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After season 11 saw the Winchesters call on the help of God himself -- or Chuck, as he preferred to be called -- to avert an apocalypse brought on by the nearly all-powerful Amara, aka The Darkness, season 12 has been a bit of a rebuilding year for Supernatural, with lots of new elements introduced into the mix. That's one thing Supernatural has usually shown a knack for, the ability to grow and change enough to make most new seasons feel at least somewhat fresh. That's not always easy for a series that's been on for over a decade.

Perhaps the biggest change to kick off season 12 was the resurrection of Mary Winchester, and her (at least temporary) addition to the family hunting team. Mary's death at the hands of a vengeful demon in Supernatural's pilot episode is the event every subsequent moment of the Winchesters' lives tie back to, so adding her into the mix was certainly quite a change. Another new addition was the introduction of the British chapter of the Men of Letters, a villainous group who see Sam and Dean as the cause of apocalyptic events, instead of their solution.

Following the kidnapping and torture of Sam and Dean by British MoL member Lady Toni Bevell early on in season 12, the Winchesters have come to a tenuous understanding with the group, although unbeknownst to them, the mysterious Mr. Ketch continues to keep tabs on the duo. Ketch made a quick cameo in the fall finale, 'LOTUS', helping the boys get the upper hand on Lucifer, but it seems fans will be seeing much more of him going forward, as Deadline reports that actor David Haydn-Jones has been cast in the role on a recurring basis.

David Haydn-Jones as Mr. Ketch

While Ketch currently seems to want the British MoL to join up with Sam and Dean on the surface, things are likely not that simple, as the report describes the character as "suave, handsome, totally competent — and a sociopath." By their very nature, sociopaths don't tend to cooperate well with others, and one assumes that it wouldn't take much resistance from the brothers for Ketch to start using some of his organization's wonderful toys on them. This would certainly fit with the frightened tones with which even Toni spoke of Ketch earlier in the season.

With season 13 already ordered by The CW, Supernatural's end doesn't seem anywhere in sight. First though, Sam and Dean have to survive season 12, and it's doubtful that Mr. Ketch will make that a very easy task to accomplish. Then again, death has never stopped the Winchesters before, at least not for too long.

Supernatural season 12 returns from its winter break on Thursday, January 26.

Source: Deadline

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