Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wishes His Supernatural Family Luck With Final Season

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester in Supernatural

Jeffrey Dean Morgan posts a heartfelt social media tribute to Supernatural after it was announced that the long-running fantasy series would be coming to end following season 15. Debuting on The CW back in 2005, Supernatural tells the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who travel the U.S. taking down all manner of ungodly (and sometimes very much godly) creatures. The show was initially expected to run for around three seasons but has surpassed all expectations and is now confirmed to be concluding on Supernatural season 15.

Playing a relatively brief, but still very significant, role in Supernatural's story is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrayed the Winchesters' father, John. A focal figure in the show's debut season, John Winchester sacrificed himself to save Dean in season 2 and has been absent ever since. Thanks to some mysterious magic and unresolved daddy issues however, Morgan returned to celebrate the recent 300th episode of Supernatural and enjoyed one final dinner with his family before disappearing for good.

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Following the confirmation of Supernatural's impending finale, Morgan paid tribute to the series via his official Twitter account. The actor acknowledged Supernatural's impressive longevity, gave a shout-out to leading duo Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and shared his hope that the show delivers an ending befitting of its history.

Despite Supernatural's constant stream of actors and guest stars, it's abundantly clear to anyone following the show that there is a strong sense of community among the fans, the cast and the crew and the term "Supernatural Family" isn't just a marketing buzz phrase, but a genuine reflection of the show's relationship to its audience. As such, Morgan's message, while no surprise, is a timely reminder of Supernatural's humble beginnings that still resonate in the narrative 14 years later.

Morgan also echoes the Supernatural fandom when he refers to the final season living up to expectations. Supernatural finds itself in a more enviable position than most cancelled TV shows in that there aren't too many leftover plot threads to tie up before the finale. Other than Castiel's deal to save Jack, there aren't any major mysteries to clear up or big baddies to finish off (as things stand, anyway), meaning that Supernatural's final season can focus on being a strong final chapter, rather than having to rapidly fill any remaining gaps in the narrative. Whether Supernatural can deliver a finale that pleases everyone, however, remains to be seen.

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Supernatural continues with "Game Night" April 4th on The CW.

Source: Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Twitter

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