Supernatural: 10 Hilarious Castiel Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Castiel is everyone's favorite angel - from his early clueless days to the final season of Supernatural.

Supernatural might be one of the most memed (and gif-ed) shows out there, and it's easy to see why. This crazy ride through Heaven, Hell, and everything in between includes brilliant one-liners, hilarious moments, facial expressions to die for, and enough inside jokes to fill a Men of Letters Bunker.

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That means that it can be hard to pick the best memes - even when narrowing that search down to a single character. And when that character is as hilarious as Castiel (not to mention part of a fan-ship as huge as Destiel), averting the apocalypse seems like it might be easier. Absolute best or not, these ten are guaranteed to have any Castiel fan laughing.

10 Destiel Behind The Scenes

This brilliantly meme-able image came about when Misha Collins (the actor who plays Castiel so wonderfully) was fooling around on a blooper reel, joking about when Castiel vanishes. Which Misha jokes is done by him suddenly falling on the floor to drop out of the shot. True? Unlikely. The birth of a thousand memes? Absolutely. And of course, some of those best memes have to be Destiel jokes - and a little nod toward just how much the angel loves his grumpy hunter (and how annoyed Jensen Ackles can get when talking about Destiel fan fic!).

9 Obviously, Netflix!

This is inspired by a scene where Castiel is drunk (impressive work, for an angel, but he did find a liquor store and drink it...). Sam asks for help, and then when he sees how hammered Cas is, asks if he is ok. Obviously, he isn't, so Castiel responds with this line.

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It's not just hilarious to see Castiel drunk, but amazingly useful as a meme... especially when it comes to Netflix honestly having to question if someone is still watching Supernatural. Of course, Netflix. Of course.

8 Maybe Take Away The Bees...

For anyone unaware, Destiel is the name given to the ship of Castiel and Dean Winchester - two men who have an impressively close 'friendship', and one that many (many) fans would love to see expanded into something more. Although there is absolutely nothing in canon to confirm it, Destiel shippers love to write fan fic and watch each episode for potential Destiel-fodder... so of course, when Dean says that Cas (when insane) showed up 'naked, covered in bees' every Destiel shipper was hoping to get a little more information on that!

7 Daddy's Boy

Everyone loves this meme, because it can work for so many situations - and of course, that means it works for plenty of Supernatural references, too. This particular variant, of course, pits Lucifer and Castiel against each other for the affections of Jack, the young Nephilim that would cause all kinds of trouble. Despite Lucifer desperately wanting his son to love him, Jack was much more Castiel's kid  - and for good reason.

6 That Sums Up Finals

Sometimes, Castiel and the Winchesters bite off a little more than even they can chew... which makes this meme of Castiel's realization perfect for just about any situation. This particular variant might be about exams (because who hasn't walked into a test feeling uber-confident until they actually take a look at the questions?), but it works for so much more.

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Feel like you've got everything under control on a Monday morning? Come back to second-panel Cas by Thursday, it might be a little more accurate. Really, this Castiel is all of us, even about just living our lives.

5 One Last Destiel...

It would be easy to create a list of ten phenomenal Destiel memes alone, but this may be one of the best. Taking a classic meme format of a car swerving from the main highway to an offramp (presumably in excitement over what's waiting at this exit), this one puts the Supernatural writers in the car... gleefully choosing subtext over just admitting that Dean and Castiel might have a thing for each other. Will it ever happen? Probably not...

4 Just Stop Spending Money!

Even more perfect when that unnecessary purchase was yet more Supernatural merchandise... Let's be honest, everyone has had a time when their spending might be just a little bit out of control, and it would possibly help to have an angry angel representing that poor bank account! The facial expressions here are truly brilliant, especially Sam's slightly-fearful (and slightly confused) face. Another meme that can be repurposed for almost any situation...

3 Thank You, CW!

A mash-up of John Mulaney and Supernatural might just be the best meme pairing of all time... especially when this one is just so wholesome! After Sam and Dean move into the Bunker, they decide to carve their initials into the table - just like they did to the Impala when they were kids. It's an amazing moment, made even better when Mary Winchester is able to add hers later on. However, with Castiel being an honorary Winchester (and having saved the boys plenty of times), fans were upset that his initials weren't there too. Until one clever fan pointed out that when watching with the network logo in the corner, it looks like Castiel's initials are there - and he's Castiel Winchester!

2 This Is Why People Text

There are reasons that so many people refuse to actually talk on the phone these days - and Castiel's face sums it up perfectly. Because there's that one kind of person who will just not. stop. talking, even after the conversation is clearly finished. This is the kind of person who says 'just one more thing', even as the poor person they are talking to is trying desperately to hang up, or debating faking 'going through a tunnel'. At least they can't see us...

1 Dean And Castiel Problems

Much as Destiel shippers may swear that these two are perfect together, at the end of the day... Dean causes a whole lot of trouble for Cas, over the years. He also doesn't always treat him that well, and in this season, Cas has finally had enough and leaves the Winchesters (although not likely for good). While fans wait for him to return, this is the perfect meme to enjoy - as Cas recognizes that of his 99 problems, Dean Winchester is at the center of it all... even if he thinks he's just adorable.

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