Supernatural: 9 Characters Who Need To Die (And 10 Who Need To Stay Dead)

Death is a daily occurrence and a part of the job on the CW hit series Supernatural. Since its humble beginnings back in 2005, there have only been a total of five episodes aired in which a character has not died. Just to put that in perspective: when Supernatural returns to CW for its thirtieth season on October 12, it will air its 265th episode.

Not all deaths are final, and some characters have been killed off multiple times. Take Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester, for example. Sam has died roughly six times, while Dean has croaked 118 times (although 100 of those times were in one episode). Fan favorite Castiel (Misha Collins) died in the season 12 finale, making it his fourth death ─ but don’t count him out yet, as we’re sure he’ll be back.

In keeping with the theme of characters being killed off and being brought back to life, we thought it would be fun to put together a possible death list for season 13. Criteria for making the death list is based on storyline (some arc’s need closure), personality, fan popularity, and how they affect Dean and Sam.

As Dean has famously said: “What’s dead should stay dead.”

So pop that Impala trunk (may she live forever) and choose your favorite weapon, because here are the 9 Supernatural Characters Who Need To Die (And 10 Who Need To Stay Dead).

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19 Stay Dead: Metatron

Supernatural Quiz - Metatron

Formally the “Scribe of God," Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) was a good angel gone bad after the disappearance of God. The best way to describe Metatron is through his own words: “I'm not an archangel. I'm really more run-of-the-mill. I worked in the secretarial pool before God chose me to take down the word.

Being forced out of Heaven made Metatron snap, which led to him trying to become the god of mankind himself. With the help of Castiel, Dean and Sam eventually overthrow him, but not before Metatron kills Dean and causes his transformation into a demon.

Through a long series of drawn out storylines and events, Metatron has his grace removed (making him human). This eventually leads to him being imploded by Amara.

You had a good run Metatron, but you need to stay down now.

18 Die: Harry Spangler

Harry Spangler (Travis Wester) is a “professional paranormal expert” who is a founding member of Ghostfacers, and used to run the website “” with his alpha partner Ed Zeddmore.

Harry’s main problem is that he follows Ed around like a loyal lap dog and isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Constantly being talked into doing stupid things by Ed, Harry is essentially guilty by association.

Perhaps his own redeeming quality was when he left the Ghostfacers in season 9 after killing Deputy Tom Norwood. How a character like Harry Spangler has survived this long on Supernatural is unfathomable. If he was to return to the main storyline at any point, we find it reasonable to say that it’s time for Harry to die.

17 Stay Dead: Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer Supernatural

Whoa! Don’t throw hate comments and rotten eggs yet, we have a logical reason behind Bobby’s entry. Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer (Jim Beaver) has been on every season of Supernatural since it began. A veteran hunter and a father figure to Dean and Sam, Bobby is a beloved character on the show.

Bobby has officially died twice on the show. The first time he had his neck snapped by Lucifer, and the second time he was shot in the head by Dick Roman. The current Bobby that appears on the show today is a Bobby who lives in an alternate universe.

Bringing Bobby back to life at this point would be similar to creating a dominant role for Darth Vader in the coming Han Solo movie. It doesn’t need to happen. Let Bobby’s soul rest in peace. He was a good man who died fighting for what he believed in.

16 Die: Cole Trenton

Cole Trenton (Travis Aaron Wade) is your typical military jerk who’s made it his goal in life to kill Dean Winchester. His father was turned into a monster at some point and Dean killed him, which is what led to Trenton’s obsession of eliminating Dean.

Fans of Supernatural would love to see Trenton finally bite the bullet, but unfortunately that most likely won’t ever happen. In 2015, several female fans came forward with allegations that Travis Aaron Wade had sexually harassed them at conventions and online.

Trenton is known for calling Sam "Sammy" and Dean "Deano." While Dean was a demon, he historically referred to Cole as "Inigo Montoya" from The Princess Bride movie. To date, nothing has been proven regarding Wade’s activity off the set, but it would be cool to see Cole Trenton written off the show permanently since his character is such a jerk.

15 Stay Dead: Kelly Kline

Most popularly known as the mother of Lucifer’s child, Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) was the secret girlfriend of President Jefferson Rooney. Lucifer tricks her into sleeping with him while he was possessing the President, which would lead to her becoming pregnant.

Kline would then try to commit suicide, only to be resurrected by her son in the womb who would give her visions that he was pure. She naturally sided with baby and named him Jack, believing that he could bring order to this chaotic world. She would die during his birth in season 12.

Kelly wasn’t a bad person, but her storyline has run its course. Despite the hype over Jack’s possible story arc in season 13, bringing her back to life after all this time is totally unnecessary.

14 Die: Adam Milligan

With rumors circulating about old characters being brought back for season 13, Adam Milligan (Jake Abel) might get released from Lucifer’s cage finally. Adam is Dean and Sam’s younger half-brother, of which they never knew about until later in life.

