• Supernatural: 19 Pieces Of Fan Art That Completely Change The Show

    Supernatural has had a phenomenal run of thirteen seasons so far. Sam and Dean Winchester, and the huge and memorable supporting cast of angels, demons, and every other mythical creature you can think of, have inspired a huge fan following. The show has delivered some fantastic stories and the ups and downs of the Winchesters' personal lives keep fans laughing and crying.

    With the sheer number of episodes and story arcs, it's easy to forget some of the little details and get swept up with the show's momentum. It's hard enough keeping track of who is and is not alive, especially since the distinction is quite blurry in the show! And in spite of the volume of episodes, not every part of the lives of Sam, Dean, Castiel and the other characters gets the full screen time fans might want. After the latest season gave us an official Scooby-Doo crossover, fans are eager to imagine other crossovers as well.

    That's why we descended into the fiery depths of DeviantArt and Tumblr. We gripped the best fan art tight and raised them from perdition. These pictures capture the show in a new light, reminding us of little details, suggesting great cross-over material, and hit us right in the feelings.

    These 19 pieces of art will make you think of Supernatural in a new way. Be warned, some spoilers ahead.

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    The brothers spend a lot of time looking after each other, but they've come into conflict a number of times in the show. During the apocalyptic Season 5, we had to prepare for a potential showdown between Lucifer and the Archangel Michael, who wanted to use Sam and Dean as their vessels. The show teased Sam possessed by Lucifer long before the finale and it looked like Dean might have to fight his brother.

    The similarity between Sam and Bucky Barnes in those seasons is striking. Both characters are tormented by forces outside their control that want them to fight a brother or a friend that is like a brother.

    Sam's demonic stain from his past, set up by the yellow eyed demon Azazel, lures him towards evil. Bucky's mental programming from Hydra sets him on a path of villainy. And on the other hand we have Dean and Cap, the two guys on the side of right. Cap is a squeaky-clean boyscout, where Dean is a hard partier, but both have a fierce fighting spirit that makes them never give up on the people they care about.

    Throw in the further similarity between the corrupt angels in SPN and Shield in Captain America and you get the whole picture. This great piece of art by petite-madame tells us this story.

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    It isn't easy acting the embodiment of pure evil, but Mark Pellegrino did a fantastic job of bringing Lucifer to life for Supernatural. He was creepy, interesting, and often surprisingly likeable. Pellegrino also does a great job of showing the troubled humanity of Satan's first vessel, Nick. The sympathy in his portrayal echoes the understandable, sympathetic Satan of Milton's Paradise Lost.

    Lucifer made for the most memorable of villains in Supernatural and his very appearance onscreen can be enough to scare fans, not to mention the Winchesters! Even after he was gone, viewers were treated to Pellegrino's performance as a menacing mental projection of Sam's trauma, after being trapped together in the cage in the depths of hell. Now Lucifer is back and at large in the latest seasons.

    When he was asked what colour he imagined Lucifer's wings to be, said “Lucifer’s wings are hot pink and sparkly because he doesn’t give a [you know what]” That was just the sort of strange and irreverent humor so typical of his portrayal of the Adversary. That said, Lucifer means lightbringer or the morning star, and shimmery sunrise pink might just be the perfect fit.

    This version comes to us from Jocari and is one among the many wonderful ways fans have taken up the image.

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    If there has been one concern fans have had about Supernatural, it's been that the show's main cast is overwhelmingly men. The petition group "Wayward Daughters" has pushed for and succeeded in getting a female-focused spin-off show. The name is a nod to the unofficial theme song of the series: "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas.

    That's not to say there aren't a slew of memorable female characters in the show, but the group wanted a few to become cast regulars. The movement started with Riley Keshner and Betty Days, who were inspired by the powerful female character Sheriff Jodi Mills, and the girls she has taken in to look after - Alex Jones, who was saved from vampires, and Claire Novak, the daughter of Jimmy Novak (Castiel's vessel).

    The group raised funds for the charity Random Acts while petitioning for a spin-off show. The CW had tried and failed to start a spinoff called Bloodlines, but the backdoor pilot episode tanked in ratings and the show never flew. The support for Wayward Daughters, though, has led to a show of the same name being pursued.

