Supernatural: 10 Rules The Angels Need To Follow

When it comes to Supernatural, there are numerous demons that the hunters set out to kill and eliminate. However, while the demons have always been the villains of this series, the fact is that the forces of Heaven are just as deadly and the angels and archangels are just as dangerous as any other antagonist on the show.

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However, when it comes to angels, there are a set of rules and regulations that they have to follow at all times. There are also downfalls to being an angel as there are many things that they either are incapable of doing or are at a distinct disadvantage when trying to accomplish.

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Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural
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Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

The biggest thing about the archangels relationship with Dean and Sam Winchester is that Michael and Lucifer needed them in order to come to Earth to start their war. Now, both archangels found other vessels, but it wasn't easy.

See, if an angel or archangel tries to possess someone who isn't compatible with them, the person will blow up. The match has to be perfect, and in the case of Dean and Sam, it isn't just a perfect match but it is the best possible match to power up the two archangels for their final war. Even lesser angels can only take on certain vessels if they want them to survive.


10 Rules The Angels In Supernatural Have To Follow

Many angels have fallen but there is one very real danger. When an angel falls, they lose their grace. When an angel loses their grace they become a human being. They lose their powers. They lose any chance they have of getting back into Heaven. They lose everything that made them what they are.

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Many of these rules are punishable by an angel losing their grace, so it is important to follow the most important ones at least. There are some exceptions. Lucifer is the most famous fallen angel but he has his powers back so it is not something that is permanent for the more powerful angels.


The angels can walk the Earth when they are in the form of a vessel that they have taken over. However, that is the only way that they can move amongst humans. This is because no one can look upon the true form of an angel. If that happens, that person will end up in bad shape, their eyes burned out — or worse.

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Castiel has talked about how his true form is monstrously huge, the size of the Chrysler building. There are other angels that look as much like a demon as a true demon. There was a time when Castiel tried to appear in his true form and it destroyed everything in the area.


Supernatural Jack holding bloody angel blade

There is one key way that all angels communicate with each other. This is through angel radio and is the required mode of contacting each other. Any other way is not as safe, but using angel radio is a way for an angel to send out a message that only other angels can hear in their heads.

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There is an interesting mode of communication and is very powerful. Jack, the son of Lucifer and a Nephilim, can hear angel radio but it causes him immense pain and a terrible headache due to the frequency in which it arrives in his head. However, when needing to gather the troops, this is the mode of contact.


When an angel dies, the form of their wings is burned into the ground around them. This is because an angel's wings are always there unless they are burned off after falling. It is very important not to lose the wings as well because that is what they use when they teleport from one place to the next. If they lose their wings, they lose this power.

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An angel also shows their wings when using their powers, as they give them the full energy needed to maximize their Heavenly powers. Without their wings, an angel slowly becomes human and one day ends up a mortal stuck on Earth.


Angels are not supposed to leave Heaven. This is a major rule and they are supposed to remain above in order to make sure that everything in Heaven runs properly and nothing runs astray. However, this is one rule that angels on Supernatural have broken time and time again.

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As a matter of fact, angels have set out to roam the Earth since the fourth season, and seem to head to Earth constantly, so this isn't a rule with strict punishment. However, leaving Heaven is a bad thing because it caused some to remain trapped on Earth, others to lose their wings, and now angels are an endangered species.


There is one other way that an angel can die. An angel must always keep their faith. This is an important rule because without faith there is nothing left for an angel to live for. Anna mentioned that only a handful of angels had ever seen God and no other angel had ever laid eyes on him.

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However, she said that if angels stop believing in God and lose their faith, they will instantly cease to exist. This is even worse than falling. When Lucifer fell, he ended up out of Heaven but was still powerful. When other angels fall, they end up as humans. If an angel stops believing, they die.


Supernatural Quiz - Metatron

Angels have to be completely loyal to Heaven. There are dire consequences if they turn their back on Heaven and try to shake things up. Look at Lucifer and see the ultimate punishment when an angel, even an archangel, turns his back on his mission. However, for lower angels, they have no choice.

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When looking at most angels, they don't even question authority in Heaven, and if they betray Heaven in any way, they start to lose their powers. Of course, the last thing an angel wants is to end up banished from Heaven, where they become completely powerless over time.


An angel cannot walk upon the Earth in their true form. As mentioned earlier, no one can look upon an angel without tragic consequences. This means that the angels have to find a vessel to enter into. There are a few rules here, but the fact is that they have to find one that is their perfect fit, or it will end up a bloody mess.

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The angels may need to find their true vessels, but that does not mean there is only one. Michael has taken on more than one vessel as has Lucifer. Like the demons, an angel can move to a new vessel when finished with the one they are in, but a true vessel isn't easy to find.


10 Rules The Angels In Supernatural Have To Follow

Here's the funny thing, and it has only been broken a few limited times. An angel, even a powerful archangel like Michael, needs to have permission before they can occupy a vessel. This makes it very hard for an angel to come to Earth anyway since very few vessels are powerful enough to hold an angel's essence without exploding.

While Dean and Sam Winchester were the chosen ones and the expected vessels for Lucifer and Michael, the two archangels could not use them unless they had permission to enter their bodies. Of course, angels have ways of getting what they want. People can even revoke permission later.

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