Bringing Adam back would be smart on the part of the show’s writers. He was left in Lucifer’s cage when Dean was forced to choose between him and Sam as to whom would be released. Since that time, the storyline has been left largely unresolved.

In season 11, fans were reminded about Adam when Sam had a flashback and saw him in Lucifer’s cage. To bring him back and then kill him off would not only make for a great story, but would fit with what Supernatural is all about.

13 Stay Dead: Azazel

Azazel is a yellow eyed demon who was the Prince of Hell and leader of the demons that followed Lucifer. He was a fanatic who happened to be the only Prince of Hell who firmly believes in Lucifer’s plans.

The main reason for Azeazel staying dead is that he was the one who killed Mary and John Winchester and ordered the killing of Sam’s girlfriend Jessica Moore. Despite Mary’s return in season 12, bringing him back just wouldn’t be very kosher. His storyline has definitely been played out to the extreme, and it would honestly make for lazy writing if his character was brought back to life.

With the colt (the only weapon that can destroy Azazel that we know of) being taken out equation in season 12, having him stay dead is probably best for everyone.

12 Die: Ed Zeddmore

Ed Zeddmore (A.J. Buckley) was the co-founder and leader of the Ghostfacers. Proclaimed by Dean as a “douchebag," Ed is constantly getting himself and his partner Harry Spengler in trouble. It was Ed’s idea to keep the website Hell Hound's Lair up and running because he thought it would score them a network deal and sex with girls.

He’s also the one who made up the “Thinman” case to keep Harry from leaving the Ghostfacers, which led to Roger and Deputy Tom Norwood taking on the “Thinman” identity to kill off people they didn’t like.

Ed Zeddmore is an annoying character who should have been killed off the show a long time ago. Seeing him get clipped might be as satisfying as Littlefinger getting his throat sliced in Game of Thrones.

11 Stay Dead: Meg Masters

Rachel Miner as Meg in Supernatural

Meg Masters is an unnamed demon who took possession of the human named Meg. She’s a true enemy of the Winchesters and a loyal follower of Lucifer. Meg is also the "daughter" of Azazel (not in the same sense as Jack) and is a black eyed demon.

At one point in the series, Meg even took possession of Sam to turn the Winchester brothers against each other and their allies. Typical of Supernatural storylines, Meg would show loyalty towards the Winchesters ─ yet it was never determined if she had an unhidden agenda in doing so.

Meg’s death would come at the hands of Crowly after being tortured by him for a year. Her ending was fitting and somewhat redeeming, as she died helping the Winchesters and Castiel retrieve the angel tablet and escape.

10 Die: Pierce Moncrieff

Pierce Moncrieff (Aaron Douglas) is a hunter who was recruited by the British Men of Letters to help exterminate all the vampires living in the US.

Pierce wasn’t just a hunter, though. Instead, he was a mole being controlled by the Alpha of the vampires. Mary Winchester ends up knocking out Moncrieff, likely because he knocked her out first, and Arthur Ketch takes custody of him.

This is the last we see of Pierce Moncrieff, as Arthur mentions he plans on torturing him thoroughly. With Ketch being killed off, the whereabouts of Moncrieff are a mystery at this point. Having Pierce Moncrieff reappear to cause extra drama would fit the Supernatural profile, as would having him being permanently disposed of.

9 Stay Dead: Abaddon

Abaddon was one of two surviving members of the Knights of Hell. She’s also the one who wiped out all the original Men of Letters (the American version) in an attempt to become Queen of Hell. Abaddon was ruthless, hot-headed, and very difficult to kill. Perhaps her only redeeming quality was her hatred of Crowly.

Abaddon was determined to take over hell after seeing its sorry state and her failed attempt to retrieve the key of the Order of Letters, which was in the possession of Sam and Dean.

It would be Dean who ended up putting Abaddon back in hell with “The First Blade.” Since Dean doesn’t have the mark of Cain on him anymore (which is why The First Blade had power), having Abaddon return would be bad news for the Winchester boys.

8 Die: Elders of the British Men of Letters

Men of Letters in the bunker in flashback Supernatural

Technically a group doesn’t count as a character, but since their names at this point remain a mystery, we simply decided it was best they all should die. The British Men of Letters was part of the original Men of Letters but seceded at some point.

Their way of dealing with monsters is through as system of wards that alerts them to anything that tries to enter their country. Within 20 minutes, the entity is dead with no questions asked. Since Sam and Dean have lived on the dark-side (not intentionally) previously, it’s only natural that they think this type of “order” is uncalled for.

In season 12 the British Men of Letters and their compound in America was destroyed by American hunters, but the elders are still alive and will most likely pop back up within a Supernatural storyline some point in time.

