Supernatural: 10 Continuity Errors Most Fans Missed

It is hard for one to look at some television shows and movies the same way when they realize there are some continuity errors in them. There can be many mistakes like these in the films and tv shows that everyone loves these days.

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One great example occurs in The Office when Toby claims that his daughter is a new girl scout however, Toby had already been shown selling his daughter's girl scout cookies in previous episodes, which played an important part in making Dwight sign his 'Statement of Regret'. Another show that has lots of these errors is SupernaturalHere are a couple of them.

10 Ripped Jeans

There is a fairly major error in an episode called “Bad Day At Black Rock,” which is the third episode of the third season. During one of the scenes, there is a moment when Sam falls outside. This causes his jeans to rip around his knees, which is perfectly understandable since the fall looked pretty bad.

His knees even appear to be bloody, which is something that happens a lot after someone takes a fall like that. But then things change. During a scene that is shown shortly after all of that has taken place, his jeans are intact. They simply look like he got a bit dirty.

9 A New Chain Appears

During the episode called “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things,” Dean spends some time at a cemetery, and a chain suddenly appears around his neck. When Dean arrived, it appeared as though he was only wearing one necklace.

But during one of the shots in this scene, it looks like he is actually wearing an additional chain around his neck. But then things get even weirder when viewers see one of the other shots that comes shortly after that one, and it looks like he is back to wearing only one necklace. This is a small error, but an error nonetheless.

8 Sam Goes Back On Something He Said

In the episode called “Two And A Half Men,” Sam says something that is a major contradiction to a line he said in a previous episode. This is a small mistake, and it is probably barely noticeable to the viewers unless they are specifically looking for continuity errors that are related to the plots of every episode.

The brothers are discussing whether or not someone could be a ghoul based off of their reaction to silver, and Sam claimed they could. But in an episode that aired earlier, Sam claimed that ghouls would not have a reason to have any sort of reaction to silver.

7 Something Weird Happens With A Ring

Dean and Death have a very strange interaction in the episode called “Appointment In Samarra,” and it has a lot to do with a ring. Fans who have seen this and noticed what was happening might have been very confused by this whole thing.

When the episode is nearly over, Death and Dean can be seen hanging out in a kitchen. At first, it looks as though Death is wearing a certain ring that is very important in the series. But after that, the ring is nowhere in sight. This scene gets even more strange when Dean pulls that same ring out of one of his pockets.

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6 Sam Moves His Right Leg Twice

In an episode that is called “Good God, Y’all,” there is a weird thing that happens with one of Sam’s legs. If fans really pay close attention when they watch this episode, they will notice that Sam actually moves his right leg over something two times, which would not be necessary or sensible if he were a real person.

Those who watch the episode looking for things like this will have to watch it until the very last scene. When the two Winchester brothers are talking to one another, Sam begins to stand up, and he lifts that leg over something, but then he stops. Shortly afterward, he can be seen doing it all over again.

5 Their Cards Don’t Look The Way They Should

In “The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester,” something odd happens with a couple of cards. This mistake is hardly noticeable to anyone who doesn’t know that it is there, but it’s hard to view the episode the same way once the mistake is spotted.

During this episode, Sam and some of the other characters in the show are playing a card game. At one point in the episode, Sam places his cards on the table they are using. They are laying next to each other, but that changes not long after that. During the shot that takes place right after that, it looks as though one is on top of the other card.

4 Dean’s Cut Disappears

In “Lazarus Rising,” one of the characters injures themselves to prove that they are real, but the evidence of that is no longer visible at a later point in the episode. This episode is the first one that is a part of the fourth season of the series.

Bobby tries to find out more about what is going on with Dean, and he ends up having an interaction with him. In that scene, there is a part where Dean cuts himself in order to show that it is actually really him, and that he is not an imposter of some sort. A cut like that would surely leave a mark, but it is nowhere to be seen later on in this episode.

3 There Is A Bit Of A Premonition

At the beginning of season 9, there is an episode that shows something a bit earlier than it should. This episode has a lot going on in it since Dean is trying to get angels to save his brother, and Castiel is having some really serious issues because he does not have the supernatural powers that he is used to having.

But that is not the worst thing that happens to Castiel. At one point, he is involved in a car wreck. But during one scene, viewers can actually spot some blood splatter in the car before the wreck has even happened.

2 Charlie Moves

The episode called “Slumber Party” is a very upsetting one for anyone who liked the character named Charlie, but one of the scenes she is in has a small and hardly noticeable mistake in it. Charlie dies, which is a really sad event in the series, since she was a very likable person, and a close friend of Sam and Dean.

But when it shows her lifeless body laying there, there is some movement. There are a couple of different shots of her body, and Charlie is actually in a different position in one of them, which would be impossible for a dead person.

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1 Someone Should Not Have Known Their Last Name

In an episode called “Fan Fiction,” there is a character that knew something about Sam and Dean that she should not have already known. The story of this episode is all about a play that is being put on, and they are delighted and surprised to find out that the play is actually about them.

The creators of it based it off of the books that were written by Carver Edlund, but there is one major problem with this entire thing. One of the characters in this episode knows Sam and Dean’s last name, which is something that she definitely should not have known. Earlier in the show, the author claimed that their last name was not even in the series of books at all.

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