Jensen Ackles Dreamed Supernatural's Final Scene

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles reveals a dream he had that imagined the final scene of the series. It's been a long, dark highway that monster-hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester have traveled. Over the course of the show's soon to be 13 seasons, the Winchesters have done everything from decapitate countless vampires to averting the biblical apocalypse. Sam and Dean have personally teamed up with God, as well as done multiple battles with Lucifer himself.

Most shows are lucky to make it to 3 seasons, much less 13, but year after year, Supernatural finds a way to keep the story going. Opinions among the fanbase vary as to whether recent seasons are as good as the show was at its peak, but Supernatural still gets great ratings for The CW, and the network has said more than once that no firm exit plan is in place as of yet. Presumably, as long as stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are game to continue, The CW will be ready and willing to let them.

That said, all shows must come to an end eventually, and Supernatural will be no different. As one might imagine though, how the Winchester story wraps up is very important to the leading men, and each has their thoughts on how it should happen. However, when it comes to vivid details, Ackles' idea for the finale clearly takes the cake. During a recent interview with EW, Ackles revealed the dream he had of Supernatural's final scene ever, and it's almost poetic:

"I can see it right now. It’s just one scene. Think: Middle America, Big Sky country. It’s just wheat fields as far as the eye can see, and there’s an intersection, a crossroads, oddly enough. I drive up in the Impala, and I park in the middle of the intersection. There’s nobody for miles. I get out of the car and I look in the distance — and it’s like Lawrence of Arabia when Omar Sharif was running up with the camel — I just see this thing coming in the distance, and it gets closer and closer and closer and closer. It’s a guy on a motorbike. And we never really see his face. He’s got a helmet on. But he walks up and I give him a nod, and I take a walk around the Impala very slowly and I walk back over to him and I hand the keys to him. And he takes off his helmet — we don’t see who it is — he hands the helmet to me and hands me the keys to the bike. From his back, he gets in the car and I watch the Impala drive off. And then I turn and I look at the bike that’s got one seat. And I put the helmet on, start the bike, [give] one last look to the Impala, it’s now gone, and I take off. Because I don’t need the extra seat anymore. And I even have the soundtrack in my head. There were no words spoken. I had this swelling score. It was like some Robert Zemeckis film."

Of course, fans will be quick to notice that there's no Sam appearance in Ackles' dream scenario, and yes, that's because Ackles thinks that Sam should die permanently to close out the series. While that's sure to upset many Supernatural diehards, for his part, Padalecki said during the same sit-down that he's now at the point where he personally thinks that at least Sam should die, if not both brothers.

The idea of one or both Winchester brothers meeting their makers - again - to end Supernatural is one that's likely to not sit well with quite a few fans, who would perhaps prefer Sam and Dean to finally get to enjoy their lives for awhile, or leave their ultimate fate unresolved. In the world of Supernatural though, heaven for sure exists, and Sam and Dean have even visited it. It's arguable that no greater happiness would be possible for them than for the world to be saved once and for all, allowing the heroes to reunite with their many lost loved ones in the great beyond.

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Supernatural returns for season 13 on October 12.

Source: EW

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