Supernatural: 5 Reasons Chuck Makes A Great God (& 5 He's Just The Worst)

Chuck makes for a fickle god in the hit television show Supernatural, and it's clear there are reasons why he's both great and terrible at his job.

Since the end of Season 14, Chuck/God hasn't been cast in the best of lights. Season 15 reveals Chuck to be very much the unstoppable villain. Not only did he trigger the end of this world, but he let all the big bads out to make Sam and Dean's lives even more difficult.

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While it is harder to see the things that make Chuck a great god and easier to see what doesn't, we are going to look at both. Read on to see what makes Chuck a great god and why he's the worst.

10 Great: Wrote Graphic Novels That Inspired The Public

God is a writer, albeit not the strongest one, but still his stories pull audiences to them. He created a strong fan-base with his graphic novels about the Winchesters. As a writer, he uses interesting writing tactics like the episode that focused on the beginning of the Impala, and how one toy soldier shining in the sun allowed Sam to cram Lucifer back down in himself. Ultimately, this allowed Sam to be the hero, take control of the situation, and jump into the pit.

Now, from Lilith, we know that the story of the werewolf siblings from the most recent episode is important, foreshadowing what he's planning for Sam and Dean.

9 The Worst: Is A Bratty Little Brother

In Season 15, Chuck seeks out Amara for help. Amara has adjusted well to this new world and is enjoying getting a massage when Chuck smites her masseuse, just because. Chuck wants her help, but he also wants her full attention.

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This mini-tantrum speaks to others that he has had (i.e. the end of Season 14), and displays an inner brat. In the scene with Amara, we could almost hear her roll her eyes and attempt to have patience with her bratty little brother.

8 Great: Made Sure The Winchesters Were Born

Supernatural Mary and John

Dean and Sam learn from a cupid that it was high orders from above to make sure that Sam and Dean were born from two important lines: the Campbell line (the hunters) and the Winchester line (the Men of Letters). These two lines prove a perfect mix as both Sam and Dean have aspects of the hunter and the intelligent Men of Letters in them, allowing them to be more successful hunters. In addition, they get the chance to meet both grandfathers and learn from them.

7 The Worst: Got Rid Of Becky And Her Family

In Season 15, we see Chuck showing up at his ex, Becky's house, uninvited. Becky has been doing well for herself. She has a valuable trade, is married and happy, and has children. Chuck needs for someone to stroke his ego, and initially Becky resists, but old habits die hard. She ends up telling Chuck how great his writing is, and then she tells him that he needs to keep on writing.

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After writing, he starts to feel powerful again. When her husband and kids come back, he snaps his fingers to make them disappear. It's not clear where they went, but Chuck says that they aren't dead—just away. He likes Becky's set-up for writing in her home and wants to stay, so he snaps her away, too. We knows that they are exes, but this is pretty cold.

6 Great: Brought Dean Back From Hell

Dean returns, fully resurrected with his body in good shape.  Chuck had ordered that Dean be brought back from hell. It is on Chuck's order that Cas finds and retrieves Dean. Due to this rescue, Dean and Cas become friends, ultimately leading Cas to become friends with Sam and others.

Otherwise, Dean would have rotted in hell, eventually becoming a demon—a fate that scared human Dean.

5 The Worst: Killed Jack

Chuck tried to orchestrate the killing of Jack by Sam or Dean, two of his adopted fathers. Jack had lost most of his soul, and his power scared Chuck and others. Without the morals that had guided Jack in the use of his power, then anything could happen.

Still, there were aspects of the original Jack in him, and Jack was their son. When Dean couldn't kill him, Chuck (disappointed) easily did it, showing that he never really cared about Jack. Not caring about Jack, also showed that he didn't really care about Sam, Dean, or Cas, all of who loved Jack like a son.

4 Great: Saved Sam, Dean, And Cas Multiple Times

Chuck had a habit of resurrecting our favorite heroes. While bringing Dean back from hell was perhaps the most solid rescue move, he also saved Sam and Dean from Amara, his sister. In addition, when Sam was possessed by Lucifer and killed Cas, Chuck brought Cas back.

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By bringing Cas back, Bobby was able to be healed and live again, too (since Lucifer-Sam had killed Bobby). For a while, it seemed like Chuck/God was on their side, leading them to be protected and resurrected multiple times.

3 The Worst: Absent And Fickle Father, Takes No Responsibility

Supernatural Alternate Michael

When Chuck is tired with a world, he merely moves on to build another world, leaving everyone to destruct and rot. In addition, he stayed absent for most of the series, not wanting to step into the role of god. Even when the situation was dire or when Cas was desperately seeking him out, Chuck stayed away, taking no responsibility.

He comes across as a fickle being, a brat wanting his own way. When he doesn't get his own way at the end of Season 14, he decides that it is time to abandon this world as well.

2 Great: Has An End, To Be Killed By Death

Death, the Horseman, once told Dean that even God had an end, that ultimately, Death would reap him. At the end of Season 14, we see Billie (now in the role of Death) seek out Jack. A confused Jack is in the big empty, "What's happening?" he asks.

Billie says to Jack, "Yeah, about that, we should talk." It seems like this is setting up for Chuck to be killed by Death. As Chuck has been spiraling, the fact that he isn't immortal makes us feel better.

1 The Worst: Obsessed With The Winchesters Killing Each Other

In Season 15, Lilith confirms Chuck's idea of the ending for this world/story. He wants Sam and Dean to kill each other. This may have been his desire all along. He lets Becky read the ending of the story in Season 15, and she's horrified about what he's planning to do to Sam and Dean.

In addition, Sam has been able to see many of these potential endings due to the bullet wound he shares with Chuck. At first we thought that maybe these visions/dreams meant that Sam was going to go dark again, but now we see that it connects him to Chuck, allowing him a glimpse into Chuck's plans for them.

Hopefully, this connection will be enough to help him avoid the fate that Chuck has planned for them. Also, Chuck's obsession with a sibling killing another sibling as the perfect ending may be connected to his feelings about his sister, Amara. He desires to be rid of her. This may hint at another potential ending: Two siblings kill each other, except it isn't Sam and Dean, but Chuck and Amara. We'll see!

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