Superman Takes on Steppenwolf in Snyder Cut Image From Justice League Artist

Justice League artist Jay Oliva has released a new image relating to the movie’s legendary “Snyder Cut” on Twitter, tying into the League’s climactic battle with Steppenwolf. Zack Snyder departed Justice League in the aftermath of a family tragedy, with the movie going through well-publicized reshoots in his absence. With the two-year anniversary of the film's release approaching, the campaign for the Snyder Cut of Justice League has seen a very visible spike in mainstream attention, owing to some recent interviews with Jason Momoa, Jesse Eisenberg, and Junkie XL, who chimed in on the topic. However, Jay Oliva’s new image has only thrown more gasoline on what was already becoming a raging fire.

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Jay Oliva has previously confirmed the existence of the Snyder Cut on multiple occasions, while also offering details of the third act of Snyder’s version of the film in an interview with Comic Book Debate. Specifically, Oliva described Superman as “unhinged” in the Justice League’s final battle with Steppenwolf and the Parademon army. With the new artwork released by Oliva, the description has now been given quite the visual aid.

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Oliva’s social media post, accompanied with the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag, depicts Superman delivering a powerful punch and a heat vision blast to Steppenwolf. It follows closely on an Instagram post yesterday from Jason Momoa, which depicted Aquaman impaling Steppenwolf during the climactic battle of the movie. Snyder himself would give the image further context, stating on Vero “You would need a super punch to get him all the way over to Diana”. This ties into what is known about the ending of Justice League in Snyder’s version, which eventually sees Steppenwolf being decapitated by Wonder Woman’s sword. Snyder’s comment on the image posted by Momoa imply that the ending would see Superman punch Steppenwolf towards Wonder Woman, who would then deliver the final blow. However, Oliva’s image now confirms that outright.

At this point, the campaign for the Snyder Cut's release has reached a clear turning point. While the very existence of Snyder’s original cut of the movie has previously been the subject of much debate and discussion, that question is now well past any doubt. The growing number of cast and crew members vocally supporting the release of Snyder's version of the film has also given it a significant boost in mainstream attention, with Jason Momoa’s Instagram tease serving as a major powder keg.

Momoa has been easily the most vocal of the cast and crew, with the Aquaman press tour seeing him openly calling for the Snyder Cut's release. Momoa would later confirm that he has seen the Snyder Cut itself and would reaffirm his stance on the matter in a recent MTV News interview with Josh Horowitz.  Making his advocacy for the Snyder Cut crystal clear, Momoa concurred with Horowitz' inquiry that it is a completely different movie than the theatrical cut, while stating “I think the public needs to see it.”

The release of the Snyder Cut cannot come to pass without Warner Bros. giving it their approval. However, it’s abundantly clear by now that the demand for it is rapidly spreading, even among those who were less than enamored with Zack Snyder’s previous DC films. As more and more of the cast and crew of Justice League continue to come forward to support the release of Zack Snyder's version of the superhero ensemble, it is something that will likely require the attention of Warner Bros. in the foreseeable future.

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Source: Jay Oliva

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