Supernatural: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Castiel

Over the course of 13 seasons, Supernatural has continually reinvented itself, finding ways to remain relevant for fans both new and old. However, nothing shook up the show’s mythology quite as much as the revelation that angels exist in this world.

Portrayed brilliantly by Misha Collins, Castiel was introduced in the 4th season premiere. He has been a part of the series in some capacity ever since. Whether the Winchesters were visiting Heaven, fighting their way through Hell, or just hanging out with God, this trench coat wearing angel was in their corner. Sure, Cas has gone off the rails occasionally, but who on the show hasn’t by this point?

Castiel has become as integral to the story as the Winchesters themselves, at least as far as most fans are concerned. The angel has become so overwhelmingly popular in Supernatural fandom that it’s likely that him being written off the show would elicit just as much outrage as the loss of Sam or Dean. He’s officially a part of Team Free Will.

As much as we love both Supernatural and Castiel, there are plenty of aspects of either that don’t quite add up. Thirteen years is a long time, so inconsistencies are simply unavoidable. That being said, some of these errors are more egregious than others. From the nitpicky to the truly ridiculous, we’ve done our best to compile a list of everything about this beloved angel that makes us wonder if the writers were always paying attention.

Here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Castiel.

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20 He is never actually in any real danger

If we’re being honest, the stakes kind of disappeared from Supernatural years ago. After Sam and Dean had both been resurrected multiple times, fans began to realize that the afterlife wasn’t the end for these guys. Even when we briefly lost either of the Winchester brothers, there was never really any sense of permanence to it. At this point, Cas is in a similarly safe situation.

Like Sam and Dean, fans have said goodbye to Castiel on more than one occasion, but never for very long.

Whether it’s because Collins loves making the show as much as Ackles and Padalecki or because the writers know that fans would riot, Cas is never in any real danger.

19 His inconsistent knowledge of pop culture

If we could sum up Castiel in one statement, it would probably be, “I don’t understand that reference.” For years, Cas was quite pop culture-challenged, but all that changed in season 9. Having Metatron upload decades worth of information into Castiel’s brain was certainly a shortcut for him to understand Sam and Dean’s references. 

Suddenly, Cas could throw in a Lord of the Rings comment, stumping us all. Seriously, a few seasons prior, the dude hadn’t even seen Back to the Future and we know he doesn’t have time for a LOTR marathon! However, thanks to Metatron, he is “pop culture savvy.”

The thing is, if he now possesses all of that knowledge, why can he not come up with a more believable pop culture alias than "Agent Beyonce?" It's funny, but it doesn't make much sense.

18 His varying power levels

This is kind of an issue with angels on the series in general, but since Castiel is the feathered friend that we spend the most time with, his issues are the most conspicuous.

Angel powers are basically written to suit the narrative.

Sometimes certain angels have specific abilities, but other times, or other angels, lack them.

Only angels can wield an angel blade-- except when a human can handle one just fine. An angel can read minds and end lives with a snap of their fingers-- unless for the sake of the plot, a person needs to get close to one.

It doesn’t help that Cas has lost and regained his powers multiple times, once attained Godhood and also sometimes has simply “run out of juice.

17 Does he or does he not taste food?

The question isn’t whether or not angels can eat, but whether or not they can enjoy food. We know that they don’t actually require calories for sustenance, but can they even taste what they are munching on?

Gabriel has been shown to appreciate the finer things that life has to offer, including food. Balthazar and Cas have also been shown to enjoy a tasty snack. However, the latter has also stated that food tastes like nothing other than “molecules” to him.

Castiel has indeed eaten, and not just when he was influenced by Famine. Even still, the actual desire to chow down doesn’t make much sense if he couldn’t even taste the food.

16 He never changes his clothes

We get it, Castiel’s trademark look was inspired by the incomparable DC mage, John Constantine. That is incredibly cool, but is there a reason why the guy barely ever gets a wardrobe change?

Again, he likely doesn’t need one, but couldn’t the show give the guy some new clothes every once in a while?

He’s not Charlie Brown.

We know that human needs like eating and sleeping tend to fall by the wayside during angel possession. Perhaps that means that we take can also take sweat out of the equation.

However, it still stands to reason that Cas would be more comfortable if he sometimes had the opportunity to take off his trench coat and stay a while.

15 How is he still in the same vessel?

According to Chuck, aka God, Castiel has been rebuilt more times than the deity can count. Apparently, angels and demons don’t have much love for humans or their meatsuits, so why would Cas be so partial to his?

Obviously, the practical answer is that fans love Collins, so he absolutely cannot be recast. However, there hasn’t been much explanation on the series as to the reasons that Castiel still inhabits the same vessel.

