Supernatural Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The Harry Potter novel and film series both ran for ten years each, while Supernatural will have been on-air for fifteen years when it ends in 2020. This means Sam, Dean and company should be more developed than the Harry Potter characters. So, there’s no question that the Supernatural characters have enough for the Sorting Hat to go on to sort them into Hogwarts’ houses.

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You’ll be surprised to see a majority of the Supernatural characters missing out on the Houses you thought they’ll be in. But this sorting has been based on their chief attributes, and how they align with the qualities the Hogwarts houses are known for. Read on further to see where your favorite characters have been sorted into.

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Mary Winchester in the Impala, Supernatural
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10 Mary Winchester - Gryffindor

Mary Winchester in the Impala, Supernatural

Mary might have been underdeveloped compared to the rest of the cast, but we know for sure that she was brave. She also adopted the highly emotional manner of Gryffindor thinking where she would be very reactive to what she saw.

She put up her fists and punched the Devil into the portal to the Apocalypse World, as part of her effort to protect her sons. Even her death was something boneheaded a Gryffindor would do as she thought too much from the heart rather the mind, and kept pushing Jack to be better. Mary was also prepared to stay in the Apocalypse World to rescue more humans; she was both brave and emotional like a Gryffindor is.

9 Rowena - Slytherin

Rowena is fairly intelligent, but her brains veer more toward being cunning. She’s an opportunist; changing sides whenever it most suits her. Along with those qualities, Rowena has proven herself to be resourceful as she snagged the Book of the Damned by choosing just the right words.

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Her flighty personality links back to the Slytherin house, whose members are notorious for running away to save their own skins. Rowena was an excellent manipulator as well, as we saw in Season 10 where she played from behind-the-scenes to ensure she was in Crowley’s good books, before betraying him. She did the same with Amara, and used her calculating charm to even become the “guilty pleasure” of God himself.

8 John Winchester - Ravenclaw

The Winchester Patriarch was known to be a hothead, but the flame inside of him to hunt down Azazel wasn’t based on his grit and determination like a Gryffindor, it was well thought out just like a Ravenclaw would do.

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Unlike his elder son Dean, John would choose to fight hard, but would always make sure to record his adventures and the knowledge he gained. John would make use of all the information he collected over the years to plan out his hunts. His smart mind also enabled him to surmise the entire Apocalypse scenario years before it even happened.

7 Lucifer - Slytherin

Did you expect the Devil to be in any other house? Yeah, the Slytherins out there might feel offended Satan himself is an obvious choice for them, but it should be some consolation he gets in also because of his sarcastic wit.

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Slytherins are well-known for mocking jabs – whether they are dry or played straight. Lucifer is the king when it comes to annoying someone through his comedy, but he uses this to get his enemy on the backfoot so he can sneak in his scheming. Lucifer is, of course, also known for his chronic betrayal tendencies, as well as his fantasies of grandeur; he wants to be head and shoulders above the rest.

6 Jack Kline - Hufflepuff

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You can’t find a bigger sweetheart than Jack on any show at present, and it’s his nature of wanting to get along with everyone that makes him an instant Hufflepuff. Jack is always friendly, always willing to learn more and contribute.

He has no plans to take over, nor does he want to use his powers for anything other than helping people. Like a Hufflepuff, Jack loves being in groups, where he can socialize with others and do the best he can with whatever is in front of him. Despite being enormously powerful, Jack doesn’t boast, nor does he care about standing out.

5 Bobby Singer - Gryffindor

Bobby Singer Supernatural

Bobby did have his fair share of strategic plans, but he kept to being brave for the most part. He was also more reactive than others, as we saw him stab himself in order to eliminate the demon inside of him.

He took to making a deal with Crowley for his soul as he just couldn’t sit on a wheelchair while his friends were out there doing the fighting. He was fearless against Lucifer, despite knowing there was nothing he could do to take him out. He values the relationships he’s forged; being willing at any time to lay out his life for Dean and Sam. All the makings of a true Gryffindor.

4 Crowley - Ravenclaw

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Don’t think that just because Crowley is a demon he belongs in Slytherin, not when he’s been shown to be the most calculating character so far on Supernatural. A Ravenclaw who uses their clever minds for sinister intentions sure is dangerous, and Crowley proves just this.

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He’s had ambition, but he never preferred that over intelligence. Crowley picks his battles, even if it means defeat today. The Winchesters always took to Crowley to act as their problem solver as they knew the King of Hell used his noggin more than they ever could. Crowley’s excellent mind was such that he was able to find a loophole in an ironclad contract with Dick Roman, thereby ending the Leviathans. Now that’s what happens when a Ravenclaw goes rogue.

3 Castiel - Hufflepuff

Castiel has always meant well. Even during times when he’s been painted as the bad guy, Castiel’s intentions remained pure at heart. He’s never wanted the spotlight, and he’s never thought just from what his emotions are telling.

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Castiel’s tendencies are to keep all his friends and allies close; never seeking any fights and always resolving to fix an issue. As is the case with Hufflepuffs, Castiel is everyone’s go-to guy when they want someone to help with no questions asked. Even when he’s been pushed down, Castiel is willing to extend a hand to help. He was never the most powerful angel, but hard work and determination got him far – traits of a Hufflepuff through and through.

2 Sam Winchester - Ravenclaw

The guy who loves his research definitely goes into Ravenclaw. Hard as it is to believe, this is the guy the Supernatural universe considers as a nerd. He’s very much into studying, had dreams of graduating with honors and doing something with his life, and places knowledge in high esteem.

There’s no argument over who’s the “smart” Winchester sibling, as Sam uses his brains to contribute to his brawn. Sam loves being knee-deep in lore knowledge, which he uses to create solutions to unwinnable problems; he’s also become quite the skilled hacker. Had there been hunters in the Harry Potter universe, we’d have seen a wizard Sam Winchester sorted into Ravenclaw.

1 Dean Winchester - Gryffindor

Dean is definitely the bravest person you’ll find in the Supernatural universe. He values friends and family above all else, and he’s shown this by regularly giving away his life for those he loves. We’ve only ever seen Dean be afraid once – that, too, to Death himself. And what happened next? Dean ganked Death.

Dean outstrips every other character on the show when it comes to taking out the main antagonists, as he’s the first one to step in front to fight. He carries the weight of his own and others on his shoulders due to feeling responsible for everything out there. A Gryffindor is known to be brave, bold, fearless, emotional – Hogwarts might as well just put Dean’s picture on the Gryffindor banner.

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