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The end is truly nigh in the first official trailer for Supernatural season 15. The show first debuted on The WB back in 2005. Despite never being a huge winner in the ratings, Supernatural cultivated a passionate following that saw it survive the network's transition into The CW. That fan following only grew with each passing season, affording the show consistent renewals and its place as one of The CW's staple offerings amid its ever-expanding comic book universe. Earlier this year, however, it was announced that the 15th season would also be the last.

Starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural tells the story of Sam and Dean Winchester. As per the family business, the two brothers traverse America, saving people and hunting things. Over the years, they have faced everything from wendigo and vampires to demons and rogue angels. Their unconventional family has fluctuated over the years, with only their trusted ally, the angel Castiel (Misha Collins), consistently returning to their side. When last seen, the trio had failed to do as Chuck (a.k.a God) had wanted by refusing to kill their pseudo-adopted son, Jack (Alexander Calvert). As a result, Chuck/God pulled the trigger himself, not just on Jack but the world itself, leaving the trio of Team Free Will surrounded by enemies.

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Posting on their official Youtube channel, The CW has offered their first look at the chaos to come. Although there was never any actual doubt, the trailer confirms that all three of the core heroes make it out of the season 14 cliffhanger in one piece. "Welcome to the end," Dean Winchester (Ackles) fittingly quips at the opening of the new footage, before it cuts to flashes of the show's signature blend of stoically pensive expressions, monster-slaying, and pop culture references. The rest of the trailer features the two brothers catching on to the fact that many of their creepiest foes have returned, specifically name-dropping the Woman in White and showing the ghost of John Wayne Gacy. It also teases the show's endgame, with Sam Winchester cryptically offering, "If we do this, we're free." Check out the trailer below, along with the final season's poster.

Supernatural The Final Season Poster

Although the new footage willfully neglected to follow-up on Jack's fate, Calvert is already confirmed to be reprising his fan-favorite role. The character was last seen waking up in the otherworldly realm known as The Empty. There, he was greeted by the show's incarnation of Death. Equally, The Empty was also where Lucifer ended up after Dean killed him in the season 13 finale. As such, it's likely that Lisa Berry will also return as the former and that Lucifer will feature in one form or another. In the tradition of final seasons, there will no doubt be many such blasts from the past that fans can expect. The most notable will see Emily Swallow return as Amara (aka. The Darkness) and the recently confirmed, overdue return of Sam and Dean's long-lost half-brother, Adam.

Actual plot details remains firmly - and understandably - under wraps. In that regard, the trailer does little to illuminate things. Still, the new footage was perfectly timed - not just for Friday, the 13th but also what's being dubbed as Supernatural Day on social media. As such, it will no doubt go some way to getting fans pumped for the show's admittedly bittersweet return. While hope still remains for the show's world to live on via a spin-off, the stars promise that the finale will satisfy fans. The trailer certainly seems to lend itself to fulfilling that vow, with the brothers clearly set to go out fighting and doing what they do best - saving people and hunting things.

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Supernatural season 15 will premiere Thursday, October 10 on The CW.

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