Supernatural: 10 Best Sam Winchester Kills

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Never take a geek lightly because that geek just might turn out to be Sam Winchester. In the Supernatural universe, Sam is what is considered to be a nerd, which actually makes him the complete package since he can talk the talk and kill everything that needs to be killed.

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You don’t think of all the kills Sam’s compiled over the series because of his sensitive nature, and you need the perfect reminder of just how dangerous and badass our Sammy is by checking out these 10 kills that will scare any being from the Supernatural universe.

10 Jake Talley - Season 2

Sam’s just too nice of a guy to be believable as someone about to turn evil, which is why even after killing Jake Talley in cold blood, the supposedly “Sam’s going dark side” angle never happened. 

Within this scene, however, he did look like a stone-cold killer, as Sam made sure to get behind Jake and mow him down with bullets. Jake had it coming to him, though, seeing as the guy had previously literally stabbed Sam in the back and killed him. The resurrected Sam took no mercy on Jake, and we lost count of the number of bullets he planted in Jake even after the latter had died.

9 Werewolves - Season 11

This was such a heart-pounding episode that we believe it just might be one of the best of the series. In this scene, Sam was both shot and had gotten throttled close to death, but had managed to hold onto his life. This made it infinitely more awesome how he managed to kill two healthy werewolves while in enormous pain.

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The first werewolf was a behemoth, and Sam sneaked up on him and stabbed the monster in the heart with the silver knife. The other kill was even better, with the overconfident female werewolf casually walking in the room expecting an easy ambush, only to be killed off-screen as we saw Sam emerge from the room as the last man standing.

8 Josie Sands - Season 8

He was actually harming the demon Abaddon who was possessing Jodie, but Sam inadvertently caused the death of the human vessel. We’ll still count it as a kill, and it was an awesome one at that. 

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As it happened, Abaddon ambushed a weakened Sam as he got close to turning Crowley into a human; she flung Sam out of the church windows expecting the latter to be incapacitated. Once Abaddon turned around, however, Sam was prepared with holy oil and a bunch of matches. Quipping “love the suit” (a shot at Abaddon’s wardrobe choice), Sam doused the Knight of Hell as she went up in flames and smoked out to avoid death. Jodie perished in the process, but it was probably best for her seeing as she’d been possessed for so long.

7 Madison - Season 2

This was a mercy kill, but a kill nonetheless. Madison had become Sam’s lover when the two believed she was cured of being a werewolf, but it was tragically not to be and she begged Sam to take her life so she wouldn’t be a threat to anyone.

The moment preceding the kill was one of the most heartbreaking ones of Supernatural, with Sam realizing he’d have to see another one of the girls he’d loved die - this time him being the one to pull the trigger. A distraught Dean offered to do the deed to spare his baby brother of the pain, but Sam put on his big boy trousers and stepped up to look Madison in the eyes and shoot her in the heart.

6 Gordon Walker - Season 3

Gordon had been antagonizing Sam for all of Season 2 and Season 3, and we knew an epic confrontation was on the horizon; the result was bloody to say the least. Gordon would become consumed by both vengeance and vampiric temptation, killing innocents and keeping Sam in mind as his last victim.

The episode was such a departure for Supernatural that it became a straight-up horror show. It thankfully culminated with Sam finally putting Gordon down for good, with the former entangling Gordon’s neck in a makeshift garrote wire and pulling on it with such force that Gordon’s head was slashed off his shoulders.

5 Lilith - Season 4

If you were to ask Sam himself, he’d say killing Lilith was his greatest failure. Sam got duped into thinking that Lilith’s death meant Lucifer’s entrapment, but it turned out to be the opposite of this. 

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Regardless, it was still a cool kill, with Sam showing off the extent of his demon powers here as he pinned Lilith to the wall with extreme contempt. Lilith was the most powerful demon in creation, and seeing her be ragdolled around was an astounding sight. Sam would complete the kill when goaded by Lilith further, and this took the form of Sam’s own eyes turning jet black as he ripped apart Lilith’s essence from inside her body.

4 Ramiel - Season 12

By Season 12, it was Dean who’d gotten most of the major kills where the antagonists were concerned, so it was a welcome change to see our boy Sammy getting to kill off a Prince of Hell. Ramiel was ridiculously powerful in that he brought Castiel to his deathbed, and then proceeded to toy around with the rest of our heroes.

However, a fine piece of team-up between family members ensured they had Ramiel cornered, and Dean and Mary provided Sam excellent back up. Sam would finish Ramiel off with the Lance of Michael, but not before an action-packed sequence that had us at the edge of our seats, coupled with intense music that made the ultimate Stab from Sam all the more sweeter to witness.

3 Corbin - Season 11

This guy deserved to die badly for betraying Sam’s kindness and attempting to kill him; as a bit of poetic justice, it was Sam who got to kill Corbin in the end. Earlier on in the episode, Corbin choked Sam in the hope of causing his death and having Dean rescue him and his girlfriend from werewolves.

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After turning into a werewolf himself, Corbin would attempt to kill Dean at the hospital after he’d also killed an officer at the scene. Sam would traverse across town with a gunshot wound and in a severely weakened state, but the pay-off was beautiful as Corbin was shot clean in the back while attempting kill Dean the same way he’d tried on Sam. What Corbin didn’t know was that never easy to put our Sammy down.

2 Dean's Crossroad Demon - Season 3

Sam took on some of that cool swagger his big brother is more well-known for in this episode, as he looked to get Dean out of his one-year contract for Hell. Not being in the slightest mood to play around, Sam aimed the Colt at the demon, giving her one chance to let Dean off.

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After he realized the demon had no control over it, Sam did what she didn’t expect him to do: He shot her straight in the head without warning. We don’t get to see a no holds barred Sam too often, so this cool was something very special.

1 Alastair - Season 4

It’s a pity Sam’s demon powers were meant for bad, because they were just so delicious to watch. By the time he got around to Alastair, Sam was way too powerful for any demon to fight. After Alastair had beaten both Dean and Castiel into submission, things had never looked bleaker - Enter Sam Winchester.

Taking Alastair by surprise, the ultra-cool Sam pinned Alastair to the wall, before torturing the Grand Torturer of Hell into giving away the secret Dean had been trying hours without avail to get out of Alastair within seconds. Not to be fazed by Alastair’s mind games, Sam then proceeded to destroy the demon once and for all, fashioning a satisfied smirk to complete this kill.

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