Supernatural: 10 Things That Need To Happen To Dean Before It Ends

After 15 years, none of us want to say goodbye to our favorite Moose and Squirrel on Supernatural. Dean Winchester has delighted us with his one-liners, his music, his attitude and, yes, his smolder for so long that it will be weird to go on without him, his brother Sam and his angel of the morning, Castiel.

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While it's a bit of a relief that the show will come to an end before it gets old, there are certain things that we need to see happen to Dean before he's gone for good. It's unlikely that we'll all get our wish lists completely fulfilled, but hopefully we'll get to see Dean wrap up some loose ends before we say goodbye.

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10 Take His Baby With Him

No matter what happens with Dean Winchester, we can all agree that he should get to keep his 1967 Chevy Impala at the end of the 15th season. Affectionately known as the Metallicar by fans and Hero 1 on set, "Baby" has been with the brothers through thick and thin over the years and it needs a sendoff just as big as theirs.

This could mean a number of things, depending on Dean's ultimate fate. Happily ever after? Something in the afterlife? Whatever the writers have in store for Dean, we know that the Metallicar deserves a spot alongside the wayward son when he lays his weary head to rest.

9 A Proper Hunter's Burial

Yeah, we said it. Dean needs to go, as does his brother, at the end of the final season. It's not that we want the brothers to suffer or finally be offed forever after already having more exits than just about any other character, ever. It's that it would be a disservice to them to not let them ride out in a blaze of glory during one final, incredible arc in which they sacrifice themselves to save the world.

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That's all they've ever really done, and for two of them to just keep surviving after hunters more seasoned than they are bite the dust (no matter the involvement of Chuck, Cas and other characters) is just silly at this point. For a realistic end, they have to go, but it needs to be in a way that really celebrates who they are and what they did. Their theme song even implies that there will be peace when they are done, right?

8 Eat Pie At O'Charley's

After all of these years, how could Dean have not enjoyed the free pie day at O'Charleys? The restaurant famously serves free pie every Wednesday with a meal, even if it's a cheap lunch special, so it seems like something Dean would be all over and often.

Did you know that pie has been incorporated into the show every single season, from the time a tied-up Dean told the townspeople who sacrificed him to their scarecrow, "I hope your apple pie is freakin’ worth it!" in the first season to his shopping list for Jack Kline in the 14th season. We know the pie is coming; it's just a question of when. It ought to be at O'Charleys, and the company should then create an epic Supernatural themed pie or event for fans to enjoy to commemorate the scene.

7 ALL The Pop Culture References

Dean is a master of infusing episodes with hilarious pop culture references and jokes, from "You're a crappy shot, Katniss," when he referenced The Hunger Games to the time he blurted out, "Who you gonna call!" mimicking the Ghostbusters. This last one was so popular, and fits so well with the series, that it even led to a spoof made for the Hillywood Show, where Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, along with many of their other cast mates, have been great sports at spoofing themselves.

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From Walking Dead to Three Men and a Baby, Edward Scissorhands to Sesame Street, Dean, although just shy of the Millennial generation his brother belongs to, makes the best references to the generation's childhood entertainment and we desperately need to see more of that before his quips are gone for good.

6 A Killer Soundtrack

Dean Winchester in season 1 of Supernatural

We've come to expect only the best music when it comes to Dean Winchester. From AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" to Blue Oyster Cult's "Burnin' for You," the show's soundtrack is a lot like Dean himself: gritty yet appealing, a mix of leather, salt, gunpowder and smoke. From Journey and Foreigner to Styx and Boston, Dean's soundtrack fits his background and all of his days as a young hunter that he's brought into his adult life.

No matter what we hear, it should continue to reflect Dean as he is as well as who he's been, which means that yes, we also expect to hear "Carry On Wayward Son" during the last episode.

5 Dean Singing

Speaking of songs, we would LOVE to hear Dean sing at some point during this final season. Sure, it would be fun to see him play his famous leg guitar again, especially if it's to "Eye of the Tiger" for old time's sake, but how cool would it be to listen to him croon something heartfelt and slow? The show isn't all grins and giggles and Dean singing could give any emotional scene a greater impact.

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Fans know that Jensen Ackles has a set of pipes. He's performed at Supernatural conventions, usually in a bit of a sweet and shy fashion that belies the character he plays on TV. His swan song deserves a literal song if he's up to it.

4 Resolution With Adam

Remember Adam Winchester? Yeah, us, too. Dean and Sam's half-brother has been gone and nearly forgotten for a decade, left to rot in Hell after the brothers were able to escape his fate. It's been a terrible disservice to the kid, who didn't deserve the treatment, and fans have always thought that we would eventually meet Adam again. And yet, we wait.

Will Dean and Sam find themselves facing the brother they failed, and if so, how will it factor into the final season? We're not sure but it's a plot that should be wrapped up before the show is over.

3 A Family Reunion

As often as we've seen John and Mary Winchester pop in and out of their sons' lives over the years, we sure would like to see the happy family together again--not to mention many of our other favorite cast members over the years. It would be wonderful to see Bobby, Ellen, Jo and many of the other characters we love so much one final time, even if it means seeing the brothers having an actual family dinner with them all in Heaven together.

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Odds are that Dean might find that kind of situation to be dull after a while, and we could see him and his brother being dispatched to deal with monsters elsewhere (spinoff!) as a result, but a little bit of normalcy would be a great reward after 15 years of hunting monsters.

2 Resolution With Jacob Pond

Dean has a few loose ends he needs to tie up before the show is over for good, and one of them is Jacob Pond, the kid who promised he'd take Dean's life years ago when Dean offed his mother, who happened to be a monster. It was one of those many moments that left us wondering who was really worse, the hunter or the hunted, especially if one leaves the other motherless.

Will Jacob come after Dean sometime this season? It should happen in order to not only give the kid some closure, but to settle an unresolved plot for the fans. How Jacob could come into play remains to be seen, but it could create a powerful arc.

1 Dean And Cas, Sitting In A Tree

Just get together already! Everyone knows that Dean Winchester and angel Castiel belong with one another, and we've had enough baited hints over the years, from moments on the actual show to behind-the-scenes revelations by actors and producers, to all but confirm the 'ship. We get that they need each other, and enough angels and demons have dubbed them one another's boyfriend, but we need something more concrete.

Destiel needs to happen and while many fans are skeptical that it will come to pass after years of being yanked along with tiny allusions and double entendres, we should remain hopeful that the two will not only get together but enjoy a resolution that fits their characters. Pie and a trench coat should definitely be involved somehow.

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