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If you haven’t been watching Supernatural these past five years, you should hang your head in shame because you’ve been missing some of the best television on the air. Tonight, CW’s hit series celebrates 100 episodes and, as usual, they don’t disappoint.

With Zachariah (Kurt Fuller) and the Devil (Mark Pellegrino) hot on the trail of the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) narrowly escaping from heaven only to find, and slay, the Whore of Babylon, there’s no doubt that the Apocalypse is near.

In last night'’s episode, things become much more complicated as the angels decide that Dean isn’t the only choice for Michael’s vessel, but will Sam, Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins) be able to prevent their new choice from saying “yes?”


As a fan of Supernatural, you’re probably expecting me to say how wonderful the 100th episode is and how, through-out the entire episode, I was glued to my seat.

Since I’m one to never disappoint, I will admit that the previous statement is true, but as a fan of the series, I’m also able to say that this episode wasn’t the best of the entire series or even the best of this season.

Despite the numerous high-points – Castiel beating the proverbial hell out of Dean, for example – this episode is plagued by a familiar character that feels forced into the plot. In fact, I would even go as far to say that the introduction of Adam Milligan (Jake Abel) was probably one of the weakest moments in the Supernatural franchise.

While I hate to say that a single character prevents me from truly enjoying the episode, it’s somewhat true. We have all our favorite characters – Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel and Zachariah – reaching the pinnacle of this season’s story-arc with Adam callously thrown in only to progress the plot to the next step.

Putting my Supernatural fanboy nit-picking aside, the third act in this episode exemplifies why I continue to tune in week after week, season after season. Not only is there a wonderful showdown with the Winchester brothers and Zachariah, but Castiel, proving yet again why he is such a fan favorite, shines as the self-less angelic hero.

Sam Winchester and Zachariah

Final Thoughts

Compared to the episode two weeks ago, "Dark Side of the Moon,” where Sam and Dean go to heaven and fan favorites Ash (Chad Lindberg) and Pamela (Traci Dinwiddie) return, the 100th episode is a bit of a letdown to long-time Supernatural fans. While the story is solid and the episode is as entertaining as ever, I would have rather seen a celebration of the series as a whole instead of just an episode progressing the current season’s storyline.

What did you think of the 100th episode of Supernatural? Where you as bothered as I was with the returning character? What do you think is going to happen now?

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