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There have been many lists featuring the best quotes and sayings from characters in the CW’s Supernatural, which is understandable considering the series has been on for almost fifteen years. However, almost all of these lists stress on funny words rather than profound and meaningful ones, and we’ve thought to change that.

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In this list, we’ve given more weight to Sam Winchester’s best quotes during times where the audience wanted to hear exactly what he was saying. While he’s had his fair share of funny moments too, Sam has been at his best when acting as an audience surrogate and when showing his compassionate side.

10 "Dean, We Haven't Even Tried To Save Him!"

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester on Supernatural

By the end of Season 14, both Dean and Sam had started acting more like villains than heroes, with the two deciding to trap Jack before Dean planned on using the Equalizer gun to kill the boy. It was at this point when Sam finally verbalized what the audience had been screaming at their screens.

Sam pointed out that he and Dean hadn’t even made an attempt to save Jack from the dark path he was going, as it wasn’t Jack’s fault that he didn’t have a soul. Doing one better, Sam then refused to take part in killing Jack and then proceeded to tell Chuck off for making the situation turn out the way it was.

9 "Megatron? What're You Saying, A Transformer Wrote That?"

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Misha Collins as Castiel and Jared Padalecki as Sam in Supernatural

We wanted to keep these quotes toward more serious matters, but this has to be the most underrated funny Sam quote that needs to be highlighted more. When the Winchesters found the Leviathan tablet, Castiel shared that Metatron wrote it. 

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Sam, having no clue what a Metatron was, thought that Castiel was suggesting the Transformer Megatron wrote the tablet and was baffled. Making it funnier was the fact that Sam didn’t even know who Megatron was either. When pointed out by Dean that Metatron was different from Megatron, Sam simply repeatedly asked “What?” over and again. It's too bad we haven't gotten more memes out of this quote.

8 "Kill Me..."

The love that Sam kept claiming he felt for Jack throughout Season 13 was put to the test in the finale, where Lucifer forced both of them to a fight to the death by throwing an angel blade between them. Sam, however, made the decision a whole lot easier.

Rather than play into Lucifer’s sick games, Sam selflessly offered his death up to Jack, handing him the blade and asking Jack to kill him so that Jack could live. At least in that moment, it was clear Sam saw Jack as his own son.

7 "People Who Do What We Do, You Know There Are Going To Be Deaths...But, This..."

One of the saddest “ships” for fans has to be where they hoped Sam and Eileen would have a romantic involvement, only for the latter to be brutally killed. There were hints that Sam did have an interest in Eileen, which were furthered when he saw her body.

Although he’d seen more dead bodies than anyone could count by that point, Sam was still distressed by the sight of Eileen, as he found himself without words to convey how awful her death was. Once more, it seemed as if Sam was speaking for the audience.

6 "Hey, Chuck!"

Everybody felt powerless when it was revealed that Chuck was the bad guy of the series all along, seeing as he was God and there was nothing they could do to stop him. However, Sam did do something about it, and shot Chuck with the Equalizer.

It served no purpose other than almost kill Sam, but we still appreciate how he called God himself out, looked him in the eye, and chose to shoot him for all the calamity he’d caused. It was the closest we could get to seeing Chuck getting punched in the face.

5 "Isn't That The Point Of Us?"

Ever since he chose not to search for Dean when he’d gotten lost in Purgatory, Sam felt ashamed at his lack of action when his brother needed him most. He rectified this wrong by fighting hard to make Dean put off his plan to lock himself in the Ma’lak box by going so far as punching his brother to make him see reason. 

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Sam’s argument circled around the fact that the point of them as Winchesters was that there was always a choice where they were concerned. And he was right too, as Dean did manage to remove Michael from inside him, proving that Sam knew Dean better than Dean himself.

4 "I Know You Never Did Anything But Try To Help...And I'm Grateful."

We’ve seen how horrible Dean has treated Castiel recently, putting context over how he treated the angel from the beginning. However, Sam was never one to blame Castiel or make him feel guilty. In a moment between them in Season 7, Sam acknowledged that, while Castiel’s plans for Purgatory backfired, he was only trying to help.

This came at a time when Dean was shaming Castiel for letting the Leviathans out, making Sam’s impassioned words to comfort Castiel something the angel truly needed to hear. He then went further by promising Castiel that he would do everything he could to regain Castiel’s sanity back.

3 "We've Got Work To Do."

Supernatural’s legacy as the coolest show you could watch was sealed in the first episode itself, as Sam joined his brother to go out and hunt monsters and demons to avenge the death of Jessica. This moment was immortalized by these very words. 

It’s been repeated on occasional instances since, whenever the Winchesters make an impossible claim where the odds seemed to be hopelessly against them. But we know every time we’ve heard Sam say these words that the boys will be able to overcome these impossible odds and come out on top.

2 "Dad, When I Think About You...And I Think About You A Lot..."

We’d been waiting for about fourteen years to see Sam and John end all animosity between them, and we sure got that in more ways than one. When the time-displaced John arrived in the future, he realized he’d messed his younger son up quite a bit due to his ways and offered an apology.

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However, Sam teared up by confessing he didn’t want an apology at all, as having John be in front of him was all that mattered. Over the years, Sam had figured that his issues with his father were nothing compared to how much he regretted never having gotten a chance to say goodbye. It was also nice to hear Sam reveal he’d never stopped thinking about John in over a decade.

1 "It's Okay, Dean...I've Got Him."

The finale of Season 5 still hasn’t been topped by Supernatural, where we saw the greatest depths of the love Sam and Dean had for one another. Dean had made his best quote when he’d told Sam he wouldn’t leave him even if he died, and Sam followed up with his own after he took control of his body back from Lucifer.

After remembering all the times he’d had with his brother, Sam beat the devil and used his love for Dean as the motivating factor to retain control. Sam knew he would be falling into Hell with Michael and Lucifer to be tortured for an eternity, but he couldn’t leave without promising Dean it would be okay, even though he knew it wouldn’t be for him.

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