20 Crazy Supernatural Fan Theories (That Make Way Too Much Sense)

With thirteen seasons and counting, Supernatural is the longest running show on the CW. When season one first aired, no one was even sure if it would get a second season.

It started as a simple show about two brothers who hunt ghosts and monsters, but it’s grown to be quite complicated since then.

It’s accumulated lots of passionate, dedicated fans over the years who are used to seeing everything from evil angels to trash-talking pigeons.

No one ever knows how far Supernatural will go. It can be dark and scary one second and incredibly ridiculous and bizzare the next.

This leaves a lot of room for creative concepts and theories. Fans are always trying to guess where they story could go next.

The Supernatural fanbase is unlike any other and their intense passion often leads to blogs full of fan art and fanfiction. Since the show can get weird, not a lot is off limits, but some people can go a little bit overboard with their ideas.

Some are quite impressive while others are a little too far out there. But sometimes, there are theories so crazy they just might work.

From romantic pairings to character backgrounds, here are 20 Crazy Supernatural Fan Theories (That Make Way Too Much Sense).

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20 John has always been possessed by Michael

The Winchesters always seem to have issues with angels. Even young John Winchester is a vessel for Michael when Sam and Dean travel to the past.

One fan has a theory that because Michael inhabited John in the past, he’s been able to do it for John’s entire life.  

John did say yes before. Maybe one yes is all an angel needs to keep coming back and inhabiting the same vessel.

It would explain why his parenting of Sam and Dean was so different than the way he treated Adam. It was really Michael training the boys to be the vessels one day.

John may not even have realized Michael was there, like when Gadreel was controlling Sam.

19 Destiel

There are a ton of fan relationships in the Supernatural fandom, but none as well-known as Destiel. The romantic tension between Castiel and Dean hasn’t gone unnoticed by a large group of fans.

Unlike other pairings on the show, Destiel has even been acknowledged in the show and even by some of the actors. There are always jokes about Dean and Castiel’s relationship being more than friendship.

Dean has been called Castiel’s “favorite human” and Crowley has made quips about the two dating. It’s seen by many fans as a legitimate romantic relationship on the show.

The concept of Destiel has been around for so long that it isn’t unreasonable.

Fans certainly have a lot of evidence to back them up.

18 Supernatural and Walking Dead are in the same universe

Jeffrey Dean Morgan hasn’t been on Supernatural for a long time now, but his character John Winchester has always been an important part on the show.

In recent years, he’s appeared on the show The Walking Dead as fan-favorite villain, Negan.

Supernatural thought it would be funny to give the zombie-apocalypse show a nod by having Dean pull out Negan’s weapon of choice, Lucille, and say that their Dad used to love it.

According to this theory, it was more than just a nod. Supposedly, Negan is John Winchester after becoming a demon or being possessed by one.

The “walkers” are a result of some kind of apocalypse triggered by Sam and Dean.

Negan certainly has the wit, bloodlust, and obsession with power that a demon typically has.

17 Eve is a hybrid between an Angel and Leviathan

In season six, the Winchester go up against a villain named Eve. She’s a mysterious, powerful being and it’s never quite clear what kind of being or creature she actually is.

According to this theory, Eve is a hybrid between a Leviathan and an angel. While she technically predates angels, God could have been experimenting with creating different beings.

If she was a combination of an angel and a Leviathan, it would explain how she is so powerful and why her blood is black.

It makes sense that God would have tested out prototypes before creating angels, and the series never did explain the color of her blood. This theory makes a lot of sense.

16 Sabriel

There are a lot of interesting fan relationships among the fans of Supernatural, from inappropriate familial relationships to demon/angel couples. One of the more popular ships is “Sabriel,” which is a combination of Gabriel and Sam.

While Gabriel is known for his witty dialogue, a lot of fans believe he pushes it a bit and flirts with Sam.

It’s also argued that Gabriel always tries to help Sam. In the episode “Mystery Spot”, Gabriel is desperately trying to help Sam get over his codependent relationship with his brother when he didn’t have to try to help him at all,

Like with all ships, there is a lot of debate among fans whether or not this romantic pairing would ever happen or not, but it makes a lot more sense than some other pairings fans have.

15 Amara made the Pagan gods

Amara is equally as powerful as God, if not more powerful. It would make sense that she was able to create her own beings, much like God created humans.

This theory supports that concept. She hated her brother, so she could have made the Pagan gods to rival him.

The Pagans would have also fought the angels on her behalf. When Lucifer takes down the Pagan gods, one of them comments that they were here before the angels.

The Darkness was supposedly there before anything else. The Pagans she created could have been there with her, and God could have created the Archangels to battle them.

