Supernatural: Cupid Attacks & UK Promos Rock!

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With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate with Supernatural and everyone’s favorite brothers named after a gun maker. That’s right, the Winchester boys are back and they’re on the hunt for love! Well, not so much love as the angel Cupid, but if they can nab a couple of his magic arrows who knows what will happen.

Still, don’t shun Cupid completely as things may not be what they appear. Is the angel of love out for vengeance or could one of the four horseman be in town to cause trouble? If you’re a fan of Supernatural, you know that both of these are viable options. Who knows, maybe they’re one in the same and Cupid is really one of the four horseman.

Only tonight’s episode of Supernatural will tell. Check out some of the clips below and make sure to stick around because we’ve got the UK promoting the fifth season of Supernatural by setting things on fire!

Supernatural - My Bloody Valentine

Cupid Likes To Hug – Without Any Clothes On

My favorite part was in the second clip when Dean turns to Castiel and says, “Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?” I actually laughed out loud when I watched that.

UK Promos

For those in the US, we often forget that other countries are further behind us in seasons. Take Supernatural, the fifth season just started this past week on Living TV and to help promote the premiere they did something amazing… they opened the gates of hell and unleashed fire and brimstone onto the Marble Arch in London, England… and burned that thing to the ground.

Alright, maybe they didn’t actually burn it to the ground, but they sure made it look like that’s what happened. See for yourself, it’s great! (Thanks to Tom for the tip!)

How great was that?!? Why don’t we get things like that over here in America? It’s just not fair… it’s just not fair. Even though it was really awesome, I don’t think I’d trade having to wait six extra months to watch Supernatural when I know that other people are already enjoying it.

Does tonight’s episode put you in the mood for love? Do you wish someone over here could pretend to burn something down like Living TV did in the UK?

Catch Supernatural Thursday nights @9PM on The CW and if you’re in the UK, check your listings for when it airs on Living TV.

Source: The CW & LIVING TV (via: Readers Like You!)

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