Supernatural: 10 Times Dean Didn’t Deserve Sam  

On Supernatural, Dean Winchester is the alpha male eldest and Sam is quiet and sensitive. Often Dean exploits his little brother, treating him poorly.

With the CW’s Supernatural nearing its end soon enough, now is the best time to have a retrospective look at its main characters, and there’s nobody with a longer list of happenings than Dean Winchester. While he can be very funny at times, Dean is also responsible for treating those closest to him unfairly, with Sam falling under this quite a lot. 

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In this list, we’re looking at the times where Dean doesn’t appreciate all his little brother does for him, along with the instances where he disrespected Sam’s wishes in favor of doing things the "Dean way," completely dismissive of Sam's feelings.

10 Every Time He Punched Sam For No Reason

He’s almost completely stopped doing it in recent seasons, but Dean once had a liking to punch his little brother whenever he was feeling angry. It didn’t even matter if he was concerned for Sam, as Dean would convey this concern by punching Sam in the face. 

It also didn’t matter if Sam was right at the moment either, as we once saw Sam try and make Dean confront his sadness over losing his mother and father, only for Dean to get angry and hit him. Whether one loves their brother or not, using your younger sibling as your personal punching bag isn’t cool.

9 Using Gadreel To Revive Sam

Sam had had enough of the life he was living by the time Season 9 premiered, and he had an agreement with Death — you know, the primordial entity Dean would later kill — that this passing away would be permanent. 

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However, Dean would use the angel Gadreel to trick Sam into believing it was Dean talking to him and that things would be okay. In reality, Dean had Gadreel possess Sam without doing a background check on him (it’s no surprise he turned out to be a villain), because he knew Sam wouldn’t agree. This action later caused Sam immense pain when Gadreel used him to kill Kevin.

8 Shaming Sam For The Heaven He Couldn't Control

It’s no secret that Sam always wanted a normal life away from the hunting lifestyle. So, when a then-26-year-old Sam saw his Heaven — after he and Dean had been killed and they were in Sam’s Heaven reliving his memories — he couldn’t control the fact that most of his happy memories didn’t include his brother or the times they’d hunted.

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Yet Dean didn’t understand this part of Sam’s mindset and took to admonishing him for not appreciating their relationship. Despite Sam apologizing and attempting to explain to Dean that he wasn’t projecting these memories on purpose, the latter hit Sam where it hurt by dumping the amulet Sam had once lovingly gifted to him.

7 Not Understanding Why Sam Took Demon Blood

Had there been a simple conversation where Dean actually listened to Sam’s point of view, then Lucifer would never have been released at all. As it happened, Dean took to once again hitting Sam and calling him names rather than hear his brother out over why he was taking demon blood.

Sam’s only motivation was to kill Lilith and help people — although he turned out to be wrong there — but Dean constantly accused Sam of wanting to be malevolent and called him no better than the monsters he hunted, claiming he had a desire to “hunt” him. This instead made Sam distant and eventually swayed him to go along with Ruby's plans.

6 Bossing Sam Around And Not Listening To Him

As early as a Season 1 episode, one of the people Dean and Sam rescued asked whether Dean was Sam’s boss considering how he took to barking orders at his little brother. Later on, this became a usual habit as whatever Dean said had to be the way to go. 

Just like Dean took to telling Castiel what to do, Dean also controlled Sam, as we’ve seen him always disregard Sam’s suggestions. In Season 14, Sam sincerely asked Dean not to go through with killing Jack, and yet Dean took off the next instant to do just that despite Jack being like a son to Sam.

5 Threatening To Beat Sam Up For Mentioning Lisa And Ben

Here, Sam was trying to console Dean, and yet that still didn’t sit well with the latter, who gave Sam his one and only warning to shut up or have his nose broken. We get that Dean was feeling sad about Lisa and Ben forgetting him permanently, but it made no sense why he would attack the person who felt bad for him

Instead, Dean disregarded Sam’s kind intentions and ordered him never to mention the two again. The fact that Sam never actually did bring up Lisa and Ben tells you enough how he was certain that Dean really would assault him.

4 Giving Up On Sam After Lucifer Was Released

Sam was responsible for the apocalypse starting, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t repentant about it, as we saw him try and apologize to anyone who knew his hand at this happening. Dean, though, had no plans to forgive Sam or even hear him out.

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Dean decided he didn’t want to stick around the brother who was being shunned by the rest of the world and abandoned Sam. Dean didn’t even consider how he was the first one to break Lucifer’s seals and Sam didn’t hold it against him back then. He returned to Sam only when he found out that the future would be bleak if he didn’t reunite with his brother.

3 Wanting To Get In The Ma'lak Box Despite Sam's Feelings

Dean has generally always operated with the idea that Sam’s safety takes first precedent and everything comes after it. Using this line of thinking, Dean has been responsible for a number of things going south and has justified it because he loves Sam.

However, when Sam was against the idea of Dean entering the Ma’lak box to keep Michael at bay, Dean refused to talk about it and gave Sam no option but to deal with it. He saw how Sam was beside himself with grief and still didn’t want to talk about it. It was when Sam outright assaulted Dean that the latter had to give in to Sam’s demands and see reason.

2 Refuse To Tell Sam About Purgatory

It still boggles the mind as to why Dean wanted to stay quiet over what happened to him in Purgatory when Sam never gave him any reason not to trust him. Straight off the bat after returning, Dean refused to divulge over his adventures of an entire year and expected Sam to roll with it. 

Understandably, their relationship became strained due to Sam having many questions and Dean not wanting to give any answers, even treating Benny better than he did Sam, whose frustration was understandable. After all, you’d be angry too if your brother suddenly reappeared and didn’t trust you enough to tell you about his ordeal.

1 Killing Sam's Friend And Not Apologizing For It

When Sam learned a monster he was hunting was a former friend from childhood, he decided to give her a chance to start over. However, Dean took matters into his own hands and betrayed his promise to Sam by killing his friend.

After Sam found out about this, he cut off ties with Dean in anger, who had zero regret for not respecting Sam’s request. Later on, Dean did the same with Benny when he was convinced his vampire buddy wasn’t bad, but justified it this time around, rather than use the same logic he’d applied to Sam a year before. To sum up, Dean got to keep his friend alive while Sam had to deal with his friend being killed.

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