Every Previous Adventure Referenced In Supernatural's 300th Episode

Supernatural 300th Episode References

We've collected together all of the references, Easter eggs and nods Supernatural's 300th episode made to Sam and Dean's previous adventures. Reaching the 300 episode milestone would be an impressive feat for any TV series, but perhaps even more so for one of Supernatural's ilk, with fantasy-based fare usually first on the chopping block at most networks.

As such, the show was unlikely to let the occasion pass by without celebration and "Lebanon" certainly delivered in that regard, welcoming back Jeffrey Dean Morgan's John Winchester, as well as Kurt Fuller's dastardly Zachariah. However, the episode also acted as a "greatest hits" of sorts, delving deep into Supernatural's back catalogue and pulling out an array of tropes, gags and references to past seasons in a glorious, fan-pleasing celebration of all things Moose and Squirrel.

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Fans will surely delight in hunting Supernatural episode 300's hidden treasures for themselves, but for those seeking a helping hand, here are all these ones we found.

The Pawn Shop

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Donny Lucas as Terry in Supernatural

What better way to introduce a glut of Supernatural references than by having Sam and Dean visit a mystical pawn shop. Even before the boys enter, a Trishula-like hunter's symbol can be seen on the door. Marks like these emblazoned on shop doorways let hunters know that paranormal goods are stocked inside and a similar sign can be seen outside an old store in the episode "As Time Goes By."

Once Sam and Dean enter the shop's backroom area, viewers see a Hand of Glory (the pickled right hand of a murderer) and some Gris-Gris bags, two items used by Bela (Lauren Cohan) back in season 3, as well as a Jason-style hockey mask. Sam also gets scolded for picking up an innocent looking Teddy Bear, possibly a reference to the giant suicidal toy bear Sam and Dean found in season 4's "Wishful Thinking."

Dean finds an item to his liking as well, and can't resist playing with the Dragon's Breath perfume bottle flamethrower. Dragons were first introduced back in season 6 and this moment is somewhat reminiscent of when Dean desperately wanted to use his grenade launcher - a running joke throughout season 12.

The most meta reference in this sequence comes after Dean dispatches the pawn shop's evil owner. As the baddie looms over a beaten Sam, he stops to gloat before striking the final blow, giving Dean an opportunity to sneak up from the rear and fire a fatal bullet. Longtime fans will know that this tactic has been used time and time again in Supernatural and Dean himself acknowledges the trope, claiming: "they always talk too much."

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Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural

As the action moves into town, a nearby cinema offers several neat Easter eggs. Aside from Beetlejuice - a demonic reference in its own right - the theater is showing Hell Hazers, a fictional movie in the Supernatural universe that was first mentioned in season 2's "Hollywood Babylon." Seemingly specializing in horror films only, the theater also exhibits a poster for All Saints' Day, Dean's favorite slasher movie that brutally came to life earlier this season.

Once the Winchesters' begin their shopping excursion, it's revealed that the local townsfolk know the brothers as Sam and Dean Campbell, a callback to Mary's maiden name and the family of hunters the boys worked with (and then later fought against) in season 6. Behind the counter, a Setoski sign can be seen. This prop has been spotted previously both in season 11 and in the "Scoobynatural" special and while the significance is unclear, it's something production designer Jerry Wanek seems to enjoy reusing. Supernatural's version of Duff beer perhaps?

Of course, no Supernatural greatest hits would be complete without Dean flirting outrageously and one hilarious scene in "Lebanon" shows the older Winchester putting the moves on a Postal Station employee, a great throwback to his promiscuous habits from earlier seasons.

Clowning Around

Killer Clown/Rakshasa Supernatural

There's never a good time to steal Dean's precious car, but a tearaway teen who decides to jack the iconic Impala gets more than she bargained for after finding the deadly collection of otherworldly odds and ends from the pawn shop in the back seat. Essentially, this means that the ghost of John Wayne Gacy gatecrashes a skipping-school party and the resulting antics bring together several classic Supernatural elements.

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Gacy's spirit is anchored to the living world by his cigar box - reviving the haunted object trope that was a staple of the show during its earlier seasons, just like the icy mirror effect that heralds the serial killer's arrival. Unfortunately for Sam, Gacy's ghost appears in full clown costume, playing on the hunter's crippling fear of clowns first witnessed in season 2's "Everybody Loves A Clown."

The familiar themes continue, as Sam and Dean use their standard FBI cover to clear the teenagers out of the house and, in another self-aware moment, one of the kids stops to question whether or not the duo are actually agents of the law, before being unceremoniously removed by Dean anyway. Once their cover does get blown, the Winchesters are forced to give a trio of young witnesses "the talk" that has featured on numerous occasions throughout Supernatural history.

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