Supernatural: 5 Characters Who Were Killed Off Too Soon (& 5 Who Didn't Die Soon Enough)

Supernatural contains many characters fans are and are not fond of in its fifteen seasons, some of which we couldn't wait to say good-bye to.

Supernatural has been on the air now for almost 15 years and has remained ever popular with its fans. Although Season 15 is the show's last, there's no reasons why fans can't watch the show over again, rooting for their favorite characters.

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However, Supernatural has an unnaturally high kill rate for a TV show, with many fan-favorite characters being lucky if they appear for more than a couple of seasons. On the other hand, some characters stick around for way too long and viewers are more than happy to see them finally meet their maker. On that note, here are 5 characters who died too soon (and 5 who needed to go sooner).

10 Died Too Soon - Ellen Harvelle

Before Sheriff Jodie Mills's first appearance in Supernatural's fifth season and Mary Winchester's resurrection in Season 11, the Winchester brothers were sorely lacking a mother figure in their lives. This was rectified early on in the series with the introduction of Ellen Harvelle, along with her daughter Jo.

Despite having 3 whole seasons between her first appearance and her last appearance (while she was alive at least), Ellen didn't actually feature in many episodes. This was a shame because her interactions with Sam and Dean were adorable and they came to see her as a surrogate mother. Until she blew herself up. For noble reasons, of course.

9 Needed To Go - John Winchester

Like Ellen, John didn't actually pop up that much during his time on the show. However, the hard truth was that it harmed the show every time John teamed up with his sons. Supernatural is a series about the dynamic between two brothers who hunt supernatural creatures. When their father appeared, that dynamic was temporarily lost.

For example, imagine if the show had started with John's death. Dean would have been devastated that, even with his hunter status, he failed to save his dad. And Sam would have felt super guilty that he left hunting to study law. It would have completely changed the whole of the first season.

8 Died Too Soon - Gabriel

Gabriel was one of the best antiheroes the show produced, and the friendliest Archangel (which really isn't saying much). He was the first ever angel to appear on the show, pretending to be the Trickster in seasons 2 and 3. His charisma and his hilarious sense of humor made him a lovable character, even if he did kill Dean. More than 100 times.

However, when he was resurrected in Season 13, viewers came to see a more serious side of the Archangel, which added more depth to his character. Unfortunately he was later killed by Alt-Michael in that same season, robbing fans of the chance to see his relationship with the Winchesters develop further.

7 Needed To Go - Raphael

Yet another Archangel to make this list, Raphael was way less fun than his brother. It didn't help that the first time he appeared was to vaporize Castiel, who had quickly embedded himself in the hearts of fans everywhere.

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It was in Supernatural's sixth season though, when Raphael really began to get irritating. In the absence of God, Michael and Lucifer, Raphael attempted to seize Heaven for himself and get the Apocalypse back on track. Not only did he try to destroy Earth, he was also responsible for Cas's weird storyline for the whole of that season.

6 Died Too Soon - Bela Talbot

Supernatural is a very male-oriented series, with all of the current main cast members being men. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the show has produced some brilliant, strong female characters throughout its run. However, the addition of Lauren Cohan to the main cast in Season 3 was a welcome surprise.

Bela only appeared in a handful of episodes but fans came to recognise that whenever she did, it always made for an entertaining episode. She was a great femme fatale and no one knew whether she was there to help or hinder the Winchesters. Her time on the series was cut tragically short as she was mauled to death by Hellhounds after only 6 episodes.

5 Needed To Go - Ruby

Ruby was an interesting character at first. She was a demon, which automatically meant she couldn't be trusted, but throughout the whole of the third season, she never gave Sam and Dean any reason to doubt her. However, that all changed in the next season.

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In Season 4, Ruby had switched bodies and found her way back to Sam in Dean's absence. When Dean returned, he was extremely surprised to find Sam and Ruby very cozy with each other. This caused a rift between the brothers which came to a head in the season finale. Suffice to say, Ruby was not very popular with the fans after that.

4 Died Too Soon - Bobby Singer

Similar to Ellen, Bobby played a major role in the lives of Sam and Dean during his time alive on the show. After John Winchester's death in the Season 2 premiere, Bobby stepped up as a surrogate father to his sons, a role which he was committed to until his untimely end.

Bobby was a great character, not only because he clearly loved Sam and Dean but also because he was just so damn funny. His quick witted sarcasm and his one liners always added much needed humor to the series. Although he recurred for 7 seasons before his death, there wouldn't be any objection if Supernatural had kept him around for longer.

3 Needed To Go - Samuel Campbell

Sam and Dean's grandfather, Samuel, was probably one of most annoying antagonists in the whole series. Given that he was Mary's dad, you would have been forgiven for thinking that he would act in his grandsons' best interests. Unfortunately, you'd still be wrong.

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Samuel returned in Season 6, probably Supernatural's worst run. The show was still clearly trying to think of something new after defeating the Devil which definitely showed. The reason for Samuel's return is still unclear and his whole storyline was mundane and easily forgettable. Plus, he was an ass.

2 Died Too Soon - Charlie Bradbury

Contrary to Samuel, Charlie was one of the best characters Supernatural ever invented. She first appeared in Season 7 to help the boys fight the Leviathan leader, Dick Roman. Charlie's little quirks and her status as a fully qualified nerd was adorkable and fans warmed to her almost immediately.

It also helped that Charlie was gay, cementing her as an ally of the LGBT+ community. She managed to last an impressive 4 seasons until she was killed in Season 10. For such a joyful character, her death was particularly brutal and devastated literally everyone. The series later introduced Alt-Charlie, but it was never the same.

1 Needed To Go - Asmodeus

Season 13 of Supernatural was a bit of a weird one. On one hand, the newest main character, Jack, was a hit with fans, and the alternate Earth storyline was a new, if not a little weird, direction for the show.

On the other hand, the main recurring antagonist since Season 5, Crowley, had sacrificed himself in the finale of the previous season, leaving the show to try and fill in the gaping hole left behind. Unfortunately, Asmodeus just didn't cut it. He was easily the most boring Prince of Hell and quite simply, he felt unremarkable. It was no surprise then that he was killed off in his debut season.

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