We know that Jimmy isn’t in there anymore, so really, Cas could've looked like anyone when God chose to resurrect him. With other angels and demons changing vessels like outfits, it doesn’t make much sense that Castiel is still walking around wearing Jimmy’s.

14 His God complex

When creator Eric Kripke left Supernatural after telling his five season arc, the show experienced some major growing pains. Season 6 is considered by many fans to be a series low. The writers seemed unsure of how to continue a story that had been given such a clear beginning, middle and end. Eventually, the show found its way, but there were plenty of hiccups in getting there. A major one is the way that Cas was written that season.

The angel still holds the title for best entrance to the series and remains one of its most beloved characters. However, while his character was originally developed with care, season 6 transformed him from a stalwart hero to a mediocre villain.

It was an interesting plot twist, sure, but one that hardly felt earned. 

13 Why was his vessel able to house Lucifer?

Supernatural season 11 - Lucifer and Castiel

There are several questions about vessels that have yet to be answered by the writers in a satisfactory manner. However, much like angel powers, the vessel criteria seems to be rewritten right along with the plot.

Michael and Lucifer’s vessels must be Dean and Sam respectively - unless Dean isn’t available, in which case his half-brother would suffice. Sam cannot house Lucifer without first preparing his body by drinking gallons of demon blood, but Dean need not do the same for Michael.

Speaking of which, how exactly was Jimmy Novak’s former meatsuit able to contain Lucifer? There was no mention of the body being prepared for the fallen angel or coming apart after saying yes to him.

Perhaps this was because this husk had been rebuilt with the express purpose of housing Castiel, but it’s never been addressed.

12 How did he grow a beard in Purgatory?

This is an incredibly minor complaint, but Dean somehow found the time to give himself a clean shave in Purgatory, so why then did Castiel wind up with a beard?

It was established that those two dudes were pretty much constantly on the run in that place, so who’s got the opportunity to shave? Apparently, Dean Winchester can always find the time.

Perhaps everything stops in Purgatory - it would make sense. Maybe things like hair and fingernails simply cease growing. The issue there is, of course, Cas’ beard.

Either both of them should’ve grown facial hair or they both should have remained clean shaven.

Giving a beard only to Castiel really didn’t make any sense.

11 He wasn’t actually a fallen angel

For all of Castiel’s disobedience to the rules of Heaven, the angel hadn’t actually fallen when the Winchesters needed his blood to help them create the weapon that could defeat Dick Roman.

When the brothers were struggling to do a ritual using the Blood of the Fallen, they used Cas’ blood.

He may not have been in favor with Heaven, but he hadn’t actually fallen either.

Perhaps the bone somehow understood not to take things too literally. After all, the boys also used Crowley’s blood as a “leader of fallen humanity” and he wasn’t created to rule Hell. He was basically just a particularly clever and powerful demon.

10 Is it Cas or Cass?

Most fans spell Castiel’s nickname as Cas. However, that’s not the end of the story. The scripts refer to the angel as Cass-- which really doesn’t make much sense, given that it's the short form of "Castiel." It also appears with this spelling in both official companion books and tie-in novels.

Even the season 4 DVD subtitles used Cas and Cass in equal measure.

Despite fan insistence that the correct spelling is Cas, canonically it is definitely Cass. Kripke stated that he spelled it that way initially because he thought that it looked cooler, but it officially became canon in season 9 when Metatron spelled the name that way. It has also appeared on Dean’s caller ID as Cass, so regardless of fan feelings on this one, the writers have made their choice clear.

9 We’ve never seen his true form

Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural

Okay, so seeing Castiel’s true form wouldn’t be good for the vision of our heroes - it certainly hasn’t been for certain side characters - but it would seem that after all these years, fans would’ve caught a glimpse of what Cas really looks like.

Of course, some things are better left to the imagination and it would certainly be difficult for the visual effects team, especially on a TV budget, to put a face to “a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent.

So, we’re not saying that it’s not for the best that we have yet to see what Cas actually looks like, but Supernatural has always been more show than tell, so it’s kind of odd that we haven’t.

8 His abandoned wife

Supernatural Castiel and Daphne

Supernatural has been on for a long time, so certain storylines have kind of been abandoned over the years. Castiel’s wife is one of those.

You can be forgiven for forgetting that he was ever ever married, since Daphne Allen appeared in a single episode back in season 7.

She discovered Cas, after he’d lost both his memories and his clothing. It’s unclear if their marriage was legally binding, considering the fact that “Emmanuel” didn’t actually exist.