    Until "Wayward Sisters" was announced, fan art was there to give us a glimpse of how the show might look with a cast of female leads. There are lots and lots of different ideas about what the characters would look like, and these are from Eskatoad.

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    The very first episode really threw viewers into the heat of things, seeing Sam and Dean's mother Mary Winchester taken out by the yellow-eyed Demon. The show then cuts to years later and we pick up with the boys after a life in the family business. As the seasons have passed, we've learned a lot about the how the boys grew up.

    It certainly wasn't an easy childhood. The show definitely shows us how tough it was on both of the boys. All Sam wanted was a normal childhood and Dean always felt pressure to protect his little brother. What the show doesn't show in the same way is the difficulty facing the widowed John Winchester.

    Being a single dad for two sons is difficult enough without having to fight off demons and monsters.

    It would be easy from looking at the view from the show to assume that John was more of a drill sergeant than a father. He was a strict military man, after all. But the sacrifices he made for his sons show that this would be a mistaken view. This piece of fanart by Poledrey is a window into the suffering of John Winchester, perhaps only moments after the fire in that first episode. It really brings a part of the Winchester story to life, since the show focuses mainly on the boys. It's easy to forget how hard losing Mary was for John, too.

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    As much a main character as the Winchesters, Bobby, or Cass, the Impala has been with the cast since the beginning. We've seen the car smashed and beaten up almost as often as the Winchester brothers. Through everything, the Impala is always there. The roar of Dean's Baby and the blaring classic rock are the two most vital sounds of the show.

    There have been so many great moments with the Impala. Fixing it up helped Dean deal with the loss of his father. The memories of their childhood on the back seat helps Sam overcome the power of Lucifer himself in the finale of Season 5. The Season 11 episode "Baby" is shot entirely from the car's perspective. Just like the Doctor's TARDIS, the Winchesters' vehicle is almost a living thing.

    This piece of art by Cherishubii imagines Baby as a real person looking after her three kids: Dean, Sam and Cass. You''ll notice Cass is not even sitting shotgun in this picture, wrapped around her ankle. The details really sell this, down to the number plate belt buckle and the two initials as tattoos. It's also cool to see Dean's care for his car turned on its head, with Baby as a mother figure holding Team Free Will together.

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    Meg and Castiel are two incredibly popular recurring characters. And while Meg starts as an antagonist, both she and Cass become vital allies in the fight against Crowley and the Leviathans. Over the course of the story she and Castiel also have a relationship that starts cold and warms up significantly.

    The relationship between Castiel and Meg is a complex one that has provided fertile ground for the shippers in the SPN fandom. Then again, almost anything with Cass gets the shippers going. As an angel and a demon, they are polar opposites, occasional allies and heavily implied romantic partners. Castiel, after watching some of Dean's more adult flicks, gives her a kiss he learned "from the pizza man." The chemistry continues after she becomes an orderly at a mental hospital to look after Castiel. The angel has taken all of Sam's trauma from his time in the pit with Lucifer and the damage has left Castiel hallucinating.

    This piece by MadGeneticist gives us a really personal look into what might have been going on behind the scenes with a Castiel who is unstable. It nods to the amazing visuals of the burnt wings that shade behind slain angels in the show. Meg's attitude here also really shows the strange relationship she has with her polar opposite, a mix of care and power-struggle.

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    Cross-over art takes on a new shade after the show's own Scooby-Doo episode. The tribute was done in full animation. After seeing the brothers with the Mystery Machine gang, we were all left wanting more. We've already seen the brothers stop in a mystery spot in season 3, so why not Gravity Falls, Oregon. Thanks to Jigglycat, we can imagine it.

    Not only would the mysteries of Gravity Falls be a good fit for the show, but the main characters have some parallels too.

    They've got siblings who are tighter than any challenge. One is a nerdy researcher, while the other likes projectile weapons, although Mabel's grappling hook isn't quite a match for Dean's trusty Colt. In fact, both pairs of siblings have faced apocalyptic forces: Lucifer and literal Armageddon in Supernatural and Gravity Falls's three part finale Weirdmageddon.

    Grumpy surrogate father figures are a feature across the board. Grunkle Stan and Bobby are both bristly but caring figures that feature in the heroes' adventures. Wendy Corduroy would fit in well alongside the many tough women in Supernatural too. And Dipper Pines could certainly learn a lot from John Winchester's journal. It's not like the brothers are using it any longer. Just don't let Bill Cypher meet Crowley.