It wouldn’t be too far off to assume that Amara created something of her own.

14 Sam imagined Amelia

Amelia and Sam Supernatural

The Winchesters aren’t exactly known for having successful romantic relationships. Dean typically only does one night stands and most of the women Sam sleep with have unfortunate fates.

One of the main exceptions was Sam’s relationship with Amelia in season eight.

One theory supports the idea that Sam was never actually with Amelia and imagined the entire relationship.

The pair do seem to have way too much in common after losing someone they love and running away from it. The timing is also strange. It just so happens the veterinarian he took the dog to is staying at the same motel as Sam.

The lighting of the scenes always looks a bit dreamlike and surreal. Sam would need a means of escaping his grief and misery after losing his brother.

Daydreaming would be one coping mechanism.

13 Meg is Megara from Hercules

Rachel Miner as Meg in Supernatural

Supernatural has never shied away from crossovers before. They’ve used a prop from The Walking Dead and recently aired “Scoobynatural”, a crossover with Scooby Doo. It even crossed-over with tself in the episode “The French Mistake”.

According to the theory, the demon Meg may actually be Megara.

Meg could have sold her soul in order to save the man she loved. Her soul would have then become corrupted in Hell, turning her into a demon.

While it certainly is interesting, it’s a little too crazy to happen on the show. Disney would never go for the crossover and it’s most likely not the idea the writers had for Meg’s character when they created her, but it makes perfect sense.

12 Sam and Dean will spawn a new religion

One of the stranger aspects of Supernatural is that there are actual Supernatural fans within the show because of Carver Edlund’s novels about Sam and Dean. It’s clear people are already obsessed with the brothers, even without knowing they are real.

This theory says that one day there will be an entire religion based on the Winchesters.

A lot of what they’ve been through could be considered religious experiences. They’ve both passed away and come back to life, have been to both heaven and Hell, and have taken out creatures and Gods that no one thought possible.

At one point, Castiel did refer to the Supernatural books as “The Winchester Gospels,” meaning they could be considered religious texts in the future.

It’s not unlikely that a stranger hearing about Sam and Dean would view them as saviors of some kind.

11 Crowley was once an angel

Crowley in Supernatural

Viewers still aren’t over losing long-time fan-favorite Crowley in season twelve. He was suave, sassy, and incredibly devious.

While he was always a demon on the show, some fans believe he may have once been an angel.

This theory states that Crowley was an angel who fell from heaven, sold his soul, and then became a demon.

At one point in the show, it’s revealed that he met the angel Naomi in Mesopotamia. It would only make sense for him to have been around that long ago if he was an angel because it was before he would have been born as a human.

Crowley has always had a soft spot, and if he had once been an angel it could explain why he likes to help people at times.

He even helped stop the apocalypse.

10 Everything after season 3 is a dream

Every show has a fan theory focusing on the entire thing being a dream, and Supernatural is no different.

This theory says everything that happens after season three is a dream.

What if the Winchesters never woke up from their sleep in the episode “Dream A Little Dream Of Me”? Everything from that moment on would just be in Sam and Dean’s overactive imaginations.

While the whole “it was all a dream” concept may seem overplayed, it’s been done in shows and movies before, despite that fact.

It would definitely be lazy writing, but it is completely plausible they’ve been dreaming and had no idea. It’s happened on the show before, just in smaller doses.

9 The Winchester's bad luck started with a broken mirror

Bloody Mary, Supernatural

The Winchesters have always had terrible luck. Both Mary and John met terrible fates, and Sam and Dean never seem like they can catch a break for longer than a few hours.

Everyone they grow to care for passes away tragically or turns against them.

According to this theory, all of this bad luck could be attributed to a broken mirror. They were trying to fight Bloody Mary and had to smash all of the mirrors she kept popping up in.

People say smashing a single mirror is seven years bad luck, so it’s hard to tell how many years the Winchesters accumulated in that moment.

While this theory probably started as a joke, with all of the lore and myths that are true in the show, it wouldn’t be surprising if this was, too.

8 Azazel was a nephilim

While it’s been awhile since his last appearance on the show, Azazel was the major villain in the first couple of seasons of Supernatural.

He was obviously a demon then, but this theory says they he could have been a nephilim in life.

He was a Prince of Hell, so he was obviously of some kind of  importance. It would make sense that he was a Prince because Lucifer was his father.

He could have had his life nephilim life ended by Michael while trying to protect his father.

If he really was Lucifer’s son, it would make sense that he would want to create an army of evil children to help him free the devil.

