Supernatural: 10 Characters Who Would Have Made Awesome Hunters (But Weren't)

From talented children to good monsters, these Supernatural characters had what it takes to be a hunter - even if they weren't.

Supernatural first began airing in 2005. The show's story has evolved over countless twists and turns. There have been thousands of characters throughout its 15 seasons some have faded away others have become returning favorites. It takes a very special person to be a successful hunter, though the Winchesters were never the only game in town. Many of the supporting characters display traits that would have made them useful assets on the job.

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Take a look at why these 10 characters would have made incredible hunters if they had ever been given the chance. Some may strike you as obvious while others may require a deeper look. Either way, you'll see these characters in a whole new light.

10 Lisa

There are few hunters as well adapted to the life as Dean Winchester. He expertly compartmentalizes his humanity and carries out his work like a well-oiled machine. He knows and respects strength when he sees it. Dean was immediately drawn to Lisa because he saw just how resilient and intelligent she is.

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Both a quick wit and resiliency are necessary to survive as a hunter. We also see her impeccable instinct for people when she sees right through Dean's expertly crafted lies. It's not easy to notice when a Winchester isn't telling the truth.  Her instincts and brilliance would help her make the split-second decisions needed in the field.

9 Adam

Adam is an obvious choice. He has Winchester blood running through his veins. He has the same monster-hunting genes as that have kept his half brothers going for years. Adam had a unique bond with John that Sam and Dean never experienced. It seems only natural that he would want to delve into the hidden side of John that he never got to see. Hunting would be the only way to fully understand his father and half brothers. Adam would have made a powerful asset to the team.

8 Lenore

Lenore is the hunter total package. Let's start with the tragic backstory. She lost her human life when she was turned against her will. She tried to build a new life for herself as a vampire and found ways to survive without hurting any humans. Lenore helped create a nest of other like-minded vampires. Together they became a kind of family.

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Her nest were contributing members of society who went to work and paid taxes just like everyone else. Even the Winchester boys saw that they were different. After Lenore's nest was wiped out she could have found a new family with Sam and Dean. Her enhanced senses would make her an incredible hunter. She's spent a very long time covering her tracks and assuming identities to remain hidden from humans. Those skills directly translate to the job.

7 Ben

Not only is Lisa built to hunt, but her son Ben could make an incredible monster killer too. Ben has all the great qualities of his mother with an undeniable desire to emulate Dean. As Dean's own personal mini-me, Ben could prove to be an even better right-hand man than Sam ever was. John brought his sons up to be incredible hunters under his wing. Dean could do the same. The only thing stopping Ben from surpassing his father figure in the field is Dean's desire to protect him. He wants Ben to have the typical childhood he never got to experience. No one can blame Dean for wanting to save Ben from all of the horrors that he experienced but no one can deny how great Ben would be at the family business.

6 Lucky

Lucky was one of the most fascinating background characters on the show. He bent the Winchester's rigid rules about who was and wasn't a monster. As a skinwalker, Lucky could change shape at will. He assumed the form of a German Shepherd and befriended a family in need of his protection. After his "owner" discovered his secret she panicked. She refused to let Lucky back into their lives. Left with nowhere to turn Lucky could have easily set his attention to hunting things like the ones that cost him his family. With the ability to sniff out supernatural creatures he would have tracking skills unmatched by any human hunter. Being a supernatural creature himself Lucky would have insights into that world.

5 Agent Henriksen

Two of the most formidable targets to hunt and track are Sam and Dean Winchester. Agent Henriksen proved his abilities as a hunter by apprehending the Winchester brothers more than once. If he can track and nab them, he can track anything. He clearly has the skills for the job and the iron nerves to face danger.

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Not only is he well qualified to hunt he's also disillusioned from his current job. He's talked about how frustrated he is with the slow grind of bureaucracy. He lamented that his investigations could last years and only save a handful of lives. Hunting offers immediate satisfaction. Sam and Dean save countless lives often within a few days of picking up a case.

4 Lucas

Lucas lost his father to a vengeful spirit and stopped speaking in his grief. He nearly lost his mother too. Through the trauma and terror, he found the will to save his mom. With a clear mind and problem-solving skills, Lucas went to Sam and Dean. He was brave in the face of a horrifying supernatural threat. That courage and level headed thinking prove that Lucas could grow up to be an excellent hunter. He immediately took a liking to Dean. It makes sense that Lucas would want to follow in his hero's footsteps and learn the trade. Losing so many people important to him to a vengeful ghost is a backstory most hunters could relate to.

3 Bela

If hunting were more lucrative, Bela Talbot would probably be out in the field. She has all of the skills necessary and even faces some of the same foes... you could even argue that she is a breed of hunter. She hunts valuable objects rather than dangerous creatures but the skillset is the same. Her incredible intelligence helps her investigate the lore of the items she sells to her clients. She then has to track them down the same way hunters track down their prey. She's obviously well versed in combat and has gotten herself out of more than one sticky situation. She's honed one of the most important skills any hunter can have, evading law enforcement. It's clear Bella is driven by her love of wealth and luxury. The austere life of a hunter just isn't for her, no matter how great she would be in the role.

2 Bobby John

There is no doubt about it, Bobby John could have been the greatest hunter to ever come out of the Campbell-Winchester crew. Baby Bobby John was a shapeshifter. There is no need for a shifter to be evil or harm anyone. He could easily have used his natural abilities to gain the trust of witnesses and investigate cases in a way no other hunter ever had. He could even take on the form of other monsters. Little Bobby John took to Dean immediately. Who better to raise and train the ultimate hunter than the coolest hunter dad?

1 Jake

Jake was a killer who operated with bone-chilling efficiency. He could have been an incredible hunter if he had only chosen the right path. He was one of the yellow-eyed demon's chosen children just like Sam. He had abilities just like the others as well. Jake had combat experience and military training making him a ruthless hunter before he ever knew the supernatural world existed. He seemed to adapt instantly once his eyes were opened to the occult world. All of this combined made for the perfect temperament for the job.

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