15 Craziest Supernatural Fan Theories

When Supernatural began airing in 2005, Eric Kripke wasn’t sure that his series about two brothers continuing the family business of “saving people" and "hunting things” would even make it to season 2. However, the show’s popularity enabled Kripke to unfold what became a five-year plan for Sam and Dean Winchester. With his story completely told, Kripke stepped down as showrunner at the end of the show's fifth season.

Supernatural has now just wrapped its twelfth season and was already renewed for a thirteenth. There has been talk of the series ending with its 300th episode in season 14, but the Winchesters don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Twelve seasons is a long run and during that time, plenty of fan theories – not to mention fan fiction – have spun out of Sam and Dean’s exploits. We all know that that fan theories range from the wildly outlandish to the downright plausible, but this list will focus on the former. Supernatural has developed an incredibly devoted fanbase and those fans are quite passionate about what is really going on with their favorite characters. Some of these theories are pretty ridiculous, while others might be just wacky enough to be true.

Here are the 15 Craziest Supernatural Fan Theories.

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15 Everything past Season 3 was just a dream

We’re reasonably sure that most Supernatural fans wouldn’t actually approve of this theory. “It was all a dream” has become one of the most maligned plot devices in television writing. Still, there are some viewers who suggest that Sam and Dean never awoke from their sleep in the season 3 episode “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. This would mean that every event since the tenth episode of the third season had just been the work of the brothers’ overactive imaginations.

Considering season 12 just wrapped and 13 is already on the way, this theory seems particularly out there. It would be the utmost in lazy storytelling and quite simply, the series has moved too far beyond that point for this theory to even be a remote possibility.

14 The Winchesters' bad luck is due to all the mirrors they broke back in Season 1

Does everyone remember the season 1 episode “Bloody Mary”? Multiple mirrors were smashed before Sam and Dean defeated the titular foe. When it was all over, the latter even quipped, “This has got to be like...what? 600 years of bad luck?” Dean may have been joking, but what if the guy was actually onto something?

There is lore in just about every culture about the bad luck resulting from a broken mirror, and superstition and mythology are integral to Supernatural. Sam and Dean do have the world’s worst luck and perhaps a trail of broken mirror pieces provides some insight into why that is. This theory may be a bit too simplistic to be realistic, as it would invalidate some of the more epic plotlines of the series, but it’s still pretty interesting.

13 "Wincest"

This is one Supernatural theory that has followed the series around since its first episode. Fans of this idea are actually diehard enough to sometimes refer to themselves as "Wincesters." Although the term now most commonly describes a sexual relationship between Sam and Dean, in the earlier days of the show, the term Wincest was a pairing of any of the Winchester men, including their father John - or you know, all three of them together. Yikes!

We get it: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are both super sexy and it’s fun to imagine them making out. However, Sam and Dean are brothers, so the thought of them together is just icky, especially if you throw John into the mix. Fortunately, the series has a great sense of humor and has winked at the passion of Wincesters more than once.

12 Amelia was all in Sam's head

Amelia Richardson was Sam’s first long term relationship since Jessica’s death – unless you count Ruby, of course. However, certain viewers feel that the evidence points to Sam’s season 8 romance as being nothing more than a figment of his imagination. While some fans swooned over the relationship, others found it painfully dull, so perhaps this theory is a way of spicing it up a bit.

The idea hinges on the fact that these two characters had far too much in common. They did share quite a bit: both had recently lost someone, both were running away and, oh yeah, this veterinarian just happened to be staying at the same motel as Sam. Not to mention, their romantic scenes together had a weird soft lightning that gave them a slightly surreal look.

The popular theory was that Sam simply had a mental breakdown in the wake of Dean’s disappearance and that neither the girl nor the dog ever really existed.

11 John Winchester was possessed by Michael

This fan theory posits that because John said "yes" to the Archangel Michael when he was younger, Michael continued possessing him later in life. Fans believe that this would explain the disparity between John’s treatment of Sam and Dean, as opposed to the vastly different relationship he shared with his other son, Adam. Perhaps John was actually preparing the boys for their futures as vessels for Michael and Lucifer.

Although this probably isn’t the case, that doesn’t mean this theory is without merit. The series has already previously established that an angel could possess a human without their knowledge, so it’s not out of the question. If John were a puppet for Michael, it would certainly lead to an identity crisis for the Winchester brothers. How could they trust anything or anyone after a revelation like that?

10 The viewer is god

Despite fans’ love for the prophet who turned out to be God, not everyone is sold on Chuck Shurley as the one true Almighty. One anonymous fan actually suggests that God is not any character that we have or will ever meet on Supernatural for one simple reason: God is the viewer.

At some point, archangels wrested the power from God, leaving him or her helpless to stop them. However, God remains omniscient, and so continues to see and hear every aspect of the story, although there is no way to impact anything that happens. This fan also points out that this would mean that the closest the Winchester brothers ever came to truly tracking down God was in season 6 episode “The French Mistake”, in which Sam and Dean travel to a fourth wall-breaking alternate universe.

9 "Sabriel"

Fan favorite archangel in trickster’s clothing Gabriel has been dead for quite some time. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from majorly shipping him and Sam, especially since season 5 episode, “Changing Channels”. Sam has had plenty of romantic pairings, most prominently Ruby or Jessica, but of all of Sam’s fictional partners, no one has gained quite as much traction with fans as Gabriel.

