Supernatural 'Frontierland' Images: Sam and Dean in the Old West

Supernatural has just six episodes left in season six – one of the more surprisingly enjoyable seasons so far – which means a lot of loose ends need to be tied up in a very short period of time (not the least of which is the newly-introduced villain, Eve).

While the show officially returns to the air after a month-long hiatus on April 15th, today we have a number of photos from “Frontierland,” the episode that hits April 22nd – a time-traveling adventure that sends Sam and Dean Winchester back to the wild, wild west.

The last couple of episodes of Supernatural have, in my opinion, been a bit disappointing. Particularly "And Then There Were None," an episode best described as a decaffeinated version of John Carpenter’s The Thing. Though there were some pretty major deaths in the episode, they all felt clumsily abrupt, unearned, and ultimately underwhelming. Hopefully, “Frontierland” is a return to form.

Click the following pictures to enlarge, courtesy of TV Line:

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If you want some context, check out the episode’s summary below:

While searching for a way to defeat Eve, Dean stumbles upon Samuel Colt’s (guest star Sam Hennings) journal in the Campbell library. Realizing Samuel might have the answer to their problems, Sam and Dean ask Castiel to send them back in time so they can meet the man himself. While Sam is a bit reluctant to time travel, Dean is beside himself with excitement to return to the Wild, Wild West.

As an added bonus, we've included the TV promo for the rest of the season, which contains footage from “Frontierland”:


This isn’t the first time Sam and/or Dean have been sent back in time by angels. Previously, in the episode "In the Beginning," Dean was sent to 1973 and interacted with his parents, his grandparents, and the yellow-eyed demon before they were dead. Then, in "The Song Remains the Same," both Sam and Dean were sent back to 1978 by Castiel to stop the angel Anna from killing their parents.

This also isn’t the first time we’ve heard Samuel Colt’s name bandied about in the series. Colt – based on the historical figure of the same name – is the man who created the Colt that can kill almost anything (vampires, werewolves, demons, you name it). It'll be interesting to finally see the guy we've heard so much about for the past six seasons.

Now, why in the world Samuel Colt would have any information pertaining to getting rid of Eve, a villain who has been completely absent in the world of Supernatural up until a few episodes ago, is anyone's guess. I guess we'll just have to wait until April 22nd to find out.

Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, staring April 15th, on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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