7 Sam and Dean are already in heaven

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean in Supernatural

In season five, Supernatural fans finally got their first glimpse of what heaven looks like when Sam and Dean are there. Their heaven switches all the time to different memories and environments depending on when they were happiest.

One theory states that the boys lost their lives in the episode “Swan Song” and have been in heaven ever since.

Everything that has happened in the show from then on has been their version of heaven because they are happiest when they are fighting alongside each other.

Everyone knows that the boys have always needed each other, so there’s no way they wouldn’t be together in heaven.

Hunting has always been their “normal” so it makes sense they would continue doing it even in the afterlife.

6 The ancient Gods are Tulpas

Supernatural Quiz - Kali

While there’s already one theory that Amara created the ancient Gods, there are others surrounding how other gods came to be.

This one claims that the ancient Gods are all Tulpas.

If God created everything, it wouldn’t make sense that he would create other Gods that could rival his rule.

What if humans created all of these other Gods by simply believing in them? The more people who talked about these Gods, the more new believers there would be. There could be entire religions formed simply by word-of-mouth.

The Pagan Gods are fueled by the belief of their followers. The less who believe in them, the less powerful they are and they have to take the lives of others rather than accept sacrifices.

The theory makes sense in the context of the show.

5 Dean and Sam never have scars because Cas heals them

The Winchesters have cut themselves for proving they aren’t possessed, various spells, and all kinds of other reasons. They’re also constantly getting beat up and shot at.

Some fans have noticed that the pair should have accumulated a lot of scars and battle wounds by now.

One theory one this Reddit post is that Cas secretly heals them all the time. It makes sense considering how often their minor injuries disappear so quickly.

Castiel is with them a lot of the time and with his angel juice he can quickly heal whatever he needs to.

Part of it is also simply the magic of television, but it’s way more fun to imagine Cas running to heal the boys whenever one of them is hurt.

4 Sam or Dean could be Jesus

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester as Jared Padalecki as Sam in Supernatural

Sam and Dean have both risen from the grave on more than one occasion. Whenever one of them perishes, it’s not too far after that they are brought back to life.

This fan thinks that their coming back from the grave could be more than just a recurring plot device. With angels, God, and Lucifer, it’s not far to assume some sort of messiah may exist on the show.

According to the theory, Sam and Dean could actually be Jesus, or at least symbolize him.

The boys have saved the world many times and even stopped the apocalypse, so they could be seen as saviours. They have also sacrificed their lives for others only to be risen from the grave by the orders of god himself.

They could certainly be considered Jesus-like figures.

3 Rowena is pregnant with Gabriel's child

Supernatural Gabriel and Rowena

Towards the end of season thirteen, fans were a little surprised to see some action between two of their favorite characters.

Gabriel and Rowena were caught getting together, and while some thought it was just a funny moment, others think it’ll have some consequences.

This fan thinks that Rowena will end up pregnant with Gabriel’s child.

Supernatural is known to throw crazy plot twists at fans, so it isn’t too crazy a jump to think they’ll create a child who is part angel and part witch.

Rowena would certainly teach her child magic.

It would definitely be a new creation that the show hasn’t seen before, and after thirteen seasons, they need to think out of the box.

2 Lilith and Alistair are actually Adam and Eve

Lilith and Alistair are two of the most powerful demons the Winchesters ever faced. They’re both supposedly the oldest demons in existence, leading some fans to create a further backstory for the pair.

This theory supports the idea that Lilith and Alistair were Adam and Eve before they became demons.

The first demons were human souls tormented until they were twisted into something evil. So, these first demons must have been the first humans to ever pass away.

Because Adam and Eve betrayed God by eating the forbidden fruit, they could have ended up in Hell.

Lillith does prefer to possess women and Alistair prefers to possess men, which would make her Eve and him Adam.

It’s certainly an interesting theory to think about, and the logic behind it makes sense.

1 John will come back as a restless spirit

There have been rumors that John Winchester could return to Supernatural ever since Jeffrey Dean Morgan left the show. Every season fans wonder if he could make an appearance, particularly since Mary has already been brought back.

Some people think he could come back as a restless spirit.

It’s been assumed that John has been in heaven this entire time, but it’s never been proven. Fans know that spirits can stick around if they’re tethered to a beloved object, like Bobby with his flask when he was a ghost.

The Impala could definitely be an anchor for John. He’s had it for most of his life and it’s one of his most beloved possessions.

Mix that with the protective nature he has for his boys, and it wouldn’t be too crazy to assume he’s stuck around them all this time.


What do you think of these Supernatural fan theories? Are there any others that make sense? Let us know in the comments!

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