Despite the fact that Gabriel met his demise in season 5, "Sabriel" has only continued to rise in popularity since then. Perhaps it’s Richard Speight Jr.’s undeniable charm or maybe it’s the comic disparity in height between him and Jared Padalecki. Whatever the reason, fan fiction is rife with steamy scenes between Sam and Gabriel and the pairing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

8 Sam and Dean's eventual triumph will spawn a new religion

Although this theory sounds pretty crazy, it is true that Sam and Dean have been through more than your average prophet, or even Jesus, for that matter: Death, resurrection, torture, defeating mythical creatures and biblical figures alike. Is it really so unimaginable that if Sam and Dean finally triumph that a new religion could be born? Although, the idea that this would turn out to be the “right” religion is problematic, we could see the Winchesters eventually developing acolytes.

Actually, the series pointed to this being at least partially true back in season 4 episode, “The Monster at the End of This Book”. After Castiel revealed Chuck to be a prophet, he also stated that his series of Supernatural novels would one day come to be known as the “Winchester Gospels.

7 Azazel is Sam's father

Mary Winchester has had plenty of secrets over the years. Could one of them be an illicit affair with someone who turned out to be the Yellow Eyed Demon? This theory is no longer as popular as it once was, considering Azazel hasn’t been around for quite some time and we've gotten to know Mary much better in season 12, which makes her having a demonic affair much harder to buy. However, some fans continue to feel that this theory makes sense.

We all know that Sam was Azazel’s favorite. Aside from that, we know that Mary and the demon shared a history. Some fans also feel that it was telling that at the time of Mary’s death, John was downstairs watching TV, as opposed to in bed with his wife. Perhaps Mary just didn’t like falling asleep with the TV on. This revelation could’ve been possible at an earlier point in the series, but now, not so much.

6 Crowley helped Meg fake her death

It took fans quite a while to warm up to Meg. In fact, it took a completely different actress playing the character (Rachel Miner), as well as a strange and unexpected pairing known as "Megstiel." The demon fell in love with the angel and those feelings humanized her. Perhaps this is why some fans struggled so hard to let go of Megstiel. As far as the craziest theory on our list, this one might be it.

The theory goes that before Meg’s death, she confessed to Crowley that she was carrying Castiel’s lovechild – who is most likely the antichrist. Because Crowley is such a marshmallow, he doesn’t kill the demon but instead, helps her to fake her own death. This means that Meg is alive somewhere with Castiel’s child.

This theory is particularly hard to buy due to the events of season 12, where the actual antichrist has been introduced.

5 Gabriel is alive

This theory is one that has not only been fueled by fans, but by Richard Speight Jr. as well. Lucifer killed Gabriel in Season 5… or did he? Gabriel was not only ridiculously powerful, but also incredibly clever. He did appear in season 9 episode, “Meta Fiction”, although he was then revealed to be nothing but a ruse performed by Metatron.

According to Speight Jr., “One theory is that obviously Metatron is controlling the whole thing and that I'm really just a projection…but that makes you wonder why he doesn't just appear.” The jury may be out on whether or not Gabriel will return, but the actor who played him is reasonably sure that the archangel is alive and well. Perhaps there is hope for Sabriel fans after all.

4 The series corresponds with the lyrics to "Carry on Wayward Son"

Some fans have spent a lot of time on this particular theory. The Kansas track “Carry On Wayward Son” has kind of become the unofficial theme song of Supernatural. However, certain fans feel that the song is more than the tune that plays at the beginning of every season finale.

One theory is that all of the show’s seasons – although not in order – actually correspond to lyrics of “Carry On Wayward Son”. There are several versions, casting the titular “Son” as everyone from Sam to Dean to Crowley.

These theories take the lyrics very literally. Although they are interesting ideas, the song was most likely chosen because it ties into the series both thematically and stylistically, as opposed to it being some sort of roadmap for Supernatural or any of its characters.

3 Meg is Megara from Hercules

Prepare to have your mind blown by the theory that there is a crossover between Supernatural and Disney’s Hercules.

The idea here is that Megara sold her soul to save Hercules. The lore of the series has taught us that your soul is corrupted when you become a demon, so perhaps Meg is what was left of Megara after she sacrificed herself for the man she loved. Interestingly, Meg still fell for Castiel, despite being a demon.

This would obviously never be a real thing, but this idea gets major points for creativity. In terms of the crossovers we would’ve considered happening, one between Supernatural and a Disney classic certainly wouldn’t have made the list. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be cool though, right?

2 Destiel

Of all the Supernatural romantic pairings, not one has become quite so popular as Dean Winchester and Castiel. There has basically been a "Destiel" for as long as there has been a Castiel. Perhaps it’s the onscreen intensity between Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins or maybe it’s the show’s near constant jokes about their relationship being more than friendship. Whatever the reason, Destiel is seen by many fans as the true romantic pairing of the show.

Destiel fans have become quite vocal about wanting this romantic relationship to become canon. Is there love, affection, and tension between these two characters? Absolutely. Is it sexual in nature? Perhaps not. While it would be awesome to see a homosexual relationship take center stage on Supernatural, it’s unlikely that it could be Destiel.

1 The Walking Dead theory

Obviously, this theory was fueled by Lucille’s recent Supernatural cameo in Season 12 episode, “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”. This fun wink at the audience has led some fans to believe that The Walking Dead and Supernatural actually take place in the same universe. Dean even stated during the episode that his father loved the bat!

John was in Hell for quite some time, which we know can take its toll. So, suppose during the Apocalypse, the world is overrun with zombies? Negan is just who John Winchester would be without a soul.

This theory posits that these two characters are actually one and the same. Of course, this will never be confirmed, but that certainly won’t stop many fans from wishing that it would be.


Have you heard of any Supernatural fan theories that are even crazier than these? Let us know in the comments!

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