Even still, the fact remains that Cas was in a very serious relationship with Daphne, but as soon as he regained his memories, she was never heard from again.

Sure, there was really no reason to bring her back, but there also kind of wasn’t much to justify her existence in the first place.

7 His relationship with Claire Novak

Supernatural Castiel Claire Novak

Castiel’s relationship with Claire Novak is just plain weird - and not in an endearing way. For one thing, he’s the reason that she no longer has either of her parents. She spent years resenting him and for good reason.

The angel ruined her life and, on top of that, he still looks exactly like her father.

Yes, Claire was eventually able to rise above these feelings and Cas has done everything that he could in order to make it right. Even so, their relationship doesn’t make sense. It’s one thing for Castiel to want to mentor her after everything he’d done, but he remains a constant reminder of everything that she has lost.

6 How was he resurrected by God?

As excited as fans were when Cas returned in season 13, his resurrection did raise certain questions about the other times that he was brought back. After the angel was reunited with the Winchesters, he explained that it wasn’t God who returned him to Earth, because God has no power in the Empty - where angels go when their lives end.

If that’s true, then how has God brought Castiel back before?

The only logical explanation is that he didn’t actually lose his life prior to this.

At a certain point, Jimmy went to Heaven and all that remained was Cas, so perhaps he wound up there as well and all God had to do was rebuild his vessel. This could be true, but who knows?

5 He’s banished by angel sigils (sometimes)

Generally, Supernatural has done a decent job with this one, but there was one particularly notable exception. The angel sigils will banish every angel in the vicinity-- unless of course the plot dictates that they won’t.

In season 4, Cas banished Zachariah, but he remained. This could’ve been because he drew the sigil in his own blood. However, most other times Castiel was ousted right along with everyone else, regardless of whether or not the sigil was his own doing.

Angels were still a new addition in season 4, so it’s likely that the writers had yet to nail down all of the show’s angel lore. Much like vessels and angel powers, the rules for sigils can always be rewritten to fit the plot.

4 He's a series regular, but disappears all the time

Fans love Castiel just as much as Sam and Dean, and were incredibly excited when Misha Collins became a series regular in season 5. Although this means that our favorite angel has been a part of the show ever since, his appearances are often sporadic. This kind of makes sense, as angel powers sometimes tend to become a deus ex machina, but then why make him a series regular?

He was credited as a special guest star during seasons 7 and 8, appearing in a handful of installments. In a given season where he was counted as a series regular, he roughly appeared in about half of the episodes. That’s nothing compared to Jensen and Jared’s schedules. Most Supernatural fans want as much Castiel as they can get.

3 Other angels are still willing to follow him

Castiel hasn’t always possessed all of the hallmarks of a great leader, but still, the angels are willing to follow him. This doesn’t make all that much sense, considering everything that he has done.

His past transgressions include releasing the Leviathans, causing the angels to fall, and oh yeah, deciding that he was the new God. It’s not as though angels aren’t a judgmental bunch. Seriously, you know that those guys know how to hold a grudge.

As much as we adore Cas, he has demonstrated time and time again that he may not be the best choice to lead the angels. The question isn't so much "why would he want to lead?" as much as it is "why would they still follow?"

2 His convenience store meltdown

Castiel Supernatural Pie

Sure, Cas isn’t human, but the guy has been in existence since the dawn of time. It stands to reason that he would understand how eggs work. However, his convenience store meltdown in “The Clip Show” proves otherwise.

Yes, it’s a funny scene that exemplifies both Castiel’s knowledge of Dean and his devotion to him. However, it’s also more inconsistency in writing of his character.

Aside from the fact that he’s breaking eggs in shock and randomly destroying property, the angel is also attacking civilians now. Seriously, all that convenience store clerk did was run out of pie, which isn’t even his fault. It seems unlikely that Cas would lose it on him like that, regardless of the headspace that he was in at the time.

1 Was he actually God or just a mutated angel?

The whole "Godstiel" situation creates more questions than it ultimately answers. God may have left the building, but he was still in existence. Knowing that, it seems unlikely that Castiel could’ve actually become God. If he was, wouldn’t he have been able to overpower the Leviathans?

Cas had obviously transformed into something more than your average angel, as the angel blade did not work on him, but what exactly had he become?

Perhaps, he was simply an angel with an overinflated sense of self. According to the Reaper, Cas seemed more like a “mutated angel” than God - and that guy would probably know God if he saw him.

This is the explanation that makes the most sense: that Castiel wasn’t actually the man upstairs, despite declaring himself so. However, it was never actually made clear.


Can you think of anything else about Castiel that doesn't make sense in Supernatural? Let us know in the comments!

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