Supernatural Stars Joke About Potential Arrow Crossover

Arrow Stephen Amell and Supernatural

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles appeared on Conan this week, where they joked about the possibility of a crossover with Arrow, and the height differential between Padalecki and Stephen Amell. Conan O'Brien took his talk show to SDCC for the third year running, interviewing multiple stars who are down in San Diego for the massive fan event. He's wrapping up with the cast of Game of Thrones on Sunday, but opened the convention with the two stars of Supernatural, Padalecki and Ackles.

The interview included plenty of talk about the upcoming thirteenth season of the hugely popular CW series, and of course, about SDCC as well. However, fans may be most interested to hear the the subject of a crossover between Supernatural and Arrow was also brought up yet again, although the guys refused to give a serious answer to O'Brien's question.

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O'Brien asked if they would like to see a crossover happen, saying that he wouldn't be too keen on having random crossovers happening on his own (very different) show, and both stars had a different funny answer. Ackles made fun of the idea of the Green Arrow appearing on other shows, while Padalecki took a lighthearted jab at his friend Amell:

Ackles: It would be odd. 'Tonight, on Law and Order: Arrow'.

Padalecki: Stephen's a big guy... I think he'd want some apple boxes and stuff to stand on, so it might never happen.

Arrow Stephen Amell and Supernatural

Padalecki's dig is a reference to his incredible height, and to Amell's incredible physique. Amell has become known for being in perfect shape, with plenty of Arrow shirtless scenes on the salmon ladder, and even a recent run on American Ninja Warrior. However, at six feet tall, Amell is significantly shorter than Padalecki, who towers over his co-stars at a whopping 6'4". His height is often a source of jokes within Supernatural, so it makes sense that Padalecki would use it for a laugh again here.

Amell has previously said that he would love to do a crossover between these two CW shows, and he and Padalecki are good friends in real life, so fans have long hoped for an eventual crossover episode. The two universes do also fit in a lot of ways, with magic and monsters existing in the 'real world' in a similar way. However, no-one has confirmed whether or not such a crossover is in the works, leaving fans crossing their fingers for something to happen in the future.

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The season premieres of both Arrow and Supernatural will air Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

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