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    The show doesn't give many glimpses into the childhoods of the brothers. They had to grow up fast - a fact that the show doesn't let the audience forget. Of the glimpses we've had, many involve the fights between the boys and their dad. One of the earliest episodes about their past was about young Sam's close encounter with life stealing Shtriga. We've seen Dean at a camp for troubled kids. We even saw a little of the boys at school, but it was far from a normal affair.

    It makes sense, with the shadow of their traumatic past looming over them, that their childhood is usually shown in its darkest times. For the first few seasons, all Sam wants is to return to a normal life. Dean had a lot of responsibility for looking after Sam, a responsibility he still feels after they grew up.

    This piece by Petite Madame acts as a snapshot into one happy moment from the boys' childhood. It's nice to imagine the happy moments they shared that cemented the strong bond that is the cornerstone of the show. It also serves a bit of a fantasy, showing us one of the many happy memories the boys could have had were it not for the interference of Azazel.

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    Following on from the literal apocalypse is no easy feat - for the next villain and the show's writers. The Leviathans, the hungry monsters of season seven, really had to make an impact. Ancient beings trapped in Purgatory, the Leviathans are focused solely on appetites, turning the heads of their meatsuits into gaping maws that sit somewhere on the border between comical and body-horror inducing.

    That form was not their debut, though. The writers had to sell us on this new threat. Luckily, we had Misha Collins to turn from loveable angel Castiel into horrifying eldritch abomination. We had already seen Castiel struggling with a civil war in heaven in the power vacuum left after the apocalypse was prevented. Wanting to use souls from Purgatory as weapons, the angel absorbed every Leviathan at once and turned into a terrifying killer.

    Misha Collins has always had a great ability to flip from awkwardly pious angel to confused average Joe, but the change from Cass to the collective evil of all the Leviathans was quite chilling. While your milage may vary for how successful Dick Roman and the Leviathans were for following on from the nail-biting apocalypse, this piece by Consulting Cannibal gives us a body horror filled view of Castiel before the leviathans tore him apart.

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    A long running story that spans sweeping plot arcs. Heroes that roam the world slaying evil. A world inevitably on the brink of doom. An odd collection of side characters that are as memorable as they are eccentric. Monsters of the week. Wild swings in tone from comedy to hearbreak. Epic artefacts that become powerful (and often cursed) weapons. Frequent ressurections of main characters. That certainly makes Supernatural sound like a great campaign of Dungeons and Dragons.

    Beyond that similarity, the show is in many ways a modern take on the classic Medieval Romance. Not our modern understanding of the word, these were stories of chivalry - King Arthur and his knights were staples of the genre. Supernatural grapples with what it means to fight evil and face the unknown. Like the Knights of the Round Table, the Winchesters have to fight the good fight, no matter the cost.

    Certainly the heroes of Supernatural fit the mould of all classic monster slayers, and this wonderful artwork by LiLen shows us how much Sam and Dean would fit as medieval knights. Bobby would be a fantastic grumpy paladin. This just begs the question: is the Impala a carriage or Dean's mighty black steed?

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    While the Winchesters and Cass get frequent revivals, the supporting cast is often not as lucky. Being friends with the brothers is not a good survival strategy. While the prophet Kevin Tran has had a return to the show, many others have been left behind for fans to mourn the loss. Fan art is a great place to explore the effects of the story on the characters we don't get the chance to focus on. From Jo, Ellen and Ash, to Bobby, to Meg, to Anna, to Charlie, to Tessa, to Samuel, to Linda and Kevin Tran - the list of passed allies just grows and grows.

    As the stakes have risen from season to season, the brothers have had to pay a heavy price to keep going.

    We see the grief the Winchesters have had to face, mourning the loss of so many friends. Sometimes, though, we can forget that those characters have family too. We don't see much of his fierce mother Linda having to grieve the loss of her son, the prophet Kevin. She eventually also suffers the fate of those who side with the Winchesters, but in-between we can only imagine what she has to face. Another work of art by Petite Madame (whose Supernatural art is really quite something), this glimpse into the relationship between Kevin and his mom is a real kick to the feelings. Go over to Petite Madame's instagram account to see her new work.

