Supernatural: 10 Scenes From The Show That Prove Dean Winchester Is The Coolest

At a time where The CW’s Supernatural is playing its fans’ emotions by making Dean Winchester out to be a rather unlikable protagonist, it’s easy to forget why he became a popular character to begin with. While we do agree Dean hasn’t been the best in recent seasons, we also remember when he was great.

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So, in order to liven up the spirits of fans during this dark time for the show, we’re bringing you the best moments of Dean that established him as the badass character we know him to be. With that in mind, here are 10 scenes from Supernatural that prove that Dean Winchester really is the coolest.

10 Killing Hitler

If you’re not down with the concept of Jojo Rabbit showing Hitler as an imaginary friend, then you’ll love the idea of Dean Winchester shooting the Fuhrer down like he was trash. As it happened, Dean became the only one in real life and fiction to be worthy to make the claim of killing Hitler.

He did so as brazenly as you’d expect too, shooting the Fuhrer as if killing warlords was an everyday thing for him. Making it even better was the fact that this began Dean’s glee of reminding everyone that he was the one who killed Hitler, and we’re still hearing about it.

9 Every Time He Got To Eat Pie

There’s not just one scene that illustrates Dean’s love for pie, and we’ve decided to include every instance we saw him chowing the dish down as if it were his last. Earlier seasons had Dean always miss out on getting to munch on it, but recent seasons have tended to fulfill his wishes.

We have to hand it to him for making pie seem like the most delicious thing there is, with the meme-making community also getting in on the fun here. Watching Dean eat pie is a sure way of making the viewer crave some too. Who knew watching someone have pie could be so satisfying to watch?

8 Singing "Eye Of The Tiger"

This was a mixture of both Jensen and Dean here, as the episode had a frightened Dean use this song as a way for him to regain his bravery. His jamming to the beat was fun enough for it to become a fully-fledged music video, as we saw Jensen take over and rock the song out.

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You can catch him using his own leg as a guitar and mouthing the words in epic fashion, even playing out some of the song's lyrics as if an action movie was on display. If you remove the last second where Jensen acknowledges the crew, one can believe this was actually a Dean Winchester performance.

7 Making The Scooby-Doo Quote

Comedy is one of the areas where Dean easily outshines Sam, and while his comedy is definitely goofy, Dean does manage to attract fans to watch his antics. A man who can be both badass and funny is definitely a cool guy. 

At the end of Scoobynatural, Dean was high on the experience of having just been through an adventure with the Scooby gang, and decided to get in on the fun by using Scooby-Doo’s catchphrase. He was ridiculed for it by Sam and Castiel, but we thought it was the most awesome thing to watch.

6 Taking Out Ruby

Even when he’s lost for sure, Dean manages to get some consolation out of the situation. Although killing Ruby served no purpose at all since Lucifer still came back and the apocalypse started, Dean did get the satisfaction of killing his hated rival.

He completed the kill in satisfactory fashion as well, breaking down the door that contained him before marching over to the defiant Ruby and stabbing the life out of her. It was one of the most cathartic moments for the fans as well, since Ruby’s manipulations were ended painfully by Dean.

5 Revealing His Status As A Demon

“Deanmon” as the fan have termed him, was unfortunately a very underused character, being one of the most powerful demons we’ve seen on Supernatural. Sure, having the good guy Dean was nice, but the Demon Dean character was one we loved watching for his savage remarks.

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His best moment came in his confrontation with Cole, where the latter tried his hardest to kill Dean, only to find out that his target wasn’t even human. Dean would take a full hit from Cole’s weapon before smiling and revealing those pretty black peepers and his status as a being from Hell.

4 Defeating Crowley

In Season 10, Crowley made short work of Sam when the younger Winchester tried to kill him, but he wasn’t ready to face the elder brother who was way more fierce. When Crowley confessed he was prepared to kill Baby Amara and threatened Dean’s life, Dean played possum before making his move.

Taking Crowley by surprise, Dean pulled out an angel blade and stabbed the King of Hell’s palm and pinned him to the wall. At this point, Crowley was at the total mercy of Dean, who could’ve ended the leader of the demons had he wanted to.

3 Beating Sam In A Fight

When both Dean and Sam’s minds were controlled by an evil entity, the brothers were pitted against one another in a fight to the death. Here, the argument over which Winchester was stronger was put to rest for the time being, and Dean came out on top. 

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As it happened, Sam managed to land the first decisive hit, but Dean responded by tackling the life out of his little brother and being in the position to kill Sam. Although it was sad to see the brothers in this position, Dean sure as heck made looking bad look so cool.

2 His First Purgatory Kill

Dean has the status of being the only human to survive a prolonged period in Purgatory, with the elder Winchester lasting an entire year in this realm. He made it seem like a walk in the park, though, as we saw Dean become the stuff of nightmares for the Purgatory monsters. 

In his first scene alone, Dean stalked a vampire by making the latter be filled with fear over what he might do to him. After catching his prey, Dean had no intention of taking any prisoners and used the vampire’s blade to slice his head off with brute force. Special mention should go to that badass survivor look Dean had in his time in Purgatory.

1 Unveiling The Archangel Wings

The fight between Dean and Lucifer in the finale of Season 13 was laughable, with these two looking like a bunch of wimps throwing their hands around in the air. However, the preceding scene was definitely a sight to behold as Dean made his entrance.

It came at a time where it seemed either Jack or Sam would die, when the cathedral was filled with glorious white light and we saw Dean appear. He showed Lucifer exactly why the devil needed to fear him, as Dean unleashed the powers bestowed upon him for being the true vessel of Michael.

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