15 Hilarious Supernatural Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Supernatural is a show with a special kind of fanbase, but that's what happens for a series going into its 13th season with no signs of stopping. This means that longtime fans have a special understanding of the show's offbeat humor and in-jokes, including things that go on behind the scenes with the actors.

Supernatural fandom is almost like a religion: fans will often quote Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley, Bobby, Charlie, and Rowena anytime life throws an appropriate situation at them. Fans know that Dean loves pop culture references and pie, while Sam is the quiet one who has demon blood flowing through his veins. They know that the angel Castiel lacks serious people skills, but that's part of what makes him relatable and funny. They know that Crowley and Rowena are mostly bad, but occasionally actually do the right thing. Charlie and Bobby were the characters who brought the real talk and support to the Winchesters' lives.

Many of these Supernatural memes will go over the heads of those who have never seen the show, but for those who know to just... carry on (my wayward son), these will prove utterly hilarious.

Here are 15 Hilarious Supernatural Memes Only True Fans Will Understand.

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15 Daddy Issues

Here is an example of a Cards Against Humanity game gone Supernatural. But only fans of the show will actually get the answers posed here.

Here's a primer for those not in the know: on Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester are the sons of a man who dedicated his life to hunting demons. This is because a demon killed his wife (who was also a hunter in her own right). But, of course, the boys lose their dad throughout the course of the series. Hence the daddy issues.

The show is also about demon hunting, so, obviously, there is also a lot of demon possession on the series. So these CAH answers pretty much offer up an entire summary for all 12 seasons of the series.

14 Carry On My Wayward Son

"Carry On My Wayward Son" isn't just an awesome rock ballad by the group Kansas. It's also the song that most fans associate with Supernatural. Although it's not a theme song, per se, the song is so much a part of the show that has become an anthem that fans will actually sing loudly to locate each other. But it's also something else.

It has also become the song played during the "previously on Supernatural" recaps that air before season finales. When fans hear that song, all bets are off and it's likely that something crazy and bad is about to happen on the upcoming episode. Fans of the show will stop everything and start freaking out anytime that song begins to play.

13 No, I'm Castiel

It's hard to believe that Castiel, the delinquent angel, didn't appear on Supernatural until the fourth season because he has been a staple on the series for so long. This is mostly due to actor Misha Collins' perfect deadpan portrayal of him.

Fans understand that Castiel is not very good at people skills (because he is still new at being a human), so that means when people say things to him, he generally takes it literally. As an angel, though, this is funny, because if someone says something like "Jesus Christ" as a curse, Castiel will respond as if they refer to the real Jesus. No, he's not Jesus, just himself.

But this meme sums up pretty much everything about Castiel: he takes everything at face value and acts accordingly. Plus, he did try to become God once.

12 Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer is one of those characters who died a long time ago on Supernatural, but fans will never forget him. Bobby was, after all, a surrogate father to the Winchesters and was often not just their voice of reason, but their voice of "what the heck is wrong with you?"

Bobby often had a grumpy attitude, but it was something that fans loved about him because they knew that under that gruff exterior, he really loved Sam and Dean, even when he called then "idjits." This meme taps into that grumpy Bobby personality, because his words of wisdom would certainly sound just like this, "Suck it up, princess and get over your feelings." That's the Bobby fans know and love. They wouldn't have it any other way.

11 Not the impala

This meme will make no sense to anyone who hasn't watched Supernatural at least a dozen times. It taps into a popular in-joke on the series where Sam and Dean are actually known by their nicknames, Moose and Squirrel. Crowley started it all with a Rocky & Bullwinkle reference: Sam is Moose because he's massively tall, with the smaller Dean taking on the moniker Squirrel. So that explains the road sign here.

Fans also understand that Dean's most prized possession is his car, an Impala he lovingly refers to as Baby. That Impala is the most important thing in his life-- well, second only to his brother. So this meme basically shows a moose (Sam) taking down a car (Baby, the Impala) and that's why Dean is crying. Because he loves that Impala more than he ever loved any woman.

10 Black water

Supernatural introduced the Leviathans in season seven - a race of ancient creatures so dark and evil that God had them locked them away in Purgatory for all eternity. But they escaped and started running rampant on Earth, ready to take over humanity.

The Leviathan could appear human, but underneath their fake skins, they were an evil black goo. This meme is about their black liquid form. Someone posted an ad for a black water product and then made a Supernatural reference.

Interestingly enough, the product has the same properties of the black goo, including the ability to regenerate cells. The mention of Dick is a reference to Dick Roman, the Leviathan who acted as the ancient race's leader, with plans to turn humans into Leviathan food

9 Satan's long day

Only Supernatural fans would embrace Satan as someone they might refer to as a friend, or at least someone they think is cool, although Mark Pellegrino's performance on the show would guarantee that he would act as anything but that.

After seeing so many photos from behind-the-scenes events where Pellegrino has appeared, fans love Satan, in spite of his being evil and the former ruler of Hell. This photo posted by Misha Collins is pretty funny with its caption of "Satan has had a long day." But fans decided to take it one step further and add even more to the meme: "Warm Satan. Soft Satan. Little ball of evil."

