Supernatural: The 5 Best Versions of Castiel (& 5 Worst)

He's played the good angel and bad angel, devil and human, but no matter what, fans agree that Castiel is integral to the series.

Since his arrival on the series in season four, Misha Collins has played multiple versions of fan-favorite the angel Castiel. The Winchester brothers' dynamic made Supernatural what it is, but Castiel's inclusion to Team Free Will added a cosmic element to their found family.

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As Cass grew closer to the Winchesters, he began to question his angelic purpose and his role in the story. He's played the good angel and bad angel, devil and human, but no matter what, fans agree that Castiel is integral to the series. Here are the five best and the five worst versions of Castiel.

10 BEST: The Original

Castiel Wings Supernatural

Castiel's initial entrance into the show ensured he would become a mainstay as he made an incredible impression with the shadow display of his wings. His gravelly greeting of, "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition," was enough to send chills down everyone's spines.

As he questioned Heaven's plans and unraveled the conspiracy to start the apocalypse, he changed sides and became the Winchesters' best friend. His loyalty to Dean made fans wonder about the true nature of their relationship.

9 WORST: Leviathan/God Castiel

When Cass absorbs all the souls of Purgatory to gain power to overtake Heaven, he inadvertently takes in the Leviathans as well. The energy of the souls combined with the influence of the Leviathans turned him into an all-powerful being as he proclaimed himself the new God.

This turned Castiel into a merciless deity that passed judgment and smote anyone who dared to defy him. It was a classic case of power going to someone's head. He even went against the Winchesters while in God mode.

8 BEST: Heaven's Ruler

After making a mess of things as a Leviathan-possessed God, Castiel wants to make amends. At first, he tries to deny a seat of power as the last time it turned him into a monster. But the angels divided into factions and one of those factions wanted to follow Castiel.

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They thought his ability to defy Heaven's rule and choose free will made him the perfect candidate to rule Heaven and lead them in their new mission. This role saw Cass return to his true character, which is a good person who wants to help the world.

7 WORST: Cassifer

Castiel said yes to Lucifer to bring him out of the cage and onto Earth, turning him into Cassifer. Lucifer saw Castiel's dilemma and offered him the help he needed to defeat Amara. But he lied and couldn't defeat the Darkness on his own.

He used Castiel's vessel to kill Rowena to avoid getting put back in the cage and imprisoned Crowley. While it is Lucifer that caused all the havoc in Castiel's body, it was Cass who allowed him into his vessel in the first place.

6 BEST: Jimmy Novak

Technically Jimmy is Castiel's vessel, but the way Misha Collins portrays him emphasizes how important it was that Jimmy said yes to becoming his vessel. His faith in God is what led him to say yes, but eventually, Castiel's takeover is too much for him.

Even so, when Cass takes Jimmy's daughter Claire as his next vessel when Jimmy lays dying, Jimmy begs Castiel to take him instead. Though it means leaving his family behind again and living a life of misery as a vessel, Jimmy agrees to be Castiel to spare his daughter.

5 WORST: Rabid Dog

Rowena cast a spell to turn Castiel into a rabid dog, using him to kill Crowley and hurt everyone around him. As the spell took hold, it turned him into a vicious killing machine and he didn't care who got in his way anymore, not even Dean.

Thankfully, the spell didn't take full control as Castiel's angelic nature helped him overpower it. Rowena performed the reversal spell, but the damage was already done. Castiel lost Dean's trust after what happened under the rabid dog spell.

4 BEST: The Human Steve

During one of his stints with no angelic powers, Castiel took on the name Steve and tried to find his purpose as a human. After a tough time where he found himself homeless, Cass ended up becoming an employee of the chain convenience store Gas 'N' Sip.

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A miscommunication with his boss left him flustered, but he graciously stayed on to babysit her child as she'd requested when he thought she was asking for a date. Once more, Collins stole the fans' hearts in a scene where he sings to the baby.

3 WORST: Naomi's and Metatron's Subordinate

During his lowest points, Castiel sought guidance and a leader to follow. His belief in the best in others led him down dark paths. He followed angels that wanted to use him to get to the Winchesters or rule Heaven. Naomi brainwashed Cass and had him report on the Winchesters until their trust was broken.

Metatron led Castiel to believe he wanted to help Sam and Dean close the gates of Hell, but really he wanted to cast the angels out of Heaven. Castiel's need to follow a leader shows he is not as free as he thinks.

2 BEST: Purgatory Cass

After the debacle with the Leviathans and breaking the wall in Sam's mind, Castiel dies and his soul is sent to Purgatory. While there, Dean finds him and wants to bring him back with him to Earth. But Castiel knows that his angelic presence in Purgatory is attracting the monsters, so he flees and leaves Dean to keep him safe.

When they finally find the portal out of Purgatory, Castiel stays behind to buy Dean time to get through. He also chooses to stay behind as penance for his sins.

1 WORST: Crazy Castiel

Cass takes on the wall in Sam's mind as well as the torment that comes with it and it sends him to a mental institution. He is left in the care of the demon Meg who poses as his nurse.

In the time that he loses his mind, there are moments of levity, like when he boops Kevin on the nose and brings the Winchesters sandwiches as a peace offering. Ultimately, he uses it as an excuse to remain inactive as he fears he'll mess things up again.

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