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    Akira is an anime with a classic poster - Kaneda approaching his futuristic motorbike on a cracked street. These posters by Steve Gibson give us a fantastic mashup of that poster with the Winchester brothers. Akira is a classic cyberpunk film, a style that may not immediately seem to gel with the gritty urban style of Supernatural. But on a closer look, there's a lot to be said for similarities.

    Little details, like Dean's scar from when Castiel brought him back from hell and the symbol of the Men of Letters, blend the original design with the show's lore. The iconic vehicles are also placed in the same way. For sheer visual impact, the posters are fantastic.

    The stories, too, have some great parallels. Not least, the brothers are social outsiders like the gang from Akira. While the bikers in the anime are punks rebelling against a dystopian future, the Winchesters and the other hunters are also acting outside of the law. The brothers also fit with the characters from Akira. They come into direct conflict because of powerful forces shaping their world, like Kaneda and Tetsuo do. For Sam, it is the effect of his demon-touched origins while for Tetsuo it's a collision with a psychic entity, but both develop telekinetic abilities that threaten to turn them over to darkness. And both Dean and Kaneda want more than anything to help their companion, but that may put the world in danger.

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    In Biblical tradition, whenever someone sees an angel, they are told not to be afraid. Misha Collins did a great job of making Castiel's first appearance a memorable show of angelic intimidation. From the sharp ringing of his true voice to the moment he reveals his wings to Dean, Castiel is not the loveable and socially-awkward character we see later on. Cass tells Dean he cannot see the angel's true form, which begs the question what he may look like.

    Descriptions of angels make them sound terrifying. Multi-winged and multi-headed, sometimes just a big wheel of flame, they're a far cry from how angels are usually depicted in art.

    There's a reason why in Bible stories people who see angels usually need reassurance not to be afraid. Reading some angelic lore reveals some descriptors. The seraphim, the order of angels that Cass is promoted to, in the Bible have six wings . In the apocryphal Book of Enoch, they're described as having eyes everywhere. Everywhere. Cherubim have four faces: human, lion, ox, and eagle. In some views, the Ophanim are angels shaped like burning wheels with eyes.

    This picture by Little Hofundur is one of a whole series exploring what the angels might look like outside of their human forms. There are great details, like the thin blue tie around the angel's wrist - a nod to Castiel's human look. The Enochian sigil on the floor is also a great touch.

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  • 6 / 19

    Crowley is everyone's favorite deal-making Cockney King of the Underworld. As quick with a scheme as an insult, and colored with a wonderful mix of moral ambiguity, he became a fan favorite. While he was more than occasionally inept, sometimes playing for comic relief, when he needed to be scary he could be terrifying.

    He made his entrance in Season 5 as a simple contract demon with an ax to grind with Lilith, the leader of the demons starting the apocalypse. This gives him a little bit of similarity to his namesake in the Pratchett and Gaiman novel "Good Omens," but Mark Sheppard brings the edge from Crowley's other namesake: infamous real-world occultist Aleister Crowley.

    He's a complex charactr and central to the show during and after the apocalypse story arc. We've seen him soar high to the throne of the inferno and fall to a grovelling mess. He's also one for the bromance, spending a lot of time with grumpy Bobby Singer and Dean after he got the mark of Cain. He's also a bit of a mommy's boy, under the thumb of the witch Rowena. But at the end of the day he is always the King. This piece by someoneyoul0ve makes you remember all that.


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    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are archetypal characters and Supernatural did a great job to bring each one to the screen in a different way. Certainly the one who made the biggest impact was Death, whose first on-screen appearance alongside Jen Titus' version of the song "O Death" could send chills down your spine. He was an unusual and surprising character - a dapper gentleman with a love of a specific pizzeria.

    What made the Pale Rider stand out from the other horsemen was his reluctance to serve. He truly felt like a primordial force, way out of the control of Lucifer, the Winchesters, or anyone else.

    It is interesting to see, in this picture by DinkyIcarus, the dark-suited and gaunt Supernatural incarnation placed alongside the Grim Reaper, the figure we know best. It makes you realize how well Julian Richings was cast as the Pale Horseman. Bringing the incarnation of oblivion itself onscreen could have been a cheesy grinning skull but fortunately we got Richings's soft-spoken characterisation instead.

