John Winchester, the father to both Sam and Dean on Supernatural, but then he turned around to become the big bad Negan on The Walking Dead. Negan is famous for wielding Lucille, a bat wrapped in barbed wire and often coated with his victims' blood.

Additionally, Lauren Cohan appeared on Supernatural before being Maggie on The Walking Dead, too. This meme taps into that, with Dean holding his dad's (or Negan's) baseball bat and threatening Maggie, aka Cohan's, Supernatural character Bela, who tried to kill Dean. Only fans of both shows would probably get this, but it's funny for those that do.

7 Cas loves Dean

Supernatural meme

Supernatural fandom on Tumblr puts the "fanatic" in "fan." It's often a scary place of really bad fan fiction and ships that would make casual viewers never want to watch the show again. But there are also some interesting and fun things that just refuse to go away.

One of those things is Destiel: which is the shipping of Dean and Castiel. Yes, Castiel does seem to love Dean a little too much on the show, so that means that fans will run with that concept to the point of beating it into the ground.

This meme is all about Destiel and how much Cas loves Dean by combining that with "the floor is lava" memes that made the rounds this year. Sure, it's inappropriate, but it's also hilarious.

6 Ermahgerd!

Supernatural meme

Yes, there are a lot of "Ermahgerd," memes, although most of them feature an awkward looking young woman in an orthodontic retainer holding a series of Goosebumps books. She looked so incredibly awkward, though, that the Internet came up with a million and one creative ways to meme her. That meme exploded into a million other similar memes, so it's no wonder that Supernatural ended up with its own "Ermahgerd" meme.

Here it is in all its bad, yet really funny, glory. On Supernatural, Bobby Singer gets just as excited about ghosts (or ghersts) as the original meme girl got excited about her books. This is also the perfect screen capture of Bobby, because we imagine him saying "you idjits" right after exclaiming this.

5 SuperHungerGamesNatural

Supernatural meme

Some Supernatural memes defy explanation, making people wonder exactly what kind of drugs Tumblr users were on when they put one of these things together. This is one of those memes, because there is just no way anyone normal would combine The Hunger Games with Supernatural. Those are two totally different kinds of stories in two completely different genres.

And yet this meme exists because someone was thinking about Katniss Everdeen's name and somehow kept hearing the "deen" part of the name and thought to create this great work of art that photoshopped Dean's head over Katniss' face. It's just so wrong, in the "what were you thinking" way, and yet, once seen, it cannot be unseen. The choice of Dean's expression also makes this hilarious.

4 Bobby looks pretty today

Supernatural meme

When it comes to one-line zingers, Bobby Singer was the king of them. It's still hard to imagine the series without him, but although he died on the show, his reputation lives on through fans regurgitating many of his lines. Every Supernatural fan will often refer to other fans as "Idjits," and that's all because of Bobby.

Here's one quote from Bobby that a fan needed to meme, though. Bobby got mad at the boys, who apparently blew him off, so he offered up one of his many colloquialisms about being a "ditchable prom date." Those three words are so very Bobby. But a fan ran with him saying that, especially considering Sam's response. No, Bobby, you're not that girl and Sammy thinks you look very pretty today.

3 The true meaning of the show's title

Supernatural meme

Although Supernatural fans think of demons, ghosts, god, Lucifer and angels when they see the title of the series appear before each episode, it's likely that the title can refer to a lot of other things.

For example, it's probably very supernatural that almost every strong female on the show ends up dead. It's also probably very supernatural that no one ever stays dead on the show, at least as long as they're not a female character.

But perhaps the most supernatural thing that occurs on the show is Dean. Here is a guy that does nothing but eat hamburgers, french fries, and pie (and he really loves his pie). He doesn't work out, but for some reason, he's cut like a Greek god. If anything is the work of the supernatural, it's that. Maybe he made another deal with a crossroads demon.

2 Bloody Bobby

Supernatural meme

Everyone knows the urban legend about Bloody Mary. If you look into a mirror at night and say the words "Bloody Mary" three times, she will appear (and probably kill you). This was even the subject of an early episode of Supernatural.

This meme takes that and turns it into something else. Considering that Bobby is now dead, this meme warns that if you look in a mirror and say Bobby's name three times, he will appear there. And he will do the most Bobby thing he can: he will call that person an "idjit" and then get on their case about the dangers of summoning ghosts.

This is the game of Bloody Bobby and it's so utterly perfect that fans won't be able to resist.

1 His Holiness, Misha

Supernatural meme

Remember the Misapocalypse? Well, it's still going strong, because Misha's head gets photoshopped on a lot of photos (thanks, Tumblr). It's even probably likely that Misha himself is doing some of the photoshopping, considering his hilarious personality.

So here's yet another sign of our impending doom. This is Misha (or Misha as Castiel because it's hard to tell the difference sometimes) as the Pope. That's about as Mishapocalyptic as the world can get.

Of course, now fans imagine Castiel becoming the pope at some point, and it sort of makes sense: he actually has a personal experience with heaven and with God (aka Chuck), so who better to lead mankind? Of course, there was that incident with the Leviathan and Purgatory to worry about, though.


Do you have any hilarious and inappropriate Supernatural memes to share? Leave them in the comments!

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