Supernatural Casts Chad Rook As Zachariah

The apocalypse world version of the angel Zachariah is set to appear in Supernatural soon and will be played this time around by Chad Rook.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead for Supernatural Season 13.


Another angel is set to reappear in Supernatural and this time it's the turn of Zachariah, who will now be portrayed by actor Chad Rook. In its season 12 finale, Supernatural introduced the existence of a parallel "apocalypse" dimension courtesy of Lucifer's son, Jack, whose untamed power was enough to rip a hole between the two worlds. This setup has allowed for the return of several figures that are currently deceased in the primary timeline such as fan-favorite Bobby Singer - whose alternate incarnation briefly appeared to help the Winchesters fight Lucifer - and geeky prophet Kevin Tran, who still hasn't managed to catch a break.

Unfortunately for Sam and Dean, it hasn't all been emotional reunions and friendly faces, as this parallel world has been decimated by the warring forces of heaven and hell and the angels rule with an iron fist. Leading this holy charge is the parallel (and far nastier) version of the archangel Michael, whose ultimate intention is to invade Sam and Dean's realm - a place that is in far healthier shape than his own war-torn world.

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It now seems as if Michael may have some angelic backup in the form of Zachariah. In the prime world, Zachariah was portrayed by actor Kurt Fuller, and was eventually offed by none other than Dean Winchester himself. The parallel version of the character will be played by Chad Rook, the actor himself has confirmed on his Twitter page, while also promising "a whole lot more hell to be raised."

I’m back #Supernatural fans!! But this time....there’s a whole lot more hell to be raised.…there’s a new face in town. #Zachariah is coming! #SPN

— Chad Rook (@ChadRook) February 16, 2018

This casting marks Rook's third appearance in Supernatural. The actor played Marshall Todd in season six's "Mommy Dearest" and the dastardly vampire Desmond in season eight. Since angels require a human vessel in order to walk the Earth, it's possible that Rook could be playing the parallel world's Todd, who has been taken over by the angel Zachariah. Perhaps the more likely scenario, however, is that the actor is simply playing an unknown human vessel that has been possessed by the angel. In either case, it feels as if the role of Zachariah could prove to be Rook's most significant appearance in the series yet.

One pertinent question surrounding Zachariah's return is whether or not he'll be batting for the good guys or the bad. Given that the prime world's version of the angel was one of heaven's less moral children, it's a safe bet that his parallel incarnation would be even worse, given the hellish events of that dimension. As such, perhaps the logical assumption would be that this Zachariah is one of Michael's trusted generals and another enemy for the Winchesters to deal with further down the line.

With that said, it would make for an interesting twist if an antagonist angel from the prime world proved to be an ally to the Winchesters in the parallel one. Certainly, with the oncoming forces of Michael, the current King of Hell Asmodeus lurking and Lucifer in charge of heaven, Sam and Dean have more than enough on their plate. Could Zachariah prove to be an unlikely source of aid?

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Supernatural season 13 continues Thursday, March 1 with 'Good Intentions' on The CW.

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