7 Stay Dead: Crowley

Supernatural Quiz - Crowley

Crowley (Mark Sheppard) is a natural fan-favorite. While we love his character too, it only seems proper he remain in the alternate universe. The character Crowley has appeared on Supernatural for eight seasons straight (seasons 5-12).

His sacrifice at the end of season 12 was fitting for the former King of Hell, and should remain that way. Although Sheppard will be missed, it seems unlikely that he should return to play Crowley based on his Twitter feed following his characters death.

Crowley played an important role as a nemesis for the Winchester boys, but we firmly believe it’s time for a new evil to take over the role. Allowing another character to take his place makes for good storytelling.

6 Die: Michael

With a bunch of old characters rumored to return to Supernatural season 13, it would be fitting for Michael to finally escape Lucifer’s cage. With that being said, it would also make for a fitting character arc to see him get killed off too.

Michael was the first of four Archangels to be created by God, which also makes him the first angel ever created. He’s also one of the most powerful beings to ever exist.

Currently, Michael is still trapped in Lucifer’s cage and has apparently gone mad ─ singing show-tunes while curled up in a ball. According to Lucifer, Michael is a “drooling mess.” With the recent photos showing Michael is returning, his current mind-set could lead to more trouble than good for the Winchesters and the world.

Naturally, it only seems right to put him out of his misery while also preventing potential problems.

5 Stay Dead: Dick Roman

Richard "Dick" Roman (James Patrick Stuart) was the secret leader of the Leviathans. He took over the body of business man and billionaire Richard Roman after the Leviathans were released unknowingly by Castiel.

The name Dick was fitting since it matched his personality perfectly. His goal was to make humanity their natural food source and rule the Earth with all the Leviathans being at the top of the food chain. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to hate him, he also killed Bobby.

Even when dying, Dick lived up to his namesake by pulling his killers Dean and Castiel into Purgatory with him. Spoiler alert ─ they did get out.

Dick Roman was an interestingly evil character, but his death hasn’t been mourned and there’s no reason for him to return from the dead.

4 Die: Becky Rosen

Supernatural - Becky

Didn’t know Becky is still classified as being alive? Well she is, and we wouldn’t put it past the writers of Supernatural to throw her in the mix of unusual characters coming back for season 13.

Becky Rosen (Emily Perkins) is a nut-job fangirl who has a crush on Sam Winchester. This crush came to a climax (literally?) in season 7 when she drugs Sam and gets him to marry her. The marriage was later annulled, but it can only be assumed that her feelings for Sam are as strong as the day she first met him.

Last we heard of Becky, she was mentioned in season 9. Apparently she was publishing Supernatural books on-line under the name BeckyWinchester176. Better look out Sam, because we have a feeling Becky is due to return.

3 Stay Dead: Arthur Ketch

David Haydn-Jones as Mr. Ketch

Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) was a member of the British Men of Letters as one of their most highly skilled killers. He liked to present himself as a gentleman, milking the English accent, but in reality was just a scumbag who enjoyed killing.

Ketch’s job was to kill anything Dean and Sam didn’t, while also systematically removing any potential witnesses as well. Appearing for the first time in season 12, Ketch had more air time than any of the other British Men of Letters. He also somehow managed to find his way into the sack with Mary Winchester.

Ironically, while trying to kill Dean, it would be Mary who would put the bullet in his head ─ most likely sending Arthur Ketch to hell where he certainly belongs.

2 Die: Jack (Son Of Lucifer)

Supernatural Jack in jail

Jack (Alexander Calvert) is a Nephilim. He’s the second Nephilim to exist (Jane is the other) and the only one to be conceived by an Archangel. Other than being born as a full grown adult, there’s not much to be known about Jack ─ yet.

He’ll most likely play an important role in season 13, which could also involve bringing Castiel back from the dead. Jack may side with Lucifer, or he might go rogue and try to establish his own kingdom since the throne is currently for the taking.

Jack staying alive for too long of a period of time will not likely be a good thing for Sam and Dean. We want him to stay alive long enough to bring Castiel back and then ─ well, it’s time to die Jack.

1 Stay Dead: Cain

Cain was known as The Father of Murder, the firstborn of Adam and Eve, and the founder, former leader, and trainer of the Knights of Hell. He did however retain part of his humanity, which allowed him to fall in love and retire.

His retirement proved to be only temporary as he got sucked back into the “old” life of killing. Dean was the only one who stop Cain, having taken the Mark of Cain. After destroying Abaddon's demons, he decided to kill off his “bloodline," believing it to be tainted.

From what we know, Dean doesn’t bear the Mark of Cain anymore and that it’s currently active on The Darkness. Needless to say, Cain is one scary dude that needs to remain dead.


Do you disagree? What other characters deserve to die or stay dead in Supernatural? Let us know in the comments.

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