Superman: The Man of Steel Moving Ahead

This is a guest post by Screen Rant reader FilmNerdJamie.

[UPDATE: According to, Orci & Kurtzman are NOT writing the script for this. At this point, it's hard to say who's right. - Vic]

As per our buddies at IESB, word is that Warner Brothers' search for writers to replace the departing Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris looks to be over. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Transformers and Star Trek) have had "several meetings" to pen the Superman Returns sequel Superman: Man of Steel.

To be fair, this isn't exactly brand-spanking new news. As far back as November of last year, runner Iris has been saying this. Regardless of who said it first, it's great news nonetheless for fans of Bryan Singer's Superman revamp/sequel series.

Speaking of which, don't believe any of the talk of Singer being off TMOS. He's "100% on the sequel," adds IESB. I, for one, have been anticipating this ever since walking outta the midnight screening of Superman Returns; especially after hearing Singer's plans to "go all Wrath of Khan" on the next installment.

The last time Singer did that, he gave the world X2: X-Men United.

Source: IESB

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