This is something that only Supernatural fans would do, much less actually understand.

8 Where wi-fi comes from

Of the two Winchester brothers, it's Sam who understands technology the most. That's why he usually does all the Internet research that helps the boys find their cases and learn more about what evils they're dealing with. But one thing that fans noticed immediately is that Sam manages to get a Wi-Fi signal everywhere. It's like he opens up his laptop and he automatically gets a signal. How is that even possible? Perhaps this funny meme explains it.

Sam has demon's blood inside of him. And if the demons can get a signal in hell, then they probably have their own network. And if they have their own network, someone with demon blood inside of them could probably get connected. It makes total sense now!

7 Keep Calm...

As an angel of the Lord, Castiel never got out much before he decided to take form in a human vessel. This means that Castiel is not of this world and doesn't understand human things very well. He's not really a people person and this is often the source of a lot of humor on the series.

That means Castiel also doesn't understand things like cursing or insults very well, so when he confronted Michael in Stull Cemetery in season five, all he could come up with is, "Hey, assbutt!" Then Castiel threw a flaming molotov cocktail at the archangel while Dean confusedly repeated the phrase. Fans immediately made memes and jokes about "assbutt," while the word continues to get used occasionally on the show.

6 Character deaths

Sure, maybe a lot of favorite characters get killed off on TV shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, but Supernatural fans have cornered the market on grieving their favorite characters. In fact, one might argue that Supernatural killed off a lot of characters before those two popular series ever hit the air.

The very first episode of Supernatural features a major death, that of the Winchesters' mom, who went up in a ball of fire on her ceiling when they were younger. Sam and Dean continue to die on the show, with entire seasons built around getting them back.

Although some characters stay dead (RIP Bobby, John, Kevin and Charlie), it's likely that a Supernatural death isn't permanent. For some reason, though, each death still stabs a dagger into the hearts of fans.

5 Let's talk about Kevin

Kevin Tran first appeared on Supernatural in season seven. An exceptionally bright high school student, Kevin soon discovered that he was something more: a prophet of God. That meant that Kevin could translate the Leviathan tablet that would ultimately lead to the downfall of the leviathans and Dick Roman. He also uncovered the secret of closing the gates of Hell forever. Obviously, this put a big target on Kevin's back, which got him killed.

As if that weren't bad enough, Kevin's ghost couldn't move on to Heaven, so he stuck around to protect his mother. His untimely end and ultimate fate broke fans' hearts. It wasn't until season 11 that he finally got closure when Chuck, aka God, finally sent his soul on to heaven. Fans are still not over Kevin.

4 Throwing water on an oil fire

Safety videos always warn of not throwing water on an oil fire because it will only make the fire bigger and more likely to spread. The photo at the top of this meme shows exactly what that looks like. Fans of Supernatural, though, see something else in that top image, hence the bottom meme.

The image of what happens when throwing water on an oil fire looks a lot like something that happened when the Winchester boys were just children. When Sam was just a baby and little Dean was barely out of diapers, the children witnessed their mother getting set on fire by a demon with black eyes. She then burned alive on the ceiling. And the top photo is exactly what that looked like.

3 Sad Chewbacca

There is an ongoing joke among the Supernatural fan community that concerns Sam's hair. Sam's hair actually wasn't that long in the first season, but as the seasons progressed, it got longer and longer. It's often a subject of jokes on the show, but it's also a hot topic among fans, too. It's like Sam just never bothers to cut his hair.

This meme is all about the way Sam's hair grows season after season and this fan, who just discovered the show, thinks Sam might slowly become Chewbacca (especially considering Sam's height) if his hair just keeps growing. He also gets more depressed with each passing season, which means he'll end up as the world's saddest version of Chewbacca by the end of the show.

2 Is that a pentagram?

Supernatural fans are very familiar with the symbology of the show, which means that they're also seen sporting a lot of those symbols in public. This includes that strange angel language (that could easily get mistaken for devil signs) and pentagrams. In fact, the series' main symbol is a pentagram and wearing that in public often puts fans in a precarious situation. For those who never watched the show, seeing people proudly wearing pentagrams could prove alarming.

Supernatural fans also have conversations that might seem weird to non-fans, too. These conversations might involve how cool Lucifer is and how much angels suck. There's also that whole thing about referring to God as Chuck, too, that might get fans in hot water with those not familiar with the show.

1 Her name is Baby

Supernatural is all about scary creatures, and that includes vampires. On Supernatural, vampires don't sparkle like they do in Twilight - a franchise that often gets joked about on the series, as well as by fans. Most Supernatural fans think the entire story of Twilight is utterly ridiculous, so this meme plays right into that.

Now how to explain the relationship between Dean and his car? Well, fans understand that Dean loves his Impala. He loves that car so much that he calls her "Baby." That car is such an important part of the series that it literally had an entire episode devoted to its point of view. So what Dean has with his car is a beautiful relationship that will always be a better love story than Twilight.


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