20Hurt: David Haydn-Jones – Arthur Ketch

David Hadyn-Jones in Supernatural Season 12

Season 13 saw several characters from previous seasons brought back into important roles, thanks largely to the plotline involving alternate universes where their characters were different, but still alive. Ketch returned to the living due to a magic spell, but unlike the others who merely got a guest spot, he looks

to be staying for some time. This is somewhat unfortunate, as he definitely wasn't a character many fans were clamoring to see return.

Ketch, played by David Haydn-Jones, is a British Man of Letters, frequently called a psychopath by Dean. He was a passable villain, but now has converted into a Winchester ally, something nobody really cares about because nobody really connected with the character.

The problem with Ketch seems to lie squarely at the feet of Haydn-Jones. The character received a fun introduction, showing up out of nowhere and blowing up a car to save the Winchesters from government agents, and yet fans still don't care much about him.

Haydn-Jones' British accent is frequently labeled as the cause for the apathy, as it doesn't sound authentic to pretty much anyone who hears it. Sounding a bit like a Canadian acting student trying out a British accent for the first time, Haydn-Jones is never able to make the impression stick, which is odd considering he's half British himself.

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