Supernatural: The 10 Strongest Female Leads

While Supernatural's main focus has been on the relationship between the two brothers, Sam and Dean, it has also featured many strong female leads.

While Supernatural's main focus has been on the relationship between the two brothers, Sam and Dean, it has also featured many strong female leads. In the initial seasons, many of the female characters were presented as romantic partners for either Sam or Dean. Most of the romantic partners, sadly, didn't get a chance to have a lasting effect, and we were not able to see examples of their strength. However, some of these leads were still able to stand out.

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In addition, Sam and Dean have had their fair share of mother figures, hunters, enemies, and allies. The female leads on this list are strong for different reasons, some for their skills, some for their resilience, and others for their values.

10 Sheriff Donna Hanscum

Don't let Donna's cheery persona distract you from the strength she possesses. After learning of the evil out there, Donna doesn't hide but decides to face it head on. She becomes a great hunter and a friend to Sam and Dean. When she and Jody (another strong female lead) pair up, they work great together. Still, throughout all of the hard and frightening work, Donna maintains her positive outlook and belief that things will work out. She is a tough piece of sunshine.

9 Kelly Kline

Kelly Kline may not be a character that you would automatically view as strong, but she is extremely strong. When Kelly becomes pregnant with Lucifer's child, she has a strong belief that her child will be good and not evil. In order to protect her son, she uses her resources. First, she uses Dagon, a prince of hell, to help protect her child. Then she convinces Cas, an angel, to protect her child.

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She tells him that she wants Cas to be her son's father, and under the guidance of an angel, her son (Jack) is bound to be good. Although she knows that giving birth to Jack will kill her, she doesn't resent him. While she is pregnant, she tells Jack to grow up fast so that he can protect himself. Jack is born an adult. Kelly's faith in her son proved true, Jack (with a soul) was good, capable of greatness, and always striving to be better.

8 Ellen And Jo

It is hard for us to separate this mother and daughter duo as part of their strength came from each other. Ellen and Jo have learned to live without Jo's dad, a former hunter killed while on a hunt with John Winchester (Sam and Dean's dad). Not only do they make a living running the hunter bar, they are both well-respected and connected in the hunter community.

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When Jo decides that she wants to be a hunter, Ellen eventually is okay with the idea and starts to hunt as well. They both have been through a lot, but became stronger through it all. In the end, they died together, taking down some hell hounds with them! Jo had been presented as a potential romantic partner for Dean. We would love to see her return and fulfill that possibility.

7 Claire Novak

Claire has had quite a journey. Jimmy, her father, was Castiel's vessel (and technically, still is). When Jimmy was about to reject being the vessel again, Castiel entered Claire as another vessel. Jimmy didn't want to see his daughter subject to the same fate, so he asked Castiel to take him as a vessel again. Within a short span of years, Claire loses her father and her mother. Then she loses friends.

Claire has been through a lot, and much of it would have broken another character, but Claire decides to be a hunter. She becomes part of a makeshift family, with Jody at the center as the maternal figure. This family was supposed to be part of a Supernatural spin-off called Wayward Sisters, which never really got its feet off the ground. We are still hoping that it will so we can see these strong female characters working and fighting together.

6 Sheriff Jody Mills

We're introduced to Jody in Season 5 as the Sheriff of Bobby Singer's hometown where the dead are returning to life. One of the dead is Jody's own son. Initially, she doesn't want to question this miracle. Then she sees her little son killing and eating her husband. Sam does her a kindness and kills her zombie son for her.

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This could have been the end of her story, but she becomes a hunter and dead friend to Sam and Dean. While her introduction to the Supernatural family was due to tragedy, she became someone that the brothers could depend upon. In addition, after suffering all of that with her son and father, she still has a big heart and opens her household to three young women, becoming a mother figure to all three. Talk about resilience.

5 Charlie

The original Charlie was like a sister to both Sam and Dean. Her strength came from her resilience, flexibility, and intelligence. After learning that there were supernatural evils out there, Charlie learns more and becomes part of the family. She continually helps out Sam and Dean.

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In her last act of her life, she was looking for a way to save Dean from the Mark of Cain. Not many could have found and acquired the Book of the Damned (the book that could help Dean), but she did. In addition, Charlie was willing to go to other realms. She traveled to Oz to help Dorothy. Her flexibility, intelligence, and motivation to help others lands her in our strongest female lead list.

4 Ruby

Up until this point, the characters on our list have been heroines or the trusty ally. Ruby, though an ally for a time, was never one to trust. Some would put Lilith above Ruby, but Ruby was ultimately stronger due to being clever. She wanted to free Lucifer, but could not tell the other demons about it. So, she pretended to be on the Winchesters' side in order to get what she needed: Sam to break the last seal (killing Lilith). She manipulated the situation and all those around her so that she could get what she wanted. Though not a hero, she was definitely one of the stronger female leads.

3 Mary


Up until Mary comes back, we know Mary to have been a special person who loved her family dearly. Even her ghostly presence in their old house protects Sam and Dean from an evil presence. Then when she comes back, we see another reason why Mary is special: Mary is a great hunter.

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She serves as a role model for her sons and becomes embraced by the hunter community. Mary died and returned to life, was brainwashed and made into a weapon, and lost many of her family members and friends. Yet, through all of this, she remained strong and smart. Her values motivated others.

2 Rowena

Rowena is also a survivor. Initially presented as a villain, Rowena developed into an ally. Rowena is a skilled witch and is nearly immortal. Previously, she had been most concerned with surviving. However, after her brutal death by Lucifer (she spelled herself to come back to life) and her son's death, Rowena is changed. Still, a strong character with strong magical abilities, she cares more to make a difference. Like Mary, Rowena is also a resilient mother. Though she is not as ideal of a mother as Mary, she becomes someone who can be counted on.

1 Amara

There is not a stronger female lead than Amara. Amara is the darkness and god's sister. Like her brother, she can create and take away. When the angels try to smite her with all of their power, it does nothing. When others try to damage her, they end up more hurt than she does. She can bring back the dead as she does with Mary. Amara is a force. Her abilities are nearly limitless.

We are happy that Supernatural gave us great female characters, and we hope to see if these strong females will back to help Sam and Dean in the next season.

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