First Look: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

I don't collect comics all that much anymore but I do still drop into the comic shop from time to time to pickup a graphic novel or four. One of the best graphic novels I've picked up in the last few years is easily Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness's Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

In the story, Superman and Batman are framed by President Lex Luthor and must join forces to defeat a horde of bad guys (and some good guys) who are trying to bring them down. The story is SO good that DC Universe has officially announced that Superman/Batman: Public Enemies will be their next animated feature!

Check out the trailer for Superman/Batman: Public Enemies:

Fan favorites Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy and Clancy Brown will all reprise their previous roles as the voices of Superman, Batman and Lex Luthor respectively. DC animation guru Bruce Timm will be involved with Public Enemies as well - although sadly director Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern: First Flight) won't be helming the film, as she is on a well-deserved hiatus. Stepping into her (tiny) shoes is Sam Liu, who recently directed the Marvel animated feature Hulk vs. Thor. And, like Green Lantern: First Flight, Public Enemies will boast a PG-13 rating, so older folks don't miss out.

The thing that has drawn me back to the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies graphic novel over and over again (must've read it a dozen times in the last two years) is the fact that it is a classic and iconic Superman/Batman story. Supes and Bats are such polarizing figures, so much so that the "Who is the best?" debate between the two of them is now a bonafide philosophical quandary. Public Enemies does a fantastic job of placing the two heroes side by side for the reader to the compare, even while they are busy on the page trying to contrast themselves. It's a fantastic read (go out and buy it!) and I hope they do the graphic novel justice by making a fantastic animated feature out of it. Looks like it's on the right track so far.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies will be avialable for sale on September 29, 2009. You as psyched about it as I am?

Source: MTV News & Rutube

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