    In fact, Richings has become a bit of a staple incarnation of death, playing Charon theFferryman of the River Styx in the 2010 Percy Jackson film, as well as playing the Grim Reaper for a short film called Dave vs Death.

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  • 4 / 19

    This one feels straight out of the weirdness of any episode with Gabriel in it. In the days when Gabriel was embracing his trickster persona, they delivered some of the best mashups and homages in the show. From a Goundhog Day episode to trapping Sam and Dean in TV shows suspiciously like Grey's Anatomy and CSI, Gabriel leans heavily on the fourth wall.

    Beyond simply giving us a chuckle, this mashup by Kenihewa actually says something interesting about Gabriel, Castiel and Balthazar. In many ways they couldn't be more different: Gabriel masquerades as Loki himself (fooling even Odin), playing tricks on arrogant humans before the apocalypse hit, Castiel is earnest and very serious with a compassion for humanity lacking in most other angels, while Balthazar faked his own demise to run off and lead a hedonistic lifestyle, acting as a celestial arms dealer.

    However, all three have in their own ways broken from heaven and the tyranny of Michael and the other angels in the absence of God. These three angels all pay more attention to what Chuck would have wanted from his angelic brood. They are rebels against heaven without (on the whole) falling into league with Lucifer. This is what makes them work in this mashup.

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    One of the best things about fan art is how it can bring a moment to life in a new way. Sometimes it's recasting a moment in a new light, other times it is highlighting a moment with a new style.

    The scene where the angels are cast out from heaven and rain down as meteors was a powerful moment in the finale of Season 8.

    The moment carried a lot of weight for the show, turning the order established way back in Season 4 on its head by banishing all the angels to Earth. Until this point, the angels have been the mightiest forces the Winchesters have faced. Seeing them cast down to earth, now at the mercy of megalomaniac Metatron, is a heavy moment.

    Brian Girardin's painting of the moment in the style of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' elevates it from a moment of tense emotion in the show to a work of art. Something about the Van Gogh style really highlights the immense loss that Castiel and the angels felt, exiled from their home by the insane Metatron. It also reminds us of what Cass has just lost: his home and his grace. The curve of the ground just suggests, ironically, the shape of wings.

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    We've already seen a lot of art about the close-knit Winchester family, but Bobby's repeated comment that "Family don't end with blood" is another important part of the show. From Bobby's surrogate father role to Castiel's rejection of his heavenly family for Team Free Will, family certainly goes further than blood relation. The show looks at a lot of families: the Winchesters, the Campbells, the hosts of heaven, and even the Roadhouse Gang. Family is the biggest theme of the show.

    So RejectoftheRifts must have smiled when they thought of mashing up one traveller from outside our world with another. Stitch is also not quite from around here, but finds a place with a human family. Like Stitch, Cass is often on the run from the forces outside our world as a rebel against Heaven's order. Another similarity is that both characters find it a challenge fitting into human life. Stitch displays destructive and temperamental behaviour, and Cass has also gone quite off the rails on a few occasions.

    It's a touching piece of fan art that shows how important the Winchesters are to Castiel. It is impressive to see how well the show creates the dynamic between the characters.

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    In contrast to the wholesome (if sometimes strife-ridden) Winchesters and extended 'family', Plastik Addiction gives us a glimpse into the pre-apocalypse dynamics of Hell. The early seasons of Supernatural featured a memorable cast of diabolical enemies and frenemies. Meg and Ruby and Crowley became allies in the Winchester's struggles. The two characters provide an interesting parallel, standing back to back. Meg starts out as a clear antagonist who becomes an ally, whereas Ruby seems to be an ally who eventually turns out to be a villain. Crowley, with his long contract reminding us of where he started, is another enemy turned ally turned enemy. The rest of the characters here are all quite clear cut villains we love to hate.

    The work of Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon, is what spurs the show forward for the first few seasons, and the repercussions of what he has done continue throughout the show.

    Seeing him in the background with a baby is a clever touch, showing his looming background presence in every part of the story. This picture gives us a great look into the twisted dynamics of the relationships between Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon, and his subordinates Lilith and Alastair. A nice touch with Alastair hiding a huge butcher's knife behind his back and Lilith with a bloody teddy bear. They were all villains we loved to hate, so it's great seeing them brought together for this scene.


    Which of these did you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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