The most original Legal Police Medical drama on television.

Harley Quinn Cosplay

Harley Quinn Cosplay SR Geek Picks: You Know You Grew Up on Disney Movies If..., Superman vs. Thor Video, & More!

“Since I was a child I have loved Harley Quinn. The classic costume will always be my favorite, I remember sitting down after school and watching Batman: The Animated Series and loving her playfulness and her ability to laugh in any situation, even though she was clearly bonkers! Me & Harley are alike in many ways, I even studied Criminology & Psychology in college. Although I didn’t trick my professor into letting me pass my exams like Harley did… I swear! This was my first cosplay photoshoot and I decided to cosplay Harley as she is my favorite comic book character and I wanted to start out cosplaying a character I really felt I knew well. I wanted to embrace the playful side of Harley and have fun pretending to be an insane blonde. Oh wait, I am! haha. ;)”

Model: EllieJayden

Photographer: Timon Pictures

Super Tribble Trouble by Matt Parsons

super tribble trouble 570x684 SR Geek Picks: You Know You Grew Up on Disney Movies If..., Superman vs. Thor Video, & More!

It’s-a-mee, Captain Kirk! Race through the corridors of the Starship Enterprise, beam the whole kit ‘n caboodle of tribbles into the Klingon’s warbird, and rescue Sherman’s planet in this Super Tribble Trouble T-shirt as envisioned by Matt “Fanboy30” Parsons.

Visit Matt’s official website and Facebook page.

Chibi Cosplay Scramble Character Magnets

Doctor Horrible Chibi Magnets 570x570 SR Geek Picks: You Know You Grew Up on Disney Movies If..., Superman vs. Thor Video, & More!

Etsy seller Mary Jenkins has created an adorable line of chibi magnets featuring you favorite characters. They get even cuter when you realize they’re mix-and-match so you can give Captain Hammer’s body to Doctor Horrible or even mix-up all eleven Doctors!

MICHAEL ROOKER & CM PUNK Lighstaber Hunt: Star Wars Course of the Force Ep 3

Feeling the pressure of finding the lightsaber with time ticking away, Matt Mira resorts to desperate measures…Bounty Hunters! Will enlisting the likes of Michael Rooker, CM Punk, Danica McKellar and Steve Jones save the day? Watch and see!

STORMTROOPER DANCE OFF w/ Jonah Ray: Star Wars Course of the Force Ep 4

Following a tip, Chris Hardwick sends Apprentice A’s Corey Vidal to investigate the missing lightsaber, but when you find a Stormtrooper Dance Off it’s hard to tell if you’re any better than when you started…

Most Interesting Man vs. Old Spice Guy – ANIMEME RAP BATTLES (NSFW)

David Spade Catfished?

Seems like everyone is getting Catfished these days. Well, sort of.

That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

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