Supernatural: 10 Monsters We Want To See Back In The Final Season

As we plan to say our goodbyes to Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel and the rest of the Supernatural cast this final 15th season on the CW show, most fans have a hefty wish list regarding what they'd love to see on the show. Some want a resolution with Adam, the boys' brother, and many want to see Castiel and Dean finally seal the deal with a big, fat smooch. Then there are those who want a monster encore.

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Some of the best episodes of Supernatural featured the Creature of the Week format and too many of those creatures were limited to their one day in the spotlight. Others may have had more than a day of recognition but we loved them so much that we just really need to see them again, and see the brothers take them out in a totally new way, before the show is over.

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10 Jesse Turner

He's the Antichrist, the half-demon spawn that Lucifer had planned to use in destroying the host of Heaven during the Apocalypse. He also disappeared and to never be seen again for almost a decade. Where on earth is this half-monster, half-human and what has he been up to all of this time?

We're dying to know if Jesse has been training to do evil or valiantly struggling against his purpose like Team Free Will. Will we get to see him again in the final season? We hope so, to get a resolution for this loose end if nothing else.

9 Benny

For all we know, our favorite vampire remains in purgatory where he felt most comfortable and most willing to remain in order to allow Sam his escape. Benny represents a lot for Dean Winchester: not only one of his few rare friends that he trusts with his life, but also an actual monster he refused to off in the series. Dean has grown a lot since the days when he insisted that all monsters must be taken care of and we'd like to see him reunited with his vampire buddy at some point.

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If Benny's still in purgatory, that might not be in the cards, but given that he was such a big influence on Squirrel we think he at least needs a mention sometime this season.

8 Changelings

Supernatural Quiz - Changelings

Having your child stolen and replaced with a monster that looks just like the kid is one of the most frightening situations portrayed on the show, and we think there's so much more potential for an episode featuring changelings. What if someone we've already met before is revealed to be one of these creepy creatures with hollow eyes and round, pointed-teeth-filled mouths?

Since it's possible for changelings to exist just about anywhere, there are lots of scenarios where this could come up again as the monster of the week. While we expect most episodes to follow an arc toward the resolution of the show, hopefully some of the episodes will still feature a monster of the week format.

7 Gabriel

Gabriel was one of the Winchesters' funniest opponents in his Loki form, and while we've already seen enough characters brought back to life for a lifetime, what if we got a fun flashback episode where the brothers could have one last round with the trickster/archangel? It wouldn't be the first time they traveled back in time if the show went with that angle, but even seeing the return of Richard Speight Jr. in a "forgotten episode" would be worth it just to see those hilarious pranks, one of the brothers offed a million times or another goofball episode featuring the trickster.

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Speaking of gods, remember the episode, "A Very Supernatural Christmas"? We'd love to see the brothers take on pagan gods like they did in that hilariously dark episode, or to even finally face a Krampus, the monster they originally thought to be the culprit.

6 Scarecrow

Another iconic Supernatural episode from the first season, "Scarecrow," featured the titular monster as a pagan god to whom the townspeople sacrificed human travelers to in exchange for abundance. It put a whole new meaning to #blessed and gave us a truly scary urban legend that hooked fans for life.

We don't necessarily need a scarecrow to fulfill this role, although another scarecrow would still be fun. Any pagan idol would do, and after all of these years chances are we could see something even more frightening as an homage to that classic episode. It also doesn't have to be Vanir, the Norse fertility god of wisdom and future. A new god we haven't yet met would work here as well.

5 Rugaru

The reason a Rugaru would be such a great monster to have back on the show is that it's an undetectable monster until it turns 30. Once it ages, it transforms and cannot be cured, but only taken out by fire or a powerful weapon. What more powerful way to feature a monster of the week than to make it someone we met in the past who just turned 30 and now has to be taken out?

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This could make for a heck of a tragic episode, but it could also be interesting: what if the brothers have since discovered a way to cure the condition somehow? Or even a way to send it somewhere like purgatory where it could still exist without harming innocent people?

4 Jacob Pond

In the Supernatural nod toward Doctor Who, a young kitsune mother named Amy Pond was offed by Dean Winchester for murdering criminals to help feed her son. As a kitsune, she didn't have a whole lot of choice, and it wasn't like she was offing innocents in cold blood. She very well could have been doing the work Sam and Dean did, and Dean could have given her the option of going with them to take out monsters to feed her son, especially since she was Sam's childhood friend. We know many innocents perished at the Winchesters' hands over the years, after all.

Instead, he offed her, and her son Jacob vowed to avenge her someday. We hope to see this kitsune return and try to make good on his promise.

3 The Monsters Of Chicago

Remember back when there was supposed to be a Supernatural spin-off called Bloodlines that was pretty much abandoned? It was supposed to feature a bunch of monster families and the hunters that took them out, and there were even some emails that Sam received from someone named Ross shown in an episode whom many fans believed to be Ennis Ross of Bloodlines.

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While we get it if the CW doesn't want to mention a failed spin-off, we also think that if Chicago has a massive monster problem the Winchesters need to report for duty and take care of it. We're curious to see which monsters these are, and besides, who you else you gonna call?

2 Woman In White

Supernatural Woman in White

Remember back when it all started and we met our first monster face-to-face? The Woman in White was a monster that perfectly combined the horror of the show with the urban legends that served as the backbone of the show long before the angels vs. demons took precedence. As we say our goodbyes it would be awesome to meet another one of these legendary monsters, since just about every Midwestern area has some version of the whole ghostly hitchhiker story.

In the next version, perhaps we'll see a more kindly woman in white who didn't harm her kids, more of a traditional version of the ghostly hitchhiker. It would be interesting to see how Sam and Dean might deal after so many more years of experience.

1 Sam

Sam Demon Supernatural

That's right, Sam Winchester is another monster we'd like to see return! Both brothers have had powers for good and for evil, depending on how they used them over the years, and Sam's powers were never truly resolved. While he thought he needed to drink demon blood to enhance his abilities, according to Ruby he just has them inside no matter what.

The powers suddenly disappeared after he was cured of his demon blood addiction, but they might still lay in him, dormant and ready for use. Will they be employed for a final battle? It might be cool to see after all these years. An older, wiser Sammy might be able to pull it off.

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