10 Canon Supernatural Moments That Point To Some Unspoken Dean/Cas Thing

When the rumors stirred about a romantic connection between Supernatural leads Dean Winchester and angel Castiel, some saw it as an unlikely, if amusing, pairing while others immediately caught what seemed to be innuendo, inside jokes and actual real connection between the two. Seasons later the Dean/Cas dynamic, also known as Destiel, is stronger than ever with actor confirmation held by many fans as solid proof.

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While the showrunners like to keep fans hooked without fully admitting Some Unspoken Thing between the hunter and the angel, there are plenty of show moments that still point toward their romantic affection for one another.

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10 Dean Is Cas's Weakness

Anytime someone refers to a character as someone else's weakness, no matter the fandom, that person is always someone beloved to the character. It's pretty obvious to everyone except Dean Winchester that he is Castiel's biggest weakness, but it's the angel Uriel who confirmed it to Dean in season four.

When he smirked, "He has this weakness. He likes you," Uriel definitely meant like-like, and we all know it. Given the fact that Cas was even supposed to be Uriel's boss at the time, it was still a bold statement for the angel to make to a mere mortal.

9 Dean Had Dibs First

Castiel Misha Collins

Angels aren't the only ones who see the Dean and Cas forever etched into a heart on a tree somewhere. Even demons can see it. Meg, who kissed Cas and was even shipped with the angel for a brief time, sarcastically told Dean that "emo boy" Cas was Dean's boyfriend first, implying that not only was she his current girlfriend but that he and Dean had definitely shared His & His towels for a while.

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While it still doesn't make anything official, Meg is still one character in a long line of supporting cast members who points out the obvious.

8 With You, Shawty, With You

That's right, Cas and Dean shared a moment under the mistletoe! Did you miss it? While Bieber wasn't really playing in the background, some mistletoe could definitely be sighted hanging above the cuties during season eight's eighth episode, "Hunteri Heroici."

The episode features some of Cas's most adorable moments, from trying to be a detective and sniffing a body in the process to staying in the hotel with the brothers, saying another great line: "I'll watch over you." No, it's not a huge 'ship spoiler on its own, but within the context of all the other great one-liners it seems pretty romantic. Or stalkery. However you view it.

7 All The Hugs

Fans of Dean Winchester know that he might have a reputation with the ladies but he sure isn't what you'd call a "hugger." Yet he seems to be falling into Castiel's arms quite often--and with much more gusto than he hugs his little brother, Sammy.

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It's not that Sam and Dean never hug; they two share many heartfelt brotherly moments on the show. But Dean seems rather eager to leap into Cas's arms as opposed to the reluctant, awkward back-patting that he exchanges with his own flesh and blood. We get it, Dean. We like hugging the people we're sweet on, too.

6 Their Special Bond

Cas himself has stated that he and Dean share a special bond beyond the angel's feelings for other mortals like Sam Winchester. During season six in the episode "The Third Man," Sammy asked if Cas liked Dean better or something and Cas simply said, "Yes." He then admitted that he and Dean share, "a special bond."

One-word answers are something we expect from Cas, but this blunt answer reveals that he definitely cares about Dean, not just preferring him to his brother due to his personality but actually bonding to the hunter in, what we often see through multiple moments, a close way.

5 Dean Saved Cas From Naomi's Brainwashing

Supernatural Dean Winchester

With three simple words, Dean was able to break through Naomi's extensive brainwashing of Castiel, not only saving his own life in the process but helping Cas rid himself of her control. Having been sent to dispatch Dean, he nearly carried out the dreadful deed until Dean pleaded, "I need you."

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Naomi herself knew what a threat Dean was to Castiel's obedience, since the angel has repeatedly defied the orders of Heaven in order to support Dean (and Sam), which is where Team Free Will comes from in the first place. She also said that she knew he wanted to "return to him," which sounds like she's alluding to a romantic relationship.

4 "I Need You"

Speaking of that phrase, how many pairings are revealed when one character utters, "I need you," to the other? It's a classic line that's meant to convey more than one need, to say the least, and Dean and Cas tend to state it to one another over and over again to the point where it's a favorite fan quote used most often to support the unofficial couple.

What makes this line even more revealing is Dean's famous disdain for the words, or touchy-feely words in general, as he's repeatedly told his brother throughout the series. Naturally we still get plenty of those brotherly moments, but Dean seems to not mind having those saccharine sweet sentiments with Cas as much and has said this line multiple times.

3 Cas Has A Dirty Trench Coat And Is In Love With Dean

Uriel isn't the only angel who likes to gossip about Cas's affection for Dean. In fact, Castiel's brothers are practically singing, "Dean and Cas sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Case in point: during season six, Balthazar tells Dean, "You have me confused with the other angel. You know, the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you."

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It's the perfect one-liner that not only almost made Dean's jaw drop but all but confirmed what fans have been suspecting for years. We still all want and need the big get-together moment, but this one definitely points toward their Some Unspoken Thing.

2 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

While this sounds like a great song for one of Dean's infamous playlists, in the Supernatural fandom, particularly in the Destiel realm, "the beard stroke" refers to the time Dean reached over and felt Cas's beard.

In season eight, when we find the lovebirds stuck in Purgatory together, Dean gives him a hug before touching his new beard. While we get that Dean's surprised to find facial hair on his guardian angel, we're also pretty sure it's a tender gesture that's usually only reserved for someone you are romantically attracted to, especially in Western media where "personal space" is of the utmost importance for many people, including Dean Winchester.

1 Dean Can't Quit Cas

It's one thing to lose a friend and keep a memento in the process, but it's another to make that item the same piece of clothing referenced in Brokeback Mountain, a movie about two men in love. Just as Ennis kept Jack's coat, blood and all, symbolizing his love in the movie, Dean kept Cas's ruined coat after he thought the angel was lost forever.

Of course, in Supernatural, the lead characters are never gone for good, and when Cas returns he and Dean share even more intense moments with one another. It's the keeping of the iconic trench coat, however, that fans often cite as one of their favorite Dean/Cas moments.

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