Supernatural: All the Angels And Their Powers

Supernatural has a bunch of different kinds of angels among its ranks. But who are they exactly and what are their heavenly powers? Let's dig in.

The CW’s Supernatural started out as a show that only wanted to focus on monsters and demons, but then took a big swerve by adding in angels in Season 4. These beings are ambiguous in their loyalties, as their purpose is to serve Heaven but we’ve seen a majority of them be antagonists.

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Much like it is the case with demons, angels also have many separate classes as part of their hierarchy. The different levels of angels have separate qualities of their own, with the highest ones possessing mind-boggling levels of power. In order to bring you up to speed with the types of angels we’ve seen on Supernatural, you’ll find them all in this list along with their unique sets of powers.

10 Fallen Angels

Supernatural Dean and Anna

Let’s start off with the lowest class of angels, who aren’t even angels anymore really, just humans who used to be part of Heaven. In order to become a Fallen Angel, their grace has to be extracted completely from them, rendering them powerless. 

There are still some uses to being a Fallen Angel, though, as Castiel still had access to Angel Radio before he lost all his grace, along with retaining all his knowledge as an angel. Fallen Angel blood is vital to creating the only weapon that kills Leviathans, and a Fallen Angel can regain their powers if they can extract either their own former grace or the grace of another angel.

9 Regular Angels


These are your standard kind of the species, and one who have been terribly de-powered after Season 8. The regular angels are good if you want to fight off monsters, as a single touch from them is enough to smite these creatures. 

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Regular angels are also invulnerable to harm from weapons such as bullets, knives, or most objects; although they have been fought on equal levels by humans in recent seasons. Regular angels powers are also connected from Heaven, so as long as that bond remains, they can replenish their abilities.

8 Rit Zien


These types of angels personify the “mercy” aspect that comes with being an angel, with the special ability of the Rit Zien being that they were the Medics of Heaven. They have generally the same powers as regular angels, but their abilities are amplified in healing.

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Rit Zien can not only heal humans, but angels as well; their healing powers are also quicker and of better quality. In terms of offensive maneuvers, the Rit Zien have a special type of smiting, which negates the painful aspect of killing and is virtually painless. You can think of Rit Zien as the war doctors of Heaven.

7 Cherubs


Although these beings are also angels, they are treated more as a joke than anything else. The Cherubs, well-known among humans as Cupids, are tasked with making people fall in love. It more priority cases, the Cherubs are extremely important, such as when they caused John and Mary Winchester to fall in love and give birth to Michael and Lucifer’s intended vessels. 

However, they are among the very lowest-tier of angels in Supernatural, being almost useless where fighting is concerned. The Cherubs do have the standard angel invulnerability, as evidence when Dean unsuccessfully punched one, but are too big of wimps to do any actual fighting.

6 Reapers


These are a separate class of angels, whose servitude to Death has resulted in them not being counted as angels anymore. Regardless, Reapers were originally the Angels of Death, and they are normally very powerful.

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They possess a killing touch, where just one slight contact will kill their target. They are also generally invisible, can travel great distances in seconds, and can go through The Veil to cause resurrection. Their true abilities are lopsided, though, as we’ve seen demons overpower them despite the Reapers supposedly being of a higher-class.

5 Grigori


These were originally the elite class of angels of Heaven before they were disbanded and put away with. The Grigori are unique in that they are the only angels who don’t have Angel Blades, but Angel Swords. 

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Unlike regular angels, the Grigori are immune to being cut off from Heaven and can retain their powers despite not having access to Heaven’s resources. They are also capable of feeding on human souls, which we know are natural batteries; this renders the Grigori as around the same level of Seraphs.

4 Intelligence Angels


These ones don’t go out into the field to fight, and are responsible for running the Intelligence Division of Heaven. Their most unique and powerful aspect is the fact that they can control the minds of other angels.

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Naomi was able to effectively use Castiel as her puppet due to hardwiring herself into his brain. She could tap into this ability with no passage of time passing on Earth, and conducted several operations in the comfort of her office. They also seem to have a higher threshold of invulnerability, as Naomi survived being attacked by her own memory drill.

3 Seraphs

These are effectively evolved versions of regular angels, with Seraphs having around the same types of powers only amplified. Seraphs could travel much faster (until their wings were cut) compared to normal angels and could attack using White Light on a grander scale. 

They also don’t suffer from lack of powers after being cut off from Heaven, with their powers remaining exactly intact. They regenerate at a quicker rate, have powers above most demons, and all-around have more invulnerability.

2 Archangels

Archangels are power personified, and there’s nothing these guys can’t do. We’ve seen Gabriel create entire versions of the world all by himself, and the Alternate Michael was able to decimate his planet because he was bored. 

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Archangels can only be killed by beings of creation or their own kind using Archangel Blades. They can time travel, change reality, use fire however they please, are invulnerable to poisons and toxins, and can smite any being (other than the highest ones) without even touching them. Archangels are also capable of resurrection with no problems and retain their powers even in other universes.

1 Nephilim


A Nephilim is always more powerful than a regular angel, as they double the powers of their parents. Having one parent an angel and the other a human makes Nephilims very unique in that they also have souls of their own, which power them to great levels.

Being the son of Lucifer meant Jack was much more powerful than any Archangel, and we saw him inadvertently create havoc on Earth just because he didn’t want people to lie. God himself called Jack an apocalyptic threat, and it is only God, the Darkness, and the Shadow who are confirmed to be more powerful than him.

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