Supernatural: What Happened To The Colt?

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester with Colt in Supernatural

What grim fate befell the famous Colt in Supernatural? When riding into battle against hordes of undead, monsters and demons, it's wise to go prepared, and the Winchester brothers rarely head into a fight unarmed. A huge array of weapons have been utilized over Supernatural's 14 seasons, but undoubtedly the most famous of these is the Colt, a gun with the power to kill, supposedly, absolutely anything. While the Colt featured heavily in Supernatural's earlier seasons, both as a MacGuffin and a dramatic way to finish off tough enemies, the gun has been absent for quite some time.

Unfortunately for would-be hunters, the Colt comes with several major drawbacks. Firstly, it requires special bullets, although Bobby Singer did find a way to replicate the process. Secondly, and more problematically in later seasons, the Colt will not work on 5 specific beings. One of these is confirmed to be Lucifer, and although the other names are not revealed, God, the Darkness, and Death are likely candidates. All the way through Supernatural's first 6 seasons, the Colt features in some capacity, used against enemies such as Azazel and a Hellhound, as well as a few generic beasts in what the modern-day Winchesters would no doubt lament as a shameful waste of bullets.

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In season 6's Wild West escapade, "Frontierland," Dean drops the Colt following his confrontation with a Phoenix and accidentally leaves it on the ground in 1861. The Colt remains missing until Supernatural season 12, where Crowley is revealed to have procured the coveted firearm. After a long tug-of-war between several factions, the Colt falls into the possession of the Winchesters once again, who seek to use it against Dagon, a Prince of Hell charged with protecting Lucifer's unborn child. In "The Future," Dagon wishes to take the Colt "off the board" and melts the barrel clean off. The following episode shows Dean wondering whether the gun is fixable, and this was the last time viewers saw the Colt in Supernatural.

The Colt Supernatural

The Colt's absence may have been accounted for in-narrative by Dagon's actions, but the real reasons are likely very different. Obviously, having a one-shot kill gun that works for almost any monster can cause problems in Supernatural, especially with Bobby's bullet recipe. It's no coincidence that the Colt exited Supernatural in season 6, the first season without creator, Eric Kripke, as showrunner. This ties into Supernatural's original 5-season arc, of which the Colt was clearly a major part. When Supernatural continued beyond that point, the Colt needed to be removed, as it made the Winchesters' job far too easy.

The same can be said of the Colt's apparent destruction in season 12. Despite being left in the Old West, many Supernatural fans would still come back to the Colt when considering how Sam and Dean could finish off a particularly tough enemy. To give the gun a slightly more definitive end, writers had Dagon destroy the item, and her "take it off the board" line is arguably a message directly from the show's creative team, who wanted to take the Colt out of the equation from a narrative perspective.

Nevertheless, repairing the Colt remains a possibility in Supernatural. The solution is unlikely to be as simple as welding the thing back together, but if the team can create custom bullets, it's entirely feasibly that they can stitch the Colt back into working order. Given that Supernatural season 15 is the show's final season, the Colt could make a final greatest hits-style appearance in the coming episodes, but with God set to be Supernatural's final villain, the Colt is unlikely to be useful in the long run. With Supernatural only running for one final season, it's also true the Colt's over-powered status wouldn't pose any narrative problems.

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Supernatural season 15 premieres October 10th on The CW.

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