Supernatural's Final Season: Every Character That Needs To Return

Supernatural is now in its final season, and things are wrapping up - which means the surprise return of a few fan-favorite characters for a final goodbye. The fifteenth season of the show is building to the Winchesters' final showdown, and this time, it's with God himself.

God/Chuck has been around in the Supernatural universe since season four, when he popped up as a mysterious writer, and for the most part, he's seemed to be on the Winchesters' side. However, at the end of the last season, God was revealed to have been toying with the boys all along for his own amusement, and after killing Jack (and getting shot by Sam), he cracks open the door to Hell and lets all the demons out.

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Now, Sam and Dean are trying to deal with an influx of souls from Hell, and ready to avert one more apocalypse... with a little help from their friends. Over the past two seasons, fans have seen the return of multiple characters, thanks to an alternate universe and a little wish fulfillment that brought John Winchester home for a quick dinner, but it seems like season 15 is going to be bringing back many, many more - starting with "Raising Hell", which quickly packed in a few familiar faces.

Supernatural Characters Who Returned In Raising Hell

Alexander Calvert as Jack Belphegor, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural

"Raising Hell" saw Sam, Dean, Cas, and Rowena working to try and deal with the souls pouring out of Hell - and thanks to Belphegor's spell and Rowena's ability to create a soul-prison with magic, they end the episode with things under control... for now. Their magical 'salt circle' around the town won't last forever, though, and these ghosties seem to have the ability to be fully conscious and work together, which doesn't bode well for anyone. Team Winchester had a little extra help this episode, though, in the form of both the living and the dead.

One of the big returns in 'Raising Hell' was Kevin Tran, dead prophet and long-time friend to Sam and Dean. Although God had previously claimed to have sent Kevin to Heaven, it turns out that this was all a big lie, and that he actually sent Kevin to Hell. After a sweet reunion (and some Winchester rage over this reveal of another betrayal by God), Kevin is able to help them out with intimidating a few of the strongest ghosts - and in the end, decides to stay on Earth in ghostly form. Although fans know that this is a far from ideal scenario, and he is likely to become mad and violent, Kevin points out that it's a lot better than returning to Hell, and he is unable to go to Heaven. It's possible that he'll pop up again before the end, of course, but if not, this was a fitting farewell.

Another ally who makes a return is Arthur Ketch, who has been working as a hunter since his break from the British Men of Letters. He happened to hear the call for hunters that Sam and Dean put out, and pops up to help - packing some cool new tech. By the end of the episode, Ketch is still around, willing to help the Winchesters, and clearly hoping for a little more time with the lovely Rowena, too.

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The final reappearance this episode was Amara, when God goes to see her. Far from her uber-powerful Darkness persona of the past, this Amara may still be potentially the most powerful being in the universe, but she wants nothing more than to relax and do a little gambling. God asks for her help to leave this universe, but she refuses, saying that she's essentially locking him here the way he locked her up, and she wants nothing more to do with him. How very Winchester of her. Still, for all these returns, there are lots more that need to happen before Supernatural ends.

The Dead Hunters

With eighteen episodes to go, there are a lot of other characters who may yet pop up for a final goodbye - and given the inclusion of God, Amara, and Billie, the list is potentially endless, but there are a few fan-favorites who are most likely to reappear. The Roadhouse crew (Ellen, Jo, and Ash) are long dead, and Ash has appeared in Heaven, so it's unlikely that they will return. However, seeing as this is the final season of Supernatural, literally anything could happen, and this would be a hugely emotional reunion. Eileen (the banshee-focused hunter from season 11) has also been confirmed to be returning, which should make for an interesting confrontation with Ketch, seeing as his Hellhound killed her. However, this does suggest that dead hunters may be coming back, which also leaves the door open for characters like Rufus to return, who was killed in season 6.

Adam Winchester

Jake Abel as Adam Winchester in Supernatural

One other major character who is confirmed to be coming back is Adam Winchester - the long lost Winchester brother who made his first appearance in season 4. Adam became Michael's vessel in the early seasons, and was locked in the cage with Lucifer and Sam, where he remains - giving him the dubious honor of being essentially the only Winchester that stays dead (or that the others don't move Heaven and Earth to have returned). After Sam was pulled out of the cage, and Lucifer was freed when the final seal was broken, Adam and Michael were left alone there. At this point, it's likely that Adam has spent his time being casually tortured, and Sam and Dean have assumed that he will be utterly broken. However, the confirmation of his return (as Lucifer's cage was one of the doors in Hell that God opened), means that things are going to get interesting for the Winchester family. As Belphegor points out, Adam Winchester has reason to hold a serious grudge against his brothers, especially as they left him to rot while managing to bring each other back time and time again. However he returns, it's unlikely that this is going to be a family reunion of beers and hugs in the bunker.


Supernatural Quiz - Crowley

Of course, the ultimate fan-favorite to return would be Crowley, crossroads demon turned King of Hell turned Winchester ally. Crowley met his final end in the season 12 finale, when he stabbed himself with an angel blade in order to seal Lucifer in another dimension. It was an incredible sacrifice, but one that didn't stick, as Lucifer managed to return and continue to cause chaos. Crowley has been a fan-favorite for a long time, and it would be great to see him return (and heartbreaking for him to be the only major character not to get a final farewell). While he hasn't been officially confirmed to come back, Mark Sheppard did post on social media about "reuniting with old friends" in a post tagged #spnfamily, leading fans to believe that he will make a final appearance. While in terms of power he is nowhere as strong as God or Amara, he is fully in the Winchester's corner at this point, and is sure to have some kind of plan up his demonic sleeves.

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Of course, all this is still speculation, but one thing is clear: Supernatural is determined to give their most important characters a proper send off at the end of the series, and that means bringing many of the big guns back for one last apocalypse.

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