Zack Snyder Is Directing the Superman Reboot [Updated]

Hero Complex has just dropped a bombshell - Watchmen director Zack Snyder will direct the Superman reboot, which is tentatively titled The Man of Steel.

This will partner Snyder with producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas, as well as screenwriters David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan (the latter of whom was rumored for the director's chair himself).

[Update: THR is reporting that Zod will be the villain of The Man of Steel and that Snyder says to Variety that Brandon Routh will not likely return]

Is this a match made in comic book movie heaven? Or a mismatch that will lead to Superman movie hell?

Snyder comes with an impressive resume - His work on 300 and Watchmen has made him a beloved favorite among the fanboy nation (I even saw him win an award for it during a party at the 2009 Comic-Con). In addition to having earned the adoration of the comic geek crowd, Snyder is also a genuinely impressive filmmaker, one who may even be worthy of the title "auteur" given his signature style of cinematic storytelling, which has already redefined conventional film genres like the sword-and-sandals epic (300), or even children's animated adventures, as our own Vic Holtreman acknowledged in his review of Snyder's most recent film, Legend of the Guardians.

(And by the way, if you didn't know, our own Rob Keyes pointed out all of these redeeming qualities just a few weeks ago when he picked Zack Snyder as the top choice amongst Warner Bros.' shortlist of Superman reboot directors. We need to give that man his own crystal ball!)

superman zack snyder

However, as is the case with any comic book movie, there are going to be fans who claim that Snyder is all wrong for this Superman movie. There will be those who say that Snyder's slow-motion action sequences, or slavish loyalty to his comic book source material are going to bog down this Superman movie rather than enhance it - and those are fair concerns to raise, truthfully speaking. However, this is going to be Zack Snyder working under the supervision of Christopher Nolan - a pairing that I don't think anybody would've seen coming a year ago. Having two of film's most visionary and talented directors putting their heads together to bring a new vision of the most iconic comic book character there is to the big screen is one experiment that I think most of us can admit at least piques our interests, no?

Now that we know who will be sitting in the director's chair, I guess we can watch the debate unfold about how good or bad this decision is. Once we've exhausted that argument discussion, we'll move on to the other big points of contention, such as who should play Superman, What story this reboot should focus on and which villains should be included in it (to Lex or not to Lex, that is the question...)

Sound off about this epic decision in the comments below.

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Source: Hero Complex

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