Supernatural: 10 Female Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time

The mid-season finale of Supernatural aired less than a month ago but, gosh dang it! Our Supernatural fix has yet to be satisfied! We want more, but because it looks like we're not going to get any more - at least, not for a while, anyway - we'll just have to sit here and content ourselves with binge-watching the previous seasons for the...well, never mind how many times we've already seen them. Let's just move on.

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Hey, you know what else we could do to pass the time? Talk about some of Supernatural's best characters! Although the series obviously centers around Sam and Dean, the Winchester brothers can't carry the show all by themselves, they've got to have supporting characters to make it work. Let's take a look at 10 female characters who deserved more screen time.

10. Karen Singer - Carrie Anne Fleming

In season three, we learn that Bobby was forced to end his wife's life after she was possessed by a demon. Later, in season five, Karen is resurrected by Death, who wanted to send Bobby a message. Sheesh, Death, ain'tcha heard? People don't communicate with each other by raising the dead anymore. We use email, now. Get with the program.

Anyway, Bobby was happy to see her, and so were we. She was a great character, in part because she showed us a new side of Bobby. Don't get us wrong, we love regular Bobby, but we wouldn't have minded a few more episodes of married Bobby. Unfortunately, Karen Singer (portrayed by Carrie Anne Fleming) was offed yet again, and has only appeared once since then in season 14. Our verdict? She deserved more screen time. End of story.

9. Tessa - Lindsey McKeon

In Sam and Dean's line of work, they end up dead way more than the average person. They're constantly making deals with demons and calling on angels for help, allowing the two sides to toss around their immortal souls like a couple of beach balls in a game of monkey in the middle.

We meet Tessa (Lindsey McKeon) the reaper in season two, after Dean ends up in a coma. Tessa refuses to help him back into his body, but after she's possessed by Azazel, Dean escapes unharmed. Afterward, Tessa makes appearances in seasons four and six before making her final appearance in season nine. Though she often proves to be less than helpful, she's kind of a problematic fave, and as fans of the drama she created we were sorry to see her go.

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8. Missouri Moseley - Loretta Devine

Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine) was a longtime friend of John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also a star on The Walking Dead). He visited her after Mary's death, and he even hid at her house when Sam and Dean dropped by way back in season one. Missouri quickly proves herself to be a talented psychic, immediately offering up her condolences to Sam on the loss of his girlfriend, Jess, though neither Sam nor Dean had informed her of it.

Missouri makes another appearance in season thirteen, when a wraith attacks one of her psychic friends, and she has a premonition that the wraith will soon attack her family. She allows the wraith to take her, instead, which will ensure the wraith's demise as well. Missouri had a heroic end, but we'd've liked it better if she'd stuck around for a couple more episodes.

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7. Lisa Braeden - Cindy Sampson

We meet Lisa Braeden (Cindy Sampson) in season three, when Dean visits her after spending a steamy night with her nine years earlier. Dean was shocked to find that Lisa's son, Ben, was his mini-me, but it turned out Dean wasn't Ben's dad.

After being possessed by a demon in season six, it looked like Lisa wasn't gonna make it, but Castiel healed her and, at Dean's request, erased her memory of him. Lisa was nice, she was a comfort to Dean, there to give him a hug when the audience couldn't, and we were sorry to see her go. But! She's still alive, even if she doesn't remember the Winchesters, so we're crossing our fingers and hoping she gets some more screen time in the future.

6. Kelly Kline - Courtney Ford

Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) had an interesting storyline, to say the least. She was the secretary and secret lover of Jefferson Rooney, AKA the President, AKA Lucifer, and, as a result, she became the mother of Jack, a Nephilim.

Castiel was a real angel to Kelly during her pregnancy (how appropriate!), supporting her and promising to look after her baby, no matter what happened to her. Kelly died shortly after giving birth, but we see her again in season 14's episode titled "Byzantium", where Jack finds her soul in heaven. If you ask us, Kelly was a cinnamon roll, to pure, too precious for this world, and even though we're glad she's in a better place, we'd have liked to get to know her better.

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5. Pamela Barnes - Traci Dinwiddie

A talented psychic and a close friend of Bobby's, Pamela Barnes (portrayed by Traci Dinwiddie of The Walking Dead fame) never reached her full potential. She was there in seasons four and five, to help prevent one of the 66 Seals from being broken, which resulted in her untimely death.

Of course, death doesn't necessarily mean the end in the realm of Supernatural, so we get to see Pamela again, hanging out in a Harvelle's Roadhouse-style afterlife, where she's happy and at peace. Before departing, she gives Dean a peck on the cheek and tells him they'll meet again. We sure hope that's the case because we'd like to see more of Pamela and her super cool powers.

4. Billie - Lisa Berry

Sam meets Billie (Lisa Berry) at a hospital, where she's reaping souls upon the release of The Darkness. After the death of, well, Death, Billie becomes Death, version 2.0, getting her very own scythe and a new ring. Huh. Sounds like an odd choice for a graduation gift, but we guess it's a reaper thing.

Anyway, as the new Death, the Winchester brothers bump into Billie from time to time, but she often proves unhelpful, and not because she's against Sam and Dean, just because she's determined to maintain the natural order of things. She's got her gig, and the Winchester Brothers have got theirs, that's all. We love Billie's true neutral alignment, and we hope she gets more screen time soon (hint hint, CW!).

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3. Ellen Harvelle - Samantha Ferris

Ellen Harvelle (Samantha Ferris) ran Harvelle's Roadhouse, where the Winchester brothers meet her after hearing a voicemail she left on their dad's cell phone back in season two. Ellen is a no-nonsense retired hunter who has to juggle her desire to protect her daughter and her desire to do the right thing.

Ellen was a seasoned pro, and she had a mother figure kind of dynamic with Sam and Dean, but she met her end in season five after blowing up an old hardware store full of hellhounds—though she's mentioned later in the series. Ellen was a total legend right from the get-go, and we always felt cheated that we didn't get to see more of her in the show.

2. Jo Harvelle - Alona Tal

Jo Harvelle (Alona Tal) was Ellen's daughter, and low-key Dean's love interest. Jo's father died on a hunt with his partner, John Winchester, and she idolized him after that, wanting nothing more than to follow in his footsteps, much to her mother's displeasure.

Jo helps the Winchesters track down the ghost of H.H. Holmes in "No Exit". She later dies after being mauled by a hellhound before her mother detonates an explosive, ending her own life in an effort to stop Lucifer and the Four Horsemen. Jo had the makings of an excellent hunter, but her life was ended before she really got her chance to shine. Even though she makes appearances in seasons six and seven, we still can't help but feel like we were robbed of another great female character.

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1. Linda Tran - Khaira Ledeyo/Lauren Tom

In the grand scheme of things, Linda Tran (first portrayed by Khaira Ledeyo, and later by Lauren Tom) got a considerable amount of screen time, especially compared to her female counterparts, but we don't care. We wanted—no, we deserved to see more of this self-proclaimed tiger mom.

Linda didn't choose the hunting life, the hunting life chose her when it was revealed that her son, Kevin, was a prophet. Sadly, Gadreel offed Kevin as he tried to translate a tablet in season nine. Later that season, Linda takes Kevin's father's ring, the object Kevin's ghost is attached to, in order to take care of him—a poetically beautiful, yet gut-wrenchingly sad fate for a female character who deserved a lot more screen time.

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