10 Supernatural Fan Tattoos You Need To Consider Before The Show Ends

In the last fourteen years, Supernatural has provided plenty of art connoisseurs with inspiration for paintings, drawings, murals, and of course, tattoos. The Supernatural community is unlike any other: the conventions are always packed, trivia nights are competitive, and quotes and references practically overwhelm each fan's vocabulary and personality. Supernatural has evolved beyond being just a show—it's family, it's friends, and it's a community for you to always feel welcome.

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Every fan connects differently with certain aspects of the show, which factors into their tattoo desires. Here are 10 fan tattoos you need to consider before the show ends (or if you prefer, you can wait 'till Season 15 has ended and make your decision then).

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10 Dean Winchester

It's pretty cool when you see a tattoo of a face on someone, especially when it's so intricately done. For those that admire these kinds of tattoos, Dean (Jensen Ackles) may be your guy. He's tough yet he's a decent guy, and if he's your hero, that's just a bonus.

You have a variety of facial expressions to choose from (like the "blue steel"). You can make his face as big or small as you want; it just depends on how often you want to see Dean staring back at you. There's no wrong way to tattoo Dean's face—unless it doesn't look like Dean at all.

9 Pie

Speaking of Dean, we all know what his favorite dessert is: pie. Any and all pie, Dean's in. A running gag on the show is how Dean either doesn't get or misses his chance for pie; something we laugh at, but we also sympathize with him.

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If you love pie just as much as Dean, you should consider getting some version of a tattoo that emphasizes your love for pie and its tie-in to Supernatural pop culture. We love us some pie (and Supernatural!)

8 Mark of Cain

Remember when Dean had this on his own arm? In his case, it was no tattoo and he spent most of his time fighting it, but it's still a memorable part of Dean's history on the show. Dean nearly gave in to the effects of the Mark, but he overcame it, and with Rowena's magic (Ruth Connell) and Sam's help, the Mark was finally removed at the end of Season 10.

Of course, it unleashed The Darkness, but still. If you're looking for a noteworthy symbol of overcoming your emotions, hardships, or anything of the like, the Mark of Cain is a suitable (and frankly awesome) choice.

7 Castiel

Castiel (Misha Collins) is one of our favorite SPN characters. He's funny, he's got comebacks like "a**butt," and he's always there when the Winchesters need him. When it comes to a Castiel tattoo, you've got options. You can get a cute little version of him upon your shoulder (think "angel on your shoulder" kind of thing), a tattoo of his wings, or his handprint from when he pulled Dean from Hell.

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If you prefer quotes, Castiel's got plenty for you to choose from. The possibilities are limitless. Really, if you're going to have a tattoo of anything, it may as well be an angel.

6 Dean's Amulet

Remember the amulet Dean wore in every episode back in the early seasons? A lot of fans were sorry to see it go, especially when they learned that Sam had given it to Dean as a present when they were kids.

It was a symbol of their bond as brothers (one of the strongest points of the show, as we all know) and it's certainly a meaningful SPN-themed tattoo. Even better, you have the potential to get the amulet as a matching tattoo with someone you share a close bond with, should you fancy it.

5 Love

This tattoo is just too cool (and very sweet). In this version, "Love" is spelled out with symbols from the show. The Mark of Cain, the Anti-Possession tattoo, angel wings, and weapons are featured prominently. If you prefer other symbols, go for it!

Loving yourself is a major part of the SPN community culture; what better way to promote the message than to feature it in tattoo form, accompanied by symbols from the show? You can play around with the design of it—there's no one way to receive a "love" tattoo, especially in the SPN universe.

4 Family Don't End In Blood

Easily one of the most recognized quotes of the show, it's a fan-favorite. Bobby (Jim Beaver) is the one to say this quote in the earlier seasons, emphasizing to Sam and Dean that they are his family and he's there for them.

We all obviously know that his bond with the two boys was obviously a perfect portrayal of family going beyond blood, and the SPN community has taken this to heart, forming bonds among their own. In the above version of the tattoo, "Baby" is also featured with the beloved quote—who wouldn't love that?

3 Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business

Another equally recognizable quote in the SPN universe, this is said by Dean in the second episode of the first season. It's been repeated, referenced, and emphasized several times since then.

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If you're a lover of the bottom line of the Winchesters' lifestyle and the core of their existence, this quote is for you. In the above version of this tattoo, the quote is surrounded by weapons and symbols from the show as well, adding to the meaning behind the quote's origins. Mix it up or keep it as is and you've got a tattoo people will be jealous of!

2 Always Keep Fighting

This slogan "always keep fighting" began as a campaign launched by Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam on the show, in 2015. This campaign raised money for mental health (fans even bought the T-shirts for their fellow fans that could not afford them) and became a vital part of the Supernatural community.

If you're a big supporter of mental health, love inspirational messages, or just want to support your fellow SPN community, this quote may be the tattoo for you.

1 Anti-Possession Tattoo

Sam and Dean have matching anti-possession symbols tattooed upon their chests (this is something many girls and guys swoon over) to prevent those ill-doing demons from making puppets out of them. Poor Sam in Season 2 was subject to possession by Meg, a demon he had met in Season 1. This is easily one of the most recognized symbols on the show and you could copy Sam and Dean by having it tattooed upon your own chest. You can feel like the Winchesters, or else just ward off any demons from potentially possessing you.

Obviously, there are several more tattoo options for you to get into, but for now, we'll end it here with these ten as a starter-pack. Go out there, draw, paint, get tattoos, and simply create something for the fan community to